How to Fix a Posting Error in Sage 300 (Accpac)

A useful API features offered by Sage 300 (formerly Accpac) which is a program that many businesses employ to ease their accounting activities. Managing the manual labour generated by automation in various business operations is helpful for business owners. Nevertheless, a large number of Sage 300 users have informed us that they frequently encountered various publishing issues while using this platform. When publishing to accounts payable, accounts receivable, or the general ledger, they experienced primarily encountered Posting Error in Sage 300 (Accpac).

We’ll talk about various posting issues that users encounter in this blog. To fix a Posting Error in Sage 300 (Accpac), we’ll also offer a few straightforward yet powerful fixes.

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Common Posting Errors in Accounts Payable

The below are some of the commonly encountered Sage 300 posting errors in accounts payable along with fixes to remove such errors:

  1. Error Message: “Posting to a locked or Inactive Year

Fixation: If you’re unsure whether you’re posting to the right year or not, please double-check the relevant entry. Go to the Common Services area and correct any errors you find there. Following that, activate or unlock the year by clicking on Fiscal Calendar.

  1. Error Message: “Invoice already exists

Fixation: You have previously used the invoice number for the concerned vendor, according to the error message. Check to see if you entered the same information twice. If not, you can distinguish the invoice by adding a letter or a number at the end. This will enable you to link the payment to the appropriate invoice.

  1. Error Message: “The net invoice amount does not match with the net distributed amount for batch xxxx and entry xxx

Fixation: To find the error, please verify the pertinent entries, taxes, and totals.

Common Posting Error in Sage Accounts Receivable

The below are some of the commonly encountered Sage 300 posting errors in accounts receivable along with fixes to remove such errors:

  1. Error Message: The total of details does not match the total of invoice error is received

Fixation: The issue typically occurs when a tax authority is prepared to apply standard cost but an item is set to a unit price of zero and the order. As a result, the tax calculation is not performed for the base price when the invoice is posted to A/R from O/E. Instead, the selling price is used to calculate it, which is incorrect.

  1. Error Message: Cannot process document. The customer number is inactive

Fixation: Please make certain that the customer is set to “Active.” Check if there is a problem with the ARCUS table at the end of your partner if the issue persists.

  1. Error Message: Document Number already exists

Fixation: Exit the module where you are seeing this issue first. Choose Options. then change Next Number (for the relevant document for which you are getting the error) to the next number in the sequence.

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Common Posting Error in General Ledger

The below are some of the commonly encountered Posting Error in Sage 300 in General Ledger along with fixes to remove such errors:

  1. Error Message: Journal Detail source ledger XX is not on the Control Account’s XXXX eligible list.

Fixation: First, look over the G/L Account setup. After that, add the source ledger you want to post to the control account.

  1. Error Message: Cannot post to a Future Year

Fixation: Visit Common Services. Create a new fiscal year by clicking on the Fiscal Year Calendar.

  1. Error Message: Cannot post to locked fiscal period XX

Fixation: The fiscal period must be unlocked. Alternately, you can convert the JE into an open fiscal period.

Solutions: In the Event that you Encounter an Error When Posting a Transaction to a Locked Period.

In Sage 300, you could occasionally run into a posting issue when submitting a transaction to a locked period. If you attempt to enter an invoice that has already been entered, you can also experience this problem. The best course of action in these situations is to print a Posting Errors Report. You can use this to see if any of the batches haven’t been posted because of an internal mistake.

Posting a Transaction reports

The Posting Errors report is located where the Transaction Reports for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger are displayed. It is known as the Posting Journals Report for general ledger and is located in the G/L Reports section.

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The above discussed are common Posting Error in Sage 300 (Accpac). Hopefully, the suggested fixes help you to overcome these errors. In case, you stuck or having different posting error, feel free to connect Live chat with Team of Experts by dialing +1347-967-4079 Sage Helpdesk Team.


Q. Why Does Crashes Happen When Trying to Send a Post Command via Web API in Sage 300?

Ans. The occurrence of this problem has a number of notable causes, including:

  • An ODBC administration problem.
  • A problem involving the API and Avalara.
  • Possible disconnections include the SQL Native Client.
  • Occurrence of an internal server error with the Download Sage 300 Web API.
  • The order input problem.

Q. How do I Setup my Database in Sage 300 Accpac ERP Software?

Ans. Please adhere to the instructions below to properly configure the database:

  • Launch the Sage 300 ERP program
  • Navigate to Database Setup
  • Password for the Admin user
  • Check for mistakes in the pertinent Database
  • The database should now be connected to the database server
  • You can use the workstation to access the Sage 300 apps once the database configuration is complete.

Q. What are the Key Benefits of Using Posting Error in Sage 300 (Accpac)?

Ans. There are more than one advantages of using Sage 300 for your businesses:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Multi-company, multi-location, and includes subsidiaries
  • Multiple currencies
  • Job costing and project management
  • Powerful inventory control and management features
  • Deals with purchase orders, buy requisitions, and sales orders.
  • Frequently used Sage 300 CRE for construction and real estate firms.
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