QuickBooks Reconcile Credit Card

QuickBooks Credit Card Reconciliation

As everyone knows QuickBooks is full of features and tools through which users can not only manage their business but also can save time. QuickBooks has a feature that is reconciled and it is used to reconcile the credit card account with card paper’s statement. The Reconcile utility is a part of the banking menu and opens in its separate window. Moreover ReconCileBooks described earlier complete How To Do Reconciliation In QuickBooks which helps you.

Reconciling the credit card account every time you receive a paper statement that assists you to catch any irregular or missed transaction which leads to a wrong account balance. The program can automatically open the option to pay the bill after you complete the reconciliation process also help you to identify QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancies.

How To Reconcile Credit Card In QuickBooks Desktop

Reconcile credit card steps

Below are the steps through which you can easily reconcile the credit card :

  1. Select the “reconcile” option in the banking section in QuickBooks homepage and open the begin reconciliation window “
  2. Now click the “Account” drop-down menu >> select the credit card account comes under “Credit card”
  3. Now mention the date of the credit card statement in statement date place, after that make sure that starting balance on credit card statement match the amount in the program beginning field. If the opening balance does not match then you must need to correct the opening balance in the credit card account. Go to the List menu and open it then a select chart of accounts. After that select the credit card account >> type the correct opening balance or you can also edit the transactions in the register to make correct any wrong data , You can get detailed instruction about QuickBooks Reconciliation Change Beginning Balance simple steps.
  4. Now mention the ending balance from the credit card statement in ending balance field. Any finance charges need to be filled out in the enter any finance charge field. For eg. mention the finance charges amount and the data in the related fields
  5. Click on continue field and open the reconcile window, then select the “Hide Transaction after statement end date “box
  6. Now click on every transaction in the window which shows on the credit card statement. Clicking on transaction mention a checkmark in front of it which automatically marks it as cleared. When difference value comes to 0.00 it means the account is reconciled properly
  7. Click the Reconcile now button to open the make payment window >> Select a payment radio button – like “write a check for payment now” and then click ok. This function opens the payment option window as write checks window, it is so that you can pay the credit card bill and select reconciliation window also open itself
  8. Chose the radio button on the select reconciliation report window which is next to the type of reconciliation report which you want to see for example summary report
  9. Now click on the Display button to see the report, or click the print button to print the same >> Click the close button to quit the window

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Get Help Issue Reconciling CC QuickBooks

For any assistance dial QuickBooks Support team of or visit, ReconCileBooks to get help with the QuickBooks experts. QuickBooks experts are available 24**7 to help you with all the possible resolutions. QuickBooks Chat professionals are polite, trained, experienced in the same domain having a massive experience which makes them perfect in resolving the QuickBooks issues. You can also email at ReconCileBooks to get a call back from the QuickBooks experts.

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