Sage 50 Undo Last Reconciliation

How Do I Undo A Bank Reconciliation In Sage 50 ?

Sage 50 comes with several reconciliation components to reconcile credit card amounts and other savings. Among all, it permits an undo feature to reverse a reconciled transaction when you reconcile any transaction in error. This article will discuss Sage 50 undo Last Reconciliation. Sage 50 Accounting Support usually getting customer issues related to reconciling bank and credit card .

Why User Need Revert Back Reconciliation In Sage 50 Desktop ?

Why do you need to undo a transaction?
Whenever you going to Reconcile Bank Account In Sage 50 you may face duplicate,void, null entries issues.

Several situations arise when you have to use an Undo option in Sage. Some are given below:

  • The payment invoice has been recorded with an incorrect date
  • The transaction doesn’t appear clear
  • The transaction was documented incorrectly
  • The bank reconciliation table consists of irrelevant data so Sage 50 unable to read the correct figure
  • Inability to reverse a transaction for a specific month.

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UN-Reoncile Process Sage 50 Pro, Premium , Quantum Accounting

How to undo the last reconciliation in Sage 50?

Here are the steps:

Step 1-Create a backup

Taking a backup is a necessary task before doing an Undo. If you have taken a backup, you can quickly restore that data at any point. Thus, to prevent losing all existing information permanently, it is recommended to make a back-up of the transaction that you are going to reverse.

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Step 2-Collect information on previous outstanding Transactions:

To perform this, follow the instructions:

  1. Open Sage 50, locate Report, Click Banking and then Hit on Account Reconciliation Report
  2. Choose Report type named Summary report with the outstanding transaction detail
  3. Search for the appropriate bank account, then Choose the Start and Finish date
  4. Adjust the Report through Statement End Date
  5. Hit on Ok to monitor the report
  6. Click on Print or Open in Excel to save the appeared report

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Step 3-Remove the bank reconciliation:

  1. In Sage 50, navigate Chart of Accounts then double click on it
  2. Search for bank account and then choose the Reconciliation & Deposit option
  3. Uncheck the field located near the Save Transactions for Account Reconciliation
  4. Click on Save and then close to close the account
  5. Choose Ok to clear all reconciliation information.

Step 4- Again enable the bank account associated with bank reconciliation:

  1. Discover the bank account
  2. Choose the Reconciliation & Deposit option
  3. Select a checkmark in the field next to Save Transactions for Account Reconciliation
  4. A setup option will display on the bottom of the window
  5. Click on it, and then set up revenue accounts for the Exchange gain, Adjustments, Interest income, and Error-Gain
  6. Moreover, you can setup expense reports for NSF fee, Interest expense, and bank charges
  7. Click on Save and Close
  8. Once closed, click on X located in the corner of the account window to close it.

Get Help Unable To Cancel Last Reconciliation In Sage 50

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