Export Import QuickBooks Payroll to XML

How to Import or Export QB Payroll Data Into XML

QuickBooks Payroll service provides you the best arrangement that can help you to productively deal with your payroll. Your membership furnishes you with updated tax tables and offers you the consistency to process the payroll as well as run the altered reports at whatever point you need. Since you do it from inside QuickBooks, QB Payroll is very simple to configure and utilize.

The given information related to exporting and importing the payroll data into XML will help you to get friendlier with the QuickBooks Payroll. You can make a report of payroll data by utilizing the Summarize Payroll Data into Excel or XML report function. Please note: The payroll data can’t be imported into the QuickBooks. QuickBooks Pro might be unable to get XML files or records directly, but it can be possible by a third party service. You can consult QuickBooks Payroll Support for more details .

Expected Result

You must have reports in the XML or Excel.


You must have Excel program installed on your PC.


  • Initiate the XML or Excel file from QB.
  • Now you have to click on the Reports from the top menu bar options,
  • Now click on Employees & Payroll
  • After that click on the Summarize Payroll Data in XML or Excel.
  • Now, click on the report or file you need to export.
  • Now click on Export button which appears on the top of the report, and then select the location and type.
  • Now go with the prompts in order to allow macros into Excel if required. When you allow the macros, the QB Payroll Reports Workbook screen will open.
  • Put a date range Into the XML or Excel, and then click on it in order to clear any alternative worksheets that you need to remove from QB Payroll Reports Workbook.
  • In order to incorporate or prevent the reports into the workbook, into the alternative Reports segment, click on it in order to clear the suitable checkboxes. Such as, you might need to incorporate just the payroll data you have to finish your state tax forms.
  • In order to redo any of the settings of your workbook, click on Options or Settings. Then Select either click in order to clear the suitable checkboxes, and then click on OK button.
  • In order to recover the payroll reports data from QB, You have to click on Get QuickBooks Data. At the point the workbook will show the data.

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How to Get Help for Export Import Payroll Data Error QB

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