Sage Not Showing All Transactions

Sage Transactions Not Showing

In Sage recording, analyzing, or summarizing transactions are necessary for evaluating the financial status of the business. However some time users face errors while preparing finances for the tax returns. Unable to find transactions is a general error that happens during finance recording. ReconCileBooks will help you to resolve the Sage transactions missing or not showing issue even you check all Sage 50 Suspense Account closely.

Why Sage Doesn’t Show All Transactions?

What are the major causes of Sage doesn’t showing all transactions?

  • Wrong start date or end date in a Statement
  • Prior outstanding has not been updated yet
  • Transactions have been recorded as historical during history mode
  • Starting and end dates mentioned in a statement are the same
  • Transaction having the wrong date
  • After Sage 50 Bank Reconciliation Resetting the records of outstanding transactions are missing.
transactions are missing
This is very essential to Reconcile Sage 50 Bank Account that all transactions should be matched and no transaction is untraceable.

Solve Sage 50 Transactions Not Showing

How to resolve Sage can’t show each transaction errors in Sage 50?

Walkthrough the below solution one by one to fix the issue:

Method 1- Date Verification

  • Check the bank transaction filled in Sage 50 contains a correct date
  • The date of the transaction should be on or before the Statement end date in the module named bank record

Method 2- Verify the Outstanding Transactions Still Not Cleared from the Last Months

Follow the instructions:

  • Locate Add Prior Outstanding option
  • Give a click on it
  • Now choose the earliest transaction date to be added below Show Resolved Trans On or After tab
  • Move over next field and click on the Resolve Transactions to check the list of transactions
  • Choose the transaction that needs to be added
  • Hit Add option
  • If you are unable to discover outstanding transactions, click on the button which says Insert outstanding
  • On-clicking it will start a manual entering of the outstanding transactions
  • Hit OK
  • Go to Reconciliation & Deposits window
  • Click on the Transactions button to view the outstanding and active transactions.

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Method 3- Check if there are No Outstanding Transactions of the Previous Months

Here are the steps:

  • Locate Add Prior outstanding option and give a click on it
  • Hit OK and it will display the ongoing transactions in the Transactions option of the Reconciliation & Deposit Window
  • If it is not the initial bank reconciliation, verify the Statement End date is filled with the correct date

Things need to consider if the error happens while the first time bank reconciliation process:

  • Click on Add outstanding Transactions Page
  • It will display date wise transactions before the Statement Start Date
  • There require inserting historical transactions one by one as per the instructions if the historical transaction is failed to appear

Method 4- Check the Details in a Reconciliation and Deposit Window

Reconciliation and Deposit Window
  • Firstly verify the right account is chosen
  • Check the start date of the statement should match the start date of the bank statement

Method 5- Check the Damaged Transactions

  • Open Reports
  • Click Financials
  • Choose Transactions by Account
  • Hit Account
  • Now you need to set the starting and finishing date; it should be the same as the bank reconciliation
  • Write check marks to corrections
  • Hit OK
  • In case there are transactions appears on the report you need to run the Advanced Database Check
  • Check the General Ledger report
  • make sure the Finish date is set to the advanced transaction date. It should be the same as in Setup, Settings, information, and company
  • If the report does not contain the transactions then the company file should not have any transactions set for the particular period
  • Check the dates in the transactions

Get the details to Solve Sage 50 Unresolved Amount Issue which is the bigger issue during reconciling Sage 50 accounts.

Method 6- Check the General Ledger Report Associated with the Right Accounts for Transactions

Here are the steps:

  • Click on Reports
  • Hit Transactions Details/Journal Entries
  • Click All
  • Choose the right year
  • Click on the correct date for the Report by
  • Fill in the right Start & Finish Date
  • Give a click on Corrections to show
  • Hit OK
  • Check the accounts linked to the transactions

Do you know that all types of reconciling process, not same Accounts Receivable Sage 50 Reconciliation process is quite different from Sage 50 Creditors Reconciliation.

Method 7- Check the Transactions Were Posted During Bank Reconciliation

  • Go to the Account Reconciliation Window
  • Hit Save option
  • Now close the window named Reconciliation & Deposit window

Method 8-Check the Missing Transactions Error that Happens after Resetting Bank Reconciliation

  • For this, you need to restore the backup
  • After that open the company file
  • Click on Reports, choose the Banking option and then click Account Reconciliation Report
  • Hit Report type and check summary reports with details regarding the outstanding transaction
  • Choose the correct bank account
  • Now check the statement start and end date and set it similar as entered while reconciliation
  • Hit Ok to open the report
  • Choose to print or open in Microsoft Excel to save the report
  • Open Account Reconciliation Window using the original company
  • Click on the Add Prior Outstanding option once you choose the account
  • Now use the printed copy of the report to add by choosing transactions before the date window or by entering all outstanding transactions
  • Hit Ok button
  • Check the missing transactions that appears
  • Remove the newly restored company file
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Help Sage 50 Transactions Not Showing In Reconciliation

ReconCileBooks includes the resolutions that are necessary to fix the Sage doesn’t show all transactions error. You just require them to follow the correct instructions to get positive outcomes. In case, you are not able to perform any of the methods then get expert assistance. Get connected with the Sage professional team through different mediums like Sage 50 Support Number, email, or a Sage 50 Live Chat that you come to know when opening the website directly.

FAQs: Get Back Missing Transactions Sage 50 ,Sage 100 ,Sage 100 Contractor

What If I Need To Remove The Data File In Sage 50?

➧ First, open the company file that you need to delete
➧ Click on the File menu
➧ Hit Properties option
➧ Enter the location & the name of the company file
➧ Close the Sage 50 application
➧ Now open the Window Explorer
➧ Browse the location of the company file
➧ Find the folder.SAI file &.SAJ folder and delete both of them

Get details also troubleshooting steps Sage 50 Required Data File Missing issue and error.

How Do I Fix The Missing Transactions In The Bank Reconciliation?

➧ Check the end date appears in the month-end
➧ Check the end date in the statement should be later than or same as the statement start date; if not change the date to the correct date
➧ Use the back-up restore option to re-post the transactions

How Can I Verify The Missing Transactions If It Is Due To Data Corruption?

➧ For this click file button, choose Maintenance and then click Check Data

How To Run An Advanced Database Check To Verify Transactions Showing In A Report?

Follow the steps:
➧ Open Windows Explorer
➧ Browse C:drive, Program Files (x86), Sage 50<version/year>
➧ Click dbverifier button
➧ Find Sage_SA_DBVerifier.exe(application) and double-click on it
➧ Discover the data file location
➧ Choose Advanced Check & Repair button