Sage 50 Technical Support Phone Number

Every upgrade and update of Sage is enhancing and improving all tools, features, technical aspects and functional aspects of the Sage 50 accounting software. Here are some of the extensive benefits that can help you get an interesting overview of how Sage 50 works and provides tangibility in the functioning of the software:

  1. It is a flexible software that is easy to use for both non-accountants and CPAs
  2. Equipped with high-level security systems
  3. Designed to the automatic backup process
  4. Adaptable to all needs, requirements and demands of your growing business
  5. It also includes important modules like inventory management, customizable dashboard, credit card processing and so on.

Technically the software is easily and proficiently available for all the platforms: Windows, iOS and Android. Functionally, the software caters to all small, medium business and enterprises. The Sage, to make your accounting and office process more convenient like never before, has provided easy and seamless integration with Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word, Crystal Report 2008, SP1, TrueCommerce EDI and so on.

Let’s take you to the features of Sage 50:

  1. Project/Job Management
  2. Get insight into data
  3. Customer management center
  4. Service and inventory management
  5. Multi-user license – up to 5 users

Sage 50 technical and functional errors and their solutions:

There are n-number of reasons and causes due to which your Sage 50 can be a subject to many errors and issues. Initially, it’s very important for you to identify the right cause of the error and how it can be solved. Errors in Sage 50 occurs due to:

  1. Very less internet speed or no internet
  2. The system has anti-virus or active firewall setting that doesn’t allow the software or take it a threat to the system
  3. Incompatible due to system requirement, corrupted or damaged downloaded file that causes file many damages.
  4. Multiple software are open and cause damage to the whole process. The system may also freeze or slow-down due to this reason.

Here are the error codes that pop-up due to various known and unknown explicit reasons:

  1. Sage 50 Error Code 1721: Issues with the Windows Installer Package
  2. Sage 50 Error Code 1324: System locale is set to non-English
  3. Sage 50 Error Code 1935: Error with Windows, you need to update it.
  4. Sage 50 BOB Error 5185: Error with ads.ini file. The process isn’t returning
  5. Sage 50 Backup Error: The error is with the mapped drive on the server. Create a third-party backup.
  6. Sage 50 Error Code Clr20r: The error is with the host file. You need to grant permission to everyone to host the file.

Sage 50 Technical Support Phone Number

We have a technically advanced and well-established support structure to provide you assistance on Sage upgrade, update, download, installation or against any type of error that corrupts your software and put the process on halt. You can call us on our Technical Support Toll-Free Number +1347-967-4079. We are also available through Live Chat Support to provide you with complete technical and functional assistance. It’s at the down-right corner of our website

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