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Run Sage 50 Company File Check & Repair Tool

After downloading an update/upgrade or  damaged essential files, sometimes Sage 50 cannot access the company files. It, in turn, results in error messages. Many reasons trigger this issue, like missing data folder or icon file, malware infection, or company files corrupted. The article below will discuss the Sage 50 Company File check and repair tool usage to fix the data file errors.

Step By Step Guide Sage 50 Company File Repairing

What Is Sage 50 Company File Check And Repair Utility ?

Utility Tool Sage 50

This tool scans the Company file and tries to resolve the errors caused by the damaged files. You can easily open the tool in Sage 50 Accounting. Simply click on the Start menu of the Windows and find the Sage 50 Accounting folder. This utility automatically scans the company file after the upgrade process and restores the damaged files from the Backup.

Have you checked the primary cases when Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database occurred and what the method you can use to fix issues instantly.

How Does Company File Check & Repair Tool Work?

It works with two modes, i.e., Basic and Advanced. These two modes are beneficial in removing the corrupted files from the company folder. However, an Advanced check mode scans the files in detail and easily deletes orphaned documents if it finds them.

When Using The Company File Check Tool In Sage 50?

Sage 50 Accounting runs the Company file check & Repair tool before proceeding with an upgrade process of the database. The objective is to ensure that the company file can be smoothly converted and download the enhancements.  If it detects any issues, then the Advance tool runs automatically to complete the upgrade procedure.

The method you can apply when Sage 50 Printer Not Activated Error Code 30 issue comes while sending, printing or generating reports.

How To Run Sage 50 Company File Check & Repair Tool?

Run Sage 50 Repair Tool

How to use the Company File Check & Repair Tool?

There are two methods to access the tool: Sage 50 Accounting and another one without opening Sage 50 Accounting.

With Sage 50 Accounting:

  • Open the Home Window
  • Click on the Maintenance option
  • Select Advanced Database Check

Without using Sage 50 program:

  • For this, you need to click on the Windows Start option
  • Select All Programs
  • Hit Sage and then Choose Sage 50 Accounting
  • Click the Company file check & Repair button
  • Locate Company data file, hit Browse option to choose the file you need to scan
  • Click on the Scan type you want to use
  • If you need a detailed scan, then choose Advanced mode; otherwise, click on Local mode.
  • The advanced mode might need a large time to scan

During installation of new software if Sage 50 Error Code 1935 comes, the tools you can use to to troubleshoot this error code.

Verify the Company file integrity:

Here are the steps you need to check the Company’s data integrity:

  • Click on the home window
  • Locate Maintenance option
  • Select Check Data Integrity
  • Verify the results for the account balances appears with an asterisk
  • Hit OK
  • If there occur any corruption or balance errors in the date, then restore the company file to the recent backup

How To Run Advanced Database Check In Sage 50?

Sage 50 Database Repair Utility tool user can use to fix corruption of damages in a database file.

Method 1- Through Inside of Sage 50 Data file:

  • Make sure the file should be local, and My document folder is unmapped or redirected
  • Ensure that you are logged in with an administrative mode and enable single user mode
  • Make a backup
  • After doing all the above things, you need to locate the Sage 50 Main Window
  • Hit Maintenance button
  • Click Advanced Database Check
  • It will prompt a warning window
  • You need to give a click on the Yes button
  • Now, wait till the Database Check processing page complete
  • In case there occurs any error; it will display Sage 50 Company file check & repair
  • Hit OK
  • It will start resolving the database table layout conflicts
  • Complete the verifying file process in the Please wait window

The solutions of Sage File System Error 3111 is not very easy, you have to consult with system administrator before applying any solution.

Method 2- Outside Sage 50:

  • Click on the Start menu
  • Hit All Programs
  • Now open the folder named Sage
  • Open the Sage 50 program
  • Give a click on Company File Check and Repair
  • Wait for some time till the Database check processing Windows finishes fixing errors.
  • If any issue found, it will display a new window
  • Hit OK
  • Wait for file verification; when you are using outside of Sage 50 advance database check, there require third-party access rights; hence there prompt asking to write a password.
  • Choose Setup, setup Users
  • Click on the user name to outline it
  • Hit Modify user button
  • With the third-party product rights, click Read/Write access
  • Write the sysadmin password
  • Hit the OK button to save the changes

Support Sage 50 Company File Corrupt Or Damage

Here the article Sage 50 Company File Check And Repair tool complete! Hopefully, the information is helpful for you. If you experience any difficulty or need to ask other questions related to Sage 50 software or resolve errors, give a ring. The Sage 50 Support Phone Number is there for you to get the best resolutions. If you need an instant answer to the questions, then use a live chat feature. Moreover, the email feature can drop the error screenshot and get a solution for the same.

FAQs: Database Repair Utility Sage 50 Pro, Premium, Quantum

What are orphan files in Sage 50 ?

Orphan files are associated with the application which has been separated or uninstalled through system errors. The size of these files is very small; in other words, half files have been deleted with virus or error, and the remaining file content becomes unnecessary or irrelevant. The presence of such orphan files in Sage 50 becomes the core of several error messages.

How can I open the company file and repair tool ?

  • Use the start menu of your system
  • Choose the file you need to scan
  • Select the appropriate version of the tool you need to use i.e., Basic or Advanced

How to run Advanced Check & repair in Windows 8 ?

  • Open the Windows Explorer on your system.
  • Search for C:drive,program files(x86),Sage 50<version/year>
  • Click dbverifier
  • Now double-click on the Sage_SA_DBVerifier.exe program.
  • Browse the location of the data file
  • Choose Advanced Check & Repair button

If you still unable to run connect Sage 50 Live Chat Support team for help.

How do I Switch to Multi-User or Single-User Mode in Sage 50 ?

  • Locate the file menu on the Home Page
  • Select the Single-user mode to Multi-user mode
  • Choose Yes button

Why do I need to backup the Sage 50 company file before using the Repair tool ?

  • Restoring the company file if file damaged
  • Ease of removing the majority of the Company file-related errors
  • Simple to look up summary of the cleared data
  • Minimizing data loss

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