Undo A Reconciliation QuickBooks

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How To Un-Reconcile QuickBooks

QuickBooks provides you a feature of reconciliation and like QuickBooks desktop QuickBooks online also provide you this feature but slightly different. User can reconcile checking, credit card, and savings account. Even anyone can undo reconciliation in QuickBooks online if while reconciling any issues or mismatching happens such as wrong date, incorrect date, etc. QuickBooks Cancel Bank Reconciliation process is very and simple but you have to keep track on all entries .

ReConcileBooks covers the information regarding the undo a reconciliation, its benefits, reasons, and steps to undo a reconciliation for QuickBooks online accountant and QuickBooks Desktop either its QuickBooks Credit Card Reconciliation or saving account .

Why Do Reconciliation in QuickBooks Accounting ?

What are the benefits of Reconciling Accounts in QuickBooks?

Below are the benefits mentioned for reconciling accounts in QuickBooks

  • User can decisive actions if you see any possibility of risk
  • You can capture different bank error
  • It helps you to stop fraud from employees, vendor, etc
  • You can easily determine the changes or fluctuations in income

Check out Why Reconcile QuickBooks which gives you more idea .

When Need Undo Reconciliation In QuickBooks ?

Why need to do undo Reconciliation in QuickBooks

Any user can undo the reconcile in QuickBooks due to many reasons, some of them are given below:

  1. Payment documented for any wrong date
  2. Any transaction is not clear
  3. Incorrect date recorded
  4. Bank reconciliation compelled and required to correct in an order

How Reverse Reconcile QuickBooks

How to undo reconciliation in QuickBooks Online Accounts (QBOA)

  • Open the QuickBooks online accountant
  • Login as administrator
  • Select the company file of client from the drop-down list
  • Click on Setting Icon>>>>Tools >>>>Reconcile
  • Now go to reconcile an account page and select History by account
  • Select the account and Report Period to look for the reconciliation which you need to undo
  • Go to Action and select undo
  • Confirm yes by clicking on it
  • Finally, click on undo and then click ok

ReConcileBooks also covers all the process and issue which required to do Reconcile in QuickBooks Enterprise edition .

QuickBooks Online QBO Undo Reconciling Process

Undo Reconciliation in QuickBooks Online Edition

You can undo reconciliation in QuickBooks online edition by just following the below steps:

  • Firstly open the QuickBooks online
  • Go to Banking menu>>>Select Registers
  • Now go to Register Name drop-down list>>>select the account
  • Now click that transaction for which you want to undo a reconciliation
  • At the end Delete the “R ” letter to make it unreconciled

To reconcile every transaction for some time, you need to print a list of the reconciled transaction by using the Reconcile alternative available in the Banking menu.

This is very essential process for solving QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancies issue or problem .

QuickBooks Desktop Reconcile Undo

Steps to Undo a reconciliation in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Open the QuickBooks and login as Administrator
  • Now select the company file, locate and go to Banking menu and click on Reconcile now
  • Click on Undo the last reconciliation

Help Reverse Reconciliation QB Pro, Premier , Enterprise

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