QuickBooks Desktop Google Sheets Integration

How To Integrate Google Sheets With Quickbooks ?

Read this article to learn about the QuickBooks Desktop integration. It will help you to run all processing on an automated mode that you manage presently manually. They provide access to connecting apps so you can easily transfer and transform your business data. It is a very simple and easy set of integrated to do what you want to do. These things will save you precious time to focus on other processes of your business. It works 24/7 and doesn’t need your intervention. Moreover connect to ReconCileBooks team on QuickBooks Support if you need assistance.

Advantages Of Integrating Google Sheets With QuickBooks

Brief Description of the QuickBooks Google Sheets integration

In a matter of few seconds and without any single code, QuickBooks permits you to automatically send the data between the QuickBooks and Google sheets. Start your business workflow such as you add new QuickBooks online invoices to a google spreadsheet as a new or you can check out the remaining instructed workflows.

Work with QuickBooks data from Google Sheets directly and find all listed features:

  • Two-way Connection: You can connect your Google sheets to your QuickBooks bi-directionally. It makes custom queries and easy to export data and reports. You can upload the data to QuickBooks straightforwardly from the Google sheets.
  • Upload Data to QuickBooks: To save your precious time, you can upload your data in bulk and makes insert, edit or delete data in google sheets. Transitions, Contacts, journals, credit notes, invoices, accounts, invoices and get rid of all CSV files complex issues. With this feature, you can schedule an accountancy program data uploads from the Google sheets to the QuickBooks online.
  • Build Custom Reports: Create the reporting by picking the flexible templates, dynamic dates, filters, and availability of many more options as per requirement. These reports include a clear view of the income statement, detailed transaction, balance sheet, general ledger, profits, losses, and aged reports.
  • Automatic Data Update: Automatically update your reports and dashboards when you are offline flexible schedule. This flexible schedule includes monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly. Easy to create dashboards by linking with your spreadsheets to the google data studio and setting updates timely.
  • Automatic Alerts & Emails: In this feature, you can generate email reports automatically on-time to your all clients in CSV, PDF, google sheets, or excel. It rates and sends alerts to you to avoid all dues issues and losses.
  • On-time Collaboration: You can easily share your spreadsheets on-time collaboration with your teams via Google drive. You have the choice to work as a team on a common spreadsheet, track changes, and leave comments to find better results.

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What User Can Do To Add G-Sheet With QuickBooks

Triggers And Actions

Connect the Google sheets with the QuickBooks you use every day to discover productivity superpowers.

Add new invoices to a spreadsheet as new rows: To manage your business tasks, if you use google sheets or report on your invoicing then you need to switch to automated mode to start adding new QuickBooks online invoices to a google spreadsheet.  You have to view the QuickBooks settings to choose the QuickBooks Online Google Sheets integration. Once you selected the worksheet you will get access to send the QuickBooks online invoice information to particular columns in the spreadsheet.

Create the Sales receipts and customers in QuickBooks: You can track the transaction processing within your Google spreadsheet. Once you are done with the integration, it will prompt including new spreadsheet row updates. you have to use any filter for a particular column or values to highlighted it.  Throughout this, you can create a customer for every matching latest release and link with a sales receipt to them including the data through the Google sheets.

For new payments, create Google Sheets: The first thing you have to locate or wait for the new payment. Once you receive the payments in the accounting software, you might want the information to organize in the google spreadsheet. This integration is the easiest way to create a row in the Google sheet including all details about the new payment.

For QuickBooks expenses, create the Google sheet row: Hit the first click on the “New Expense” and then create the Spreadsheet row. When your software application finds new expenses, you net complete information to organize in your spreadsheet. So, you can track your expenses automatically and find a clear vision.

For New Quickbooks Online Customers, Create a spreadsheet: Sometimes, it is a little bit difficult to manage much expense, especially when you need to add new customers in the bulk. This integration helps to create a spreadsheet easily with the same format.

For QuickBooks Online Invoices: Hit the click on the “New Invoice” button and then choose the “Create Spreadsheet Row(s)” to create new spreadsheets. What you need to do in case QuickBooks Unable To Send Email Invoices issue come.

A guide which helps you in case you want to Export QuickBooks Payroll Data Into XML for integration with APPS.

QuickBooks Google Sheets Integration Step By Step Process

QuickBooks Desktop Google sheet Integration is the only way to find all data in your google spreadsheets to get a clear vision of your all business accountancy. The only limit is your imagination.

To set the workflow, perform the below guidelines

  • Choose the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on the “Event” option
  • Hit the next click on the Google docs as an action app
  • Then, choose the event
  • Now, mapping the fields from QB to the Google Docs by utilizing the drag and drop
  • Save new changes and test your workflow
  • Then, switch to your workflow

QBO Integration With Google Sheet

Learn the QuickBooks online integration work with Google sheets

  • Authenticate your Google sheets with your QuickBooks Online
  • Choose one of the apps as a trigger. It will run your all functions on automated mode
  • Select a resulting action from all other apps
  • Then, choose the data that you need to send from one app to another

Why Web Services?

