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How To Reconcile Stock In Sage Accounting

Stock Reconciliation refers to the periodic process of calculating and estimating products annually to maintain the consistency of physical & book stock count. Moreover, it handles stock value for all accounting statements. Stock management improves productivity and decreases the time-consuming manual tasks. ReConcileBooks will provide relevant information on the Sage Stock reconciliation meanwhile find the fruitful information How To Reconcile Sage 50.

Sage 50 permits you to set up stock reconciliation to perform matching of stock files. It allows counting products and also updating the records so that you can discover and remove stock discrepancies. This, in turn, helps a retail organization to ensure the consistency of the records and improve the procedure to improve the company business. Also get in touch with experts on Sage 50 Live Chat if you have a specific query.

Verifying stock records is a monumental process of every business that does not matter whether it is a small scale or big organization. So each company tries to search the right approach and perfect accounting software for the Stock reconciliation process which includes counting of products, record verification, and addressing wrong or missing items and more. The proper stock management saves more time.

Why Sage Reconciling Stocks Or Inventory Is Important

Significance of Sage Stock Reconciliation in an Organization:

  • Monitor the accuracy of records
  • Reconciling book & absolute stock
  • Boost efficiency and productivity
  • Posting opening stock
  • Time and money-saving
  • Enhance accuracy

Do you want to know easy process of steps for Sage 50 Canada Reconciliation then team of ReConcileBooks explain all the process in detail.

Transforming a Stock Reconciliation to Post Opening Stock:

Non-serialized Items:

The stock resolution allows you to modify and update the number of preferred items located in a warehouse for some duration. Follow the given steps for post-opening stock:

  • Locate Stock, choose Tools
  • Select Stock Reconciliation and then click New
  • Adjust posting Date
  • Apply an objective to Opening Stock
  • Adjust Item Code, Quantity, Warehouse and Valuation Rate
  • Click on Temporary Opening located in Difference Account
  • Choose Cost Center
  • Click Save & Submit

Serialized Items:

You can integrate the products in the stock allocated with serial/batch numbers through Stock reconciliation. Here is the list of steps for post-opening stock:

  • Navigate Stock and then Click Tools
  • Locate Stock Reconciliation and then Hit New
  • Adjust Posting Date
  • Set a vision to opening Stock
  • Apply Product Code, Warehouse, Serial no, Quantity and Valuation Rate
  • Keep the serial number field blank and apply serial number series listed in the item master if you need to auto-generate batch number
  • After this turn on Checkbox named Automatically Create New Batch located in the item master
  • Choose Temporary Opening appearing in Difference Account
  • Click Cost Center and then Save & Submit it

Converting Sage Stock Reconciliation to Physical Stock

Steps to convert a Stock Reconciliation to Physical Stock Count & Reconcile Book:

Stock Reconciliation is the task of computing & accessing stock-in-trade, regularly & annually at the finale to value the complete stock for devising of the accounting invoices, in this Stock reconciliation original physical stock item are monitored and recorded as well in the system. The original stock information must match with the stock in the system. If not found accurate then you have to use a stock reconciliation tool to perform all these tasks like reconciliation stock balance.

Process For Reconciling Stock In Sage 50 ?

  • Discover Stock and then Click Tools
  • Locate Stock reconciliation and then Hit on New
  • Set purpose and Date to Stock Reconciliation
  • Now write item code, items quantity, Valuation Rate, and Warehouse
  • Choose an expense account listed in Difference Account
  • Click Cost Center
  • Once done save the changes through clicking on Save and then Submit

Feature of Sage Stock Reconciliation:

Upload information by the means of Spreadsheet

In case there are a large number of items then you can uploads the complete details through Spreadsheet, here are the things need to do:

  • Download Template
  • Locate new Stock Reconciliation; choose Download option for downloading the CSV formatted template
  • Fill all required information in the CSV template; This CSV formatted file is case-sensitive. Ensure that you have not modified the headers located in the Template. Locate the column named Warehouse and Item code, fill accurate Item Code & Warehouse as generated in the ERP Next account. Write stock level for Quantity if you require setting a particular warehouse.
  • Hit on Upload option to Upload this CSV formatted file with information
  • Review the file, Save it and then click Submit
  • Verify Stock Ledger report if you want to discover updated stock balance

How to monitor date-wise Stock Valuation and Balance:

If you need to discover the stock balance on a specific time and date and also need to import this information then hit on Items option. Furthermore, you can do modification in Quantity if required.

Working of Stock Reconciliation:

When a stock reconciliation is presented to update the quantity on explicit date and time for an item in a warehouse, it won’t be altered through an ensuing stock exchange regardless of whether such transactions/exchanges have a posting date which is preceding the stock reconciliation date. Moreover, after a proper stock reconciliation submission, you can monitor the Batch-wise Balance History report to know the modified information on batch items.

The process Undo Last Reconciliation In Sage 50 is very easy but user have to follow all steps carefully .

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