QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancies

QuickBooks is one of the most productive tools with ample of accounting features. Among them, automatic reconciliation of bank and account are the most widely used feature for finance management. The reconciliation helps in time-saving and lets you view business transactions accurately. This article will share some knowledge on QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancies, and fixing errors related to the same. Sometimes following all steps carefully QuickBooks Checking Account Reconciliation some entries missed .

Causes of QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancies

Reconciliation Discrepancies:

Whenever you perform a reconciliation of two accounts and found there is any figure difference while the reconciliation stage is known as reconciliation discrepancies. For instance, the wrong balance displays on the account.

Cause of Discrepancies:

  • Presence of duplicate transactions
  • An inappropriate account
  • Incorrect reconciliation settings like (entries, journal, etc.)
  • Transactions mistakenly linked with the different bank account
  • Former reconciled transactions were deleted or edited
  • When you perform any wrong modification during reconciliation such as addition, or deletion

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Fixing Reconciliation Discrepancies in QuickBooks Step By Step

Things to rectify QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancies:

Reconciliation in QuickBooks used to maintain the accuracy and consistency of the business transactions. Whenever users perform matching to categorize entire downloaded transactions prior to reconciliation, then reviewing discrepancy reports becomes an important task. Sometimes modification that affects the balance figures, you can view related messages when you begin reconciling.

Thus, if the reconciliation discrepancies take place due to the modification, addition, or deletion or modification of the existed embedded reconciliation, then you need to follow the below-described steps to fix it.

Solution 1- Reports:

While doing Bank Statement Reconciliation in QuickBooks , you willget several reports .

There are several reports quickly available in QuickBooks that acts as a helping hand to determine discrepancies. To view it you need to go on the banking section and with accurate account and adjustment, you can view discrepancies. Below are the reports which can be used to find the QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancies.

The small issue also fix to Cancel Bank Reconciliation In QuickBooks which is very easy and straight forward process .

QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancies Report

This report is used to verify the transaction listed on the statement depending upon the date that was altered since the previous reconciliation.

How to open a discrepancy report?

  • Discover Report menu
  • Click on banking
  • Hit on Reconciliation Discrepancy
  • Select the preferred account and then select OK

Review the report to find the issue: 

You can also open the report by locating We can help you fix it to display discrepancy report

Read the discrepancy report. Before modifying any of the transactions on it, reach whoever creates the changes-might be intentional:

  • Once you understand the alterations, edit each transaction at a time
  • Choose View to view the log of modifications to the transaction
  • Analyze the change through the change Type column
  • Once you get ready to create edits, choose the transaction if you wish to expand the view
  • Apply edits depending on the notification displaying in the Change Type Column i.e. Deleted, Reconcile in error, Amount changed or Reconciled in error
  • Once you finished modifications, The Total Discrepancy Difference located in the report must be $0.0. The beginning balance in QuickBooks much matches the bank statement balance.
  • Hit on Resume reconciling to proceed reconciling
  • Begin reconciling again once you know you have the right beginning balance. If you still face any issue during reconciliation, then view ending balance.

Missing Check Reports:

These reports found in QuickBooks used to check missing transactions. Below are the steps to open this report:

  • Navigate report menu
  • Hit on Banking
  • Search for Missing checks and click on it
  • Select the associated account with it and hit on OK
  • Once done, now locate report to view the transactions that are mismatched with bank statements

You can follow these instruction QuickBooks Reconciliation Change Beginning Balance when zero, wrong or incorrect starting balance problem come .

Transaction Detail Reports: 

This report is also used to view discrepancy. It helps to verify the modified transactions .below is the steps:

  • Search for report menu, locate Custom reports and then hit on Transaction details
  • Discover Display option, you will have to select from the following:
  • Date from (Stating date)
  • Date To (previous reconciled date)
  • Now follow Filter option and select from the below-mentioned options:
  • Account – the amount being reconciled
  • Date From- Last reconciliation date
  • Entered
  • Date To- Today
  • At last, click on Ok to execute the report.

Forced Reconciliation QuickBooks Process

2-Resolve forced reconciliation discrepancies:

A forced former reconciliation might cause discrepancy which results in reconciliation adjustment. To resolve this issue, you will have to check the reconciliation discrepancy account for determining inappropriate changes. Also you can learn full process QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancy Adjustment which helps you .

 Follow the steps:

  • Locate list menu
  • Select Chart of Accounts
  • Perform double-click the Reconciliation Discrepancies account
  • Discover drop-down named Dates, select the perfect filter
  • If you can’t discover the transactions that require to be modified to make it perfect then have to undo the former reconciliation until the opening balance is precise.
  • Once your opening balance is accurate, you can continue with the reconciliation of the present month. In case you encounter an inaccurate balance sheet for any month, then you will have to fix it.
  • If past transactions were altered then you are required to undo the past reconciliation

QuickBooks Undo And Remove Transactions From Reconciliations

Here are the steps to undo it:

  • Locate Reconciliation dialog box, choose Undo Last Reconciliation
  • Hit on continue and after that hit on Ok
  • Close the window
  • Again open Begin Reconciliation page
  • Now write an offsetting adjustment by an Enter Adjustment option
  • This process lets a program will automatically fill a journal entry below a special expense account known as Reconciliation Discrepancies.

Help Reconcile Bank Expense Account Discrepancy Adjustment QB Desktop

Expectedly, you find this article as useful and relevant to resolve QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancies. Meanwhile, if you face any trouble on QuickBooks functional or any other glitches. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with QuickBooks professionals for further inquiry in reconciling your bank accounts, statement, or any other concept. There is also a Live Chat QuickBooks feature available to seek assistance from the experts. Moreover, you can also send an email to ReConcileBooks along with your questions, ReConcileBooks Toll Free, the team will feel glad to serve you with better assistance.

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