Payroll Accounting

How To Start Payroll Accounting Using Software

QuickBooks Payroll accounting program developed by Intuit accords advanced features under different types of service plans that helps to manage the regular business activities. The payroll activities are bit complex to handle the at the same time they are very much important. The software offers different service plans that are stuffed with features to meet the different requirements. The service plans of payroll accounting program is easily affordable. As QuickBooks Payroll is designed and developed by Intuit it is recommended to download the link going to the official webpage. Even user can ask for customize plan for their business just calling QuickBooks Payroll Help Number anytime .

This QuickBooks Payroll software is further categorized into five different versions. Each Payroll version comprise of distinguished features and tools to perform the payroll related operations without any problem.

  • Full Service Payroll: This QuickBooks Payroll version comprise all the services and functions are carried out by Intuit so known as Intuit payroll software. This is further bought in two versions. The first one is with Online QuickBooks and other is with QuickBooks Desktop. There is not much differences in the price.
  • QuickBooks Online: This Payroll version is suggested for those who frequently travel . It is available in 79.20 / month ( that includes 20% discount for first 6 months also with additional cost of $2 per employee).
  • QuickBooks Desktop: The QuickBooks Desktop version is available for $79.20 / month (it includes 20% discount for first 6 months and extra additional cost of $2 per employee).
  • Enhanced Payroll: This payroll version is more advanced than the Basic version. The Enhanced Payroll version comprise of all the features of Basic payroll with few extra modules of surprise such as: complete automatic form filling for both Federal and State taxes. The prices are different for monthly and annual basis:

Monthly: $31.20 / month (it comprise of 20% discount for first 6 months and extra cost of $2 per employee).
Annually: $351 / year (available for $29.25 per month along with extra cost of $2 per employee).

  • Basic Payroll: The basic payroll version is the primary payroll software version with all the basic features that authorizes the users to generate instant paychecks. It helps to calculate taxes exactly along with ongoing support from Intuit via live chat option. It can be availed monthly and annually:

Monthly: $20 / month (it comprise of 20% discount for first 6 months and extra cost of $2 per employee).
Annually: $225 / year ($18.75 per month and extra cost of $2 per employee).
This software is developed and manufactured by Intuit. So Intuit is round the clock available to help and assist authentic calculations as per the details provided by the user and the conditions attached by the company files. In case there is any problem in calculation of the report, Intuit is ready to bear the amount set as penalty amount attached because of the calculation error.

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QuickBooks Payroll services are comprehensive with variety of features and tools serving the payroll needs to the user for their payroll activities using the software. For any issue or doubt you can get help from QuickBooks Chat Support or call to the toll free phone support number Emoji +1347-967-4079 of ReConcileBooks. It is a reliable QuickBooks Support agency that hires professional expert team set up by Intuit.