A Required Data File Is Missing Sage 50

Sage 50 Cannot Open Company File A Required Data File Is Missing

Restoring a backup is a basic task in the system to fix the error and recover the lost data. However, when using the restore backup steps in the Sage 50 the process gets interrupted with several issues. Sage 50 Cannot Open Company Files a Required Data File Is Missing Sage 50 error is one of them. It mainly triggers when trying to open the company file sharing on the Remote data access. ReconCileBooks compiled with the troubleshooting steps to fix the unable to open the company file error which is quite slimier to Sage 50 Not A Valid Company Error.

Troubleshooting Required Data File Not Found Sage 50 Pro, Premium, Quantum

Causes Behind Sage 50 Failed To Open Company File

What are the significant factors responsible for failure in opening the company file in Sage 50:

  • The icon of the data folder (.SAJ) & (.SAI) is damaged
  • The company data file has been moved to a new system
  • The name of .SAJ &.SAI data files dispatch
  • The Company file has been moved to another server or a shared folder
  • The company file inside a SAJ folder create an issue in the backup error
  • Some of the SAJ folders are hidden
  • Some files in the SAJ folder with restricted rights
  • The outdated latest version of Sage 50 20xx
  • Multi-user is used or created
  • Lost server connection
  • Ransomware renamed the files in the SAJ folder
  • The backup file corrupted
  • Sage Drive Company SAJ folder with syncstate and auto.cnf files
  • Missing other files
  • The data file consists of weird character or pound sign (#) in the file name
  • The third-party automated backup services are unsupported with the SQL database.

How You Can Fix Sage 50 Not Opening Company File Due To Data File Not Found

How to rectify Sage 50 Cannot open company a required data file is missing error?

Solution 1: Fix the permission issues:

  • Make a new folder in C drive
  • Restore the file from the backup
  • Choose Browse option to the dialog box named New File while Restore process
  • Click on the newly created folder
  • Give a unique name to it
  • Hit the Save button and then click on the Finish option

Solution 2- Check the .SAJ folder with a strange name:

  • Firstly check the empty .SAJ folder if found then delete it
  • Give a new name to the folder with a different name

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Solution 3- Verify if important files are hidden in the SAJ folder:

  • Go to the SAJ folder for the company file and give a right-click on it
  • Choose Properties option
  • Click on the Attributes tab of the General Section
  • Place a checkmark on the boxes named Read-only & hidden
  • Click on Apply button
  • A prompt will display on the screen
  • Hit Apply changes to this folder option, choose the subfolders button
  • Click on the Files tab
  • Select OK
  • Now delete the checkmarks from the two fields and then hit Apply option
  • Click on Apply changes to this folder tab, click on the subfolders button and then choose files
  • Hit OK

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Solution 4- Check the folders or files that have been moved from the SAJ Folder:

  • Verify the below files in the SAJ folder:
  • MySQL (directory)
  • sys (directory)
  • ibdata1
  • ib_logfile0
  • simply (directory)
  • performance_schema (directory)
  • ib_logfile1
  • cnf
  • If these files are destroyed, check a windows search for the damaged or missing folders in a .SAJ folder with the names. If you fail to discover these files in the Search box in Windows, then start restoring the company data using a backup file

Solution 5- Disable the Protect File Sharing button:

  • Open the shared folder with the help of Windows Explorer
  • If it prompts for the window credentials or server password, fill it
  • Now login to the host PC
  • The credentials should be the system login credentials on the location of the data file
  • In case you are not inputting the credentials of the network to access files through the network, then you require disabling the password-protected file sharing on the Host system.

