QuickBooks Enterprise Bank Reconciliation

How to Reconcile Accounts in QuickBooks Enterprise Edition

It is not always necessarily true that what your current bank account shows will be the actual available cash in your account. Only a few sizeable outstanding cheques can show it red flag. Therefore, in order to understand the actual cash flow and the true cash position, you are to maintain separate accounting of your transaction and perform a monthly bank reconciliation. This bank reconciliation process reveals any erroneous or missing entries by balancing your chequebook so that you can have correct information about the actual cash balance in your account. Moreover if user are not very experts to understand can get help from QuickBooks Enterprise Support for all banking related issues .

Compare Closing Balances

Reconcile bank and credit card accounts QuickBooks Enterprise

First, you need to compare closing balances from your bank statement and your accounting balance. You are to compare them side by side and adjust the transactions until both the cash balances match.You can do it by using accounting software which has a reconciliation module that can lead you to enter to the ending cash balances of your bank account. You can also print out the month’s transactions on paper to compare them.

You are to add all positive transactions like a monthly interest payment from your bank and subtract negative transaction, like bank charges and bounced check fees, from your book cash balance. It is not a very difficult task to spot these bank initiated transactions as they will be a few in number,often grouped together at the bottom of your bank statement.

Reconciliation modules

Since your bank statement may not represent uncashed outstanding cheques and the deposits which are still being processed, you need to add the positive transactions, deposits in transit, subtract negative transactions and checks waiting to be cashed from the bank balance. Most reconciliation modules allow you to tick off the checks and deposits that are listed on the bank statement. If you don’t have a reconciliation module, you can tick off transactions even manually.

Compare both the adjusted bank balance and your adjusted book balance

Now you can compare both the adjusted bank balance and your adjusted book balance. In most of the times, the figures will match and your job will be finished. But if still there is a mismatch, you are to consider few other factors for the mishap like transposition error or forgetting to record a transaction. Even your beginning cash balance could be incorrect. Therefore you should be very careful while pursuing all these processes.

Get Help for Fixing QB Enterprise Reconcile Discrepancies

If above mentioned steps unable to fix the issue than QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number will help to fix them because above mentioned process working in standard conditions, but if user data damaged or using multi currency payment than experts need to fix that issue, Moreover helps available on toll free number +1347-967-4079

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