QuickBooks Payroll Item List Does Not Appear

No Payroll Item List in QuickBooks

There are times in QuickBooks when certain issues arise that cause hindrance for the user or the bookkeeper. One such issue is QuickBooks Payroll Item List Does Not Appear. In such a case, it becomes difficult for the bookkeeper or the user to maintain the payroll of the employees.

This article intends to give you the solution when payroll items list is not displayed on QuickBooks. In case you face any issues in resolving the problem, contact ReConcileBooks experts on QuickBooks Chat Help Desk.

Why All QuickBooks Payroll Item List Does Not Appear Suddenly ?

The Issue You Might Face

The user has read carefully what should Do When QuickBooks Payroll Liabilities Not Showing so user can easily fix the issue themselves.

When you attempt to edit or delete a payroll item even after looking under the menu ‘Lists’, you might not see ‘payroll item’ being listed under it. In spite of entering several items, the payroll item list does not appear.

Resolve Item Missing QB Payroll Issue

Resolving the Issue of No Payroll Item List

In spite of not finding it in the drop-down menu of List or in the drop-down menu of the Employees, you can try these steps:

  • Open your QuickBooks and go to the Employees list.
  • From the drop-down menu, select ‘Manage Payroll Items’
  • Next click on View/Edit Payroll Items.

If These Steps Do Not Work Or The Intuit Payroll Item Is Still Missing Then:

  • You should check if you have the full payroll features selected in your preferences.
  • There might an issue with your data file hence check that.
  • Also try to do a Verify and Rebuild of your company Data file.

Also note that payroll item are employee, tax, vendor salary, etc., if you are facing Payroll Not Showing In QuickBooks then ReConcileBooks already discuss such issue earlier.

How to Verify Data Utility

  • Select the File menu. From the drop-down select Utilities >Verify Data.
  • When the message ‘QuickBooks detected no problem with your data’ then click on OK.
  • If some issue, then you will be asked to Rebuild Now or View Errors.
  • Select Close, them perform the next steps:

Note: Do follow these steps only if you are comfortable reviewing QBWin.log or the QuickBooks.log. file. If you are not confident about it then contact us at ReConcileBooks .

  • Find QBWin.log or QuickBooks.log files.
  • Check the log file:
  • For Windows user press Crtl+F together to search for Begin Verify. Locate the most recent file.
  • For Mac users scroll to the end to locate the recent Verify information.
  • Locate the line that has LVL_ERROR.

How to Rebuild Data Utility

  • Select the File menu. From the drop-down select Utilities >Rebuild Data.
  • Click on OK on the QuickBooks Information window.
  • You will be given prompts on how to save a backup, follow them.

Note: You might see the message that QuickBooks is not responding. But do not worry, if you can see the cursor move then you can be assured that rebuilding is going on. Wait for it to complete it. If you have any specific query, also get in touch with the experts of Live Chat.

  • When the Rebuild is complete click on OK.

After doing these steps to verify and Rebuild, this would put the Payroll Item List QuickBooks under the List menu. If it is still not there, do contact us we will help you. Once the Payroll Item List is in the software, you can set up the Payroll Item List.

How to Set Up Payroll Item List?

Payroll Item List

  • Click on List menu and then select Payroll Item List.
  • Click on the Payroll Item List and from the drop-down menu select New.
  • Select EX Setup and then click Next.
  • Choose the item you want to configure.
  • Click on Next and follow the prompts to enter the required information for the kind of item you have selected. Different requirements are there for each item that is applied to a specific group of people or individuals.
  • After that click on Finish.
  • By using Employee Centre assign payroll item to each employee.

Note: You can also choose between creating Default Payroll Items or Assign Items in the Employee Centre.

Get Support For Payroll Item Deleted Problem QuickBooks

Contact us

Might be above tips not works due to some different cirucmtaches user are currently, that why it’s advisable connect to QuickBooks Support Phone and share your issue.

For advanced steps or clearing all your QuickBooks related doubts, connect ReConcileBooks Helpline Number +1-347-967-4079.


Q. What is a Payroll Item List in QuickBooks?

Ans. A Payroll Item List in QuickBooks is a list of items used to calculate employee paychecks and track payroll expenses. These items include wages, salaries, taxes, and deductions.

Q. How Do I Access the Payroll Item List in QuickBooks?

Ans. To access the Payroll Item List in QuickBooks, go to the Lists menu, select Payroll Item List, and choose the option to edit or add new payroll items.

Q. Can I Import Payroll Items into the Payroll Item List in QuickBooks?

Ans. Yes, you can import payroll items into the Payroll Item List in QuickBooks using a CSV file. Go to the Lists menu, select Add/Edit Multiple List Entries, and choose the Payroll Item List. Then, follow the prompts to import the payroll items.

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