Checking Sage 50 Company Data Hosting Via Connection Manager

Solution 6- Check the system hosting the company data with the connection manager:

  • Open the hosting system
  • Find the installed applications to view if the connection manager with Sage 50 is installed. Here are the steps you need to follow to install the Sage 50 Connection manager on the Server:
  • First of all login to the location of the server
  • Now download the version of Sage 50
  • Click on the run file button
  • Choose the language
  • Hit on the OK option
  • Check the mandatory programs to be installed on the system
  • Click on the Install tab
  • If there enabled Windows Firewall option on this system, there will display a page asking if you need Windows Firewall automatically configure to run with Sage 50
  • Hit on Advanced tab if the server contains the data file
  • Check If no one uses the application on the server
  • Click on the Next button to proceed
  • Choose a Server-only option for the components in the Sage 50 Server
  • Once completed Hit the Finish option
  • Now open the company file from the system where it will open
  • Click on the Help option on the home window and then choose About Sage 50
  • Fill the version and then click on the Release
  • Start Sage 50 application
  • Choose the Open sample company option from the welcome page
  • Hit the Help button and then click on About Sage 50
  • Write the Version & Release

Check The Sage 50 Version Compatibility

Solution 7- Verify the versions are matching:

  • Open the Windows Explorer window
  • Open the Data file folder
  • It will display the SAJ folder & SAI folder
  • Give a double click on the folder and search for another SAJ /SAI file
  • Verify the created folder in the .SAJ folder to ensure that are no more SAI and SAJ folders
  • If there appears SAJ & SAI folders then make a new folder on the C drive
  • Now start moving the folders or files into the new folder
  • Use the Sage 50 Data file folder, double-click on the SAI file
  • It will open the Sage 50 file
  • If it fails to open then you can try opening SAI files in the company file

Check Sage 50 Company File Shared By Other User

Solution 8- Check if multiple users accessing the file:

  • Check every user logged out from the company file
  • Search to the location with Sage 50 Data file
  • Discover the .SAJ folder for a file named process .pid
  • Check the existing files are currently active in the system below single-user mode
  • verify there is a hung process; if there then you need to remove it before proceeding
  • if you are unable to remove it then reboot the system

Get Details Missing Required Data File Sage

Solution 9- Check the missing files in the remote data access in the SAJ folder:

  • Open the Remote Data Access
  • Firstly download the files from it
  • Open the Sage 50 2020.2
  • Now click on the Connect to a shared company option
  • Save the file in easy to accessible location with a new name

Solution 10- Fix the missing .SAI & .SAJ files:

  • Find both .SAJ folder &.SAI file for the company file in the same location
  • If either of the files is missing then move the file
  • If you are unable to undo then you can restore it from a backup file

Support For Data File Is Missing Sage 50 Error

All of the remedies in the above write-up are easy yet effective ones. You just need to give a couple of minutes of your schedule to understand and follow them to resolve the Sage 50 Cannot Open Company Files A Required Data File Is Missing error. If none of them works for you give a call to the Sage 50 Support professional team of ReconCileBooks or you can get assistance free via Sage 50 Live Chat.

FAQs: Sage 50 U.S. / Canada Edition Error Data File Missing

How Can I Save My Company Files In A Folder Sync With Google Drive Or One Drive ?

  • Make sure Sage 50 saving the SAJ folder & SAI file in DropBox, Google Drive, or Sky Drive
  • Check whether cloud file storage services causing the issues like duplication
  • Now you can use a Sage 50 hosting provide to permit Sage 50 in the cloud.
  • Verify you put your system and data in a hosting provider or cloud
  • Sage provides a similar cloud solution named Sage Drive

How Would I Fix The Program That Does Not Open When Opening A File Error ?

  • Firstly browse to the program path
  • Discover the program path and data path for the instructions
  • Search peachw.exe and give a right-click on it
  • Choose option named Send to, and click on the option named Desktop
  • Now give a new name to the icon which says Sage 50 Accounting 20xx
  • Locate the desktop icon and give a double-click on it

How Do I Resolve The Unable To Open A Company After The 2020.1 Update Issue ?

  • Discover the recent backup before attempting for the conversion
  • Locate C:\Users\USERNAME*\Documents\Simply Accounting\Backups\CAN2020
  • Now disable the security software or firewall temporarily while the conversion process
  • Start restores option and then converts the file to a new location
  • If the conversion is not completed then begin the next steps
  • Now move the file to a new location
  • Rename the file
  • Open the file to begin the conversion
  • If the conversion is not successful then make sure the user profile is a domain or local
  • Now make a local user on a domain