Web services are necessary to find an easy way to integrate any app with QuickBooks. Web services offer many choices to associate with any installed app to find out better results in a minimum time frame. The integration processing enables a web service that runs all tasks on the server and updates the software timely. These services permit your e-commerce site to straightforwardly update the QuickBooks data, it helps to run the configuration automatically or manually as you want.

Find out how you can download and setup the QuickBooks web connector

Step 1: Install and download the QuickBooks Web Connector

  • Firstly, download the installer
  • Enter your right-click on the installer download
  • After this, select the “Extract All” option
  • Moving forward with on-screen guidelines to finish the installation process
  • If the current version didn’t work then you can download any other version and fix the compatibility issues.

Step 2: Now, you are all set to add the app to the web connector

  • Choose File and click on the “Update Web Service”
  • Go to the “Manage Web Apps”
  • Hit the next click on the “Set up ”
  • Choice the “Connect to QuickBooks” option
  • At last, open your QuickBooks desktop and choose the Done option
  • The confirmation screen will appear on your screen, click on the YES button

Unable To Integrate Google Sheet With QB Pro, Premier, Enterprise

Thank you for reading this blog, I hope the above information is sufficient to know about the QuickBooks Desktop Google Sheet Integration but still if you have any query in your mind, get in touch with QuickBooks expertise via online service. The link of QuickBooks LIVE CHAT is given at the right corner of the website. Also user can dial toll free +1347-967-4079

What information to bring from QuickBooks to Google Sheets

  1. Basic Accounting Details:

Get the fundamental accounting data from QuickBooks such as Transactions, Customer details, Invoices, Payments and Employee information. You can use a macro to set the time frame and retrieve financial data for that specific period. Users can present this data visually by connecting it with tools like Google Data Studio and other Business Intelligence tools. Share the results with your team to identify areas for improvement in your reporting.

  1. Financial Summaries:

Extract various QuickBooks reports like the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss and Aging Receivables. You can also gain valuable insights and tailor your reports to suit your company’s requirements. Import the QuickBooks Cash Flow report into Google Sheets to create an automatically updating Cash Flow forecast and more. This helps in maintaining a clear financial overview and making informed decisions for your business.

Important Features

  1. User-Friendly Query Building

Users can easily create queries with powerful visual Query Builder even if they’re not familiar with SQL. For those well-versed in SQL they can easily unleash its full potential directly in Google Sheets. 

  1. Effortless Data Refresh

You can keep your data up-to-date by seamlessly taking live information from QuickBooks Desktop into your Google Sheets documents whenever you need it.

  1. Save Queries for Later

It lets you store your queries online in the query gallery. You can save your valuable queries for future and use in different Google Sheets documents. This makes it more convenient to reuse them whenever necessary.


Businesses are always a hassle to manage. However, you can ease up your work by Google Sheets Integration With QuickBooks. The integration of these two powerful tools will help you in streamlining and managing your business in a proper way. With them coming together, your business can get the power of two powerful tools which will bring in efficiency  thereafter. This is not just a big step for streamlining your accounting software but also helps you pave a path for more opportunities.

FAQs – Attaching Google Spreadsheet QuickBooks

How can I uninstall the QuickBooks web connector?

  • To open the Run window, enter the window + R key simultaneously
  • Write on Control and then hit the OK button to view the Control Panel section
  • Hit the next click on the “Uninstall” button
  • Choose the Web connector and again hit the “Uninstall” button

Does QuickBooks work with integration?

The answer is YES, integration permits you to sync employee names and then send employees’ hours. It makes every process easy-to-manage to track all things in just one place.

How many apps integrate with QuickBooks Online?

TSheets, Insightly time management, Webgility, Expensify, SOS inventory, and many more apps are accessible to integrate with QuickBooks accounting software to make things easy and simple.

How do I Open Google Sheets in QuickBooks Desktop?

  • Select QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Select the “Event” menu item.
  • Click the Google Docs action app one more time.
  • Select the event next.
  • Using drag and drop, map the fields from QB to the Google Docs now.
  • Save any updates, then run a workflow test.

Why Connect QuickBooks to Google Sheets?

Plan Google Sheets data uploads that are done automatically to QuickBooks. Use a configurable timetable to automatically refresh and email updated QuickBooks reports. Utilize Google Drive to collaborate and share spreadsheets with your clients and team. Use Google Data Studio to create business intelligence dashboards.

Why Use Reconcilebooks to Import QuickBooks to Google Sheets?

Data reliability: We provide you with seamless data security, backup, recovery, and continuity solutions. 

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