Convert Sage 50 Data To Newer Version

Sage 50 Needs To Update This Company File To The Latest Version

Like other software in Sage50, there might be any type of errors users face. A couple of times, some basic troubleshooting like restart the system works. One of the general methods which can fix many issues is downloading the update. As the majority of errors are due to outdated software such as backup errors, restore errors, etc. The below write-up ReconCileBooks discuss the guide related to the Convert Sage 50 Data to Newer Version.

Steps For Converting Sage 50 Company Data To Latest Edition

Why Sage 50 Says To Update Old Edition Data To Latest Edition?

Sage 50 Update Company Data Error

Mention the frequent scenarios when you need to update the company file:

  • When you try to backup company data
  • During company tasks processing
  • Fixing a failed data conversion
  • With updates, you may require a company file update to the advanced edition.
  • The downloading update is prerequisites of Sage 50 conversion.

Do you know what to do when Not A Valid Sage 50 Company File Error appears on the screen during opening Sage accounting software?

How To Update Old Sage 50 Data To New Release Format?

Update the Sage 50 data to an advanced version of Sage 50:

Walkthrough the below instructions to convert Sage 50 Latest or an advanced version of Sage 50 that are older version of Sage 50.

  • Before you start the fix make sure you took a backup
  • After backup, you need to locate the file button, hit on the properties option
  • Write down the location with the company file name
  • Now while conversion process you need to disable the UAC (User Account Control)
  • Discover the button below Control Panel and then click on the User Accounts option
  • Disable the Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, and Firewall while conversion procedure
  • Now start saving the data on the local system, click on Run the advanced Database check option
  • Hit Convert the date
  • Now save the data back to its actual location
  • How to convert the old Sage 50 to an advanced version?
  • Open the new Sage 50-Canadian edition software
  • If prompt the welcome screen with many options, you need to give a click on Open the last company you worked on
  • Hit OK
  • If it displays the Welcome Window with buttons, choose to Select an existing company button
  • Hit OK
  • Now look at the top of the company window, click on the field named look.
  • Change it to the folder with data
  • Choose your data, hit OK
  • It will display a message saying that the data is about to be updated to a new format
  • Hit on Next button much time to locate the Upgrade wizard
  • Choose Finish option

Moreover Sage 50 Company File Repair tool available free to use, which helps you in case company file won’t error warning appears.

Process For Sage 50 Update Or Upgrade Installation

Sage 50 Update Notification

Installing a Sage 50 Update/Upgrade:

  • For the first time, the data conversion wizard may display automatically in Sage 50.
  • Before starting the upgrade process make sure you turned off all screen savers, closed all the programs and antivirus to speed up the process and preventing errors
  • Ensure that you have enough space available to place the data before converting the company file
  • The time of the conversion depends upon the size of the company file
  • Make sure you backup data file to prevent loss
  • Here are the steps to start the upgrade process/Data conversion wizard:
  • Click on the File option, choose Open company
  • In case the company file is in a prior release format then it displays the data conversion wizard. If it fails then there is no need for an update
  • After reading the text in the introductory window, hit on the Next option to proceed to the next window named data conversion wizard
  • Hit on Confirm Company option
  • Choose the backup option to proceed with the process
  • Once you complete the company file backup, hit on Next button to begin the conversion process
  • The Sage 50 contains the data conversion in the Progress window to display the conversion progress
  • Wait for some time till the data conversion is finished, it will display a congratulation dialog box to confirm the success of the conversion procedure
  • Hit the Finish button to open the company file in a new format
  • Repeat the previous procedure for each created company

If you have any specific query, also get in touch with the experts of Live Chat.

How To Fix The Unable To Update This Company File To The Latest Version Errors?

If you face any error while performing the update process then walk through the below methods to rectify the upgrade or update issue:

Method 1- Check the SAJ Folder Content

Here are the steps:

  • Search the SAJ folder
  • Discover the data file
  • Now open the SAJ folder and then check if there any backup file is there
  • If found then delete the CAB files
  • After this check the duplicate files and remove them

Method 2- Block the Firewall and Antivirus or any Real-Time Scanner

  • Firstly disable the real-time scanner
  • Start trying file conversion
  • Once you disable the antivirus then fix the file conversion
  • After the conversion fails, then disable the firewall and then retry the conversion
  • Retry opening the sample company

If you are running Sage 50 accounting within the network, then learn How To Fix Sage 50 Connecting TO Database Error.

Help Support Convert Sage 50 Data to Newer Version

With the above methods, you can easily proceed with the Sage 50 Update process. If you require any technical expertise to fix the Convert Sage 50 Data to Newer Version other errors then give a call to Sage 50 consultants on Sage 50 Support Toll Free. They offer you round-the-clock assistance to resolve all your concerns. You can also use a live chat with their expert via Sage 50 Live Chat assistance.

To get the best assistance regarding the Convert Sage 50 Data to Newer Version, you can simply dial +1-347-967-4079 to contact our Sage Specialists Team.

FAQ – Error Issue Converting Data Sage 50 Pro, Premium, Quantum

How Do I Perform a Backup in the Sage 50?

  • Open the comapny file you need to backup
  • Choose the file button and then hit the backup tab
  • Click on the box named Reminder if you need to get a notification to backup in several numbers of days
  • Hit on the include comapny name field if you wish to insert the company file name in the backup file
  • Choose include archives option in the backup if needed
  • Click on the include attachments button in the backup if suitable
  • Give a click on the backup tab to select the backup file location
  • Hit Save option
  • Choose OK button

Why Do I Need to Use the Data Conversion Wizard in Sage 50?

The data conversion wizard helps in converting the company data to an advanced format. It contains the options with a description. Why i am facing the update error?

  • Database engine timeout
  • Incomplete installation
  • Duplicate files or CABs in the SAJ Folder
  • Verify the Data in SAJ or SAI format
  • The data in a cloud sync directory
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