Sage 100 Unable to Process the Lock File

These days, businesses and accounting professionals use the Sage 100 software extensively since it offers a wide range of accounting features. With the help of this software, businesses of all sizes have been able to carry out their accounting tasks more effectively than ever before. However, a lot of Sage 100 users have reported that while printing or previewing a report or form, they received the error message “Unable to Process the Lock File”. Has this issue been bothering you lately as well? Do you intend to solve it with any straightforward solutions? This blog entails you a number of solutions to tackle this problem. Moreover, this blog tells you all possible reasons which could lead this error “Sage 100 Unable to Process the Lock File”.

Reasons Behind the Sage 100 Unable to Process the Lock File

The Sage 100 Unable to Process the Lock file error message can be caused by a variety of technical problems.

Two of the primary reasons are:

  • Windows Security Settings problems
  • New Windows 10 Feature Update problems.

Solutions to Fix the Sage 100 Unable to Process the Lock File Error

The below-discussed are some solutions that may help you to fix the error with ease:

Solution 1: Reinstall the Sage 100 PDF Converter from Paperless Office Advanced Options

  • Initially, do a right-click on the Sage 100 shortcut on your desktop
  • Choose the “Run as Administrator” option
  • Now, sign in to the Sage 100 contractor software
  • Go to the Sage 100 Toolbar, click Run, then select File.
  • Enter PL_AdvancedOptions_Ui in the text field
  • To continue, select the “Ok” button
  • To select the default date, press the Ok button
  • Select the “Install Converter” tab
  • Exit the Paperless Office Advanced Options section
  • If you still receive the problem notice, try printing to Paperless.

Solution 2: Configure the Sage 100 Application to Run as an Administrator

  • On your desktop, right-click the Sage 100 shortcut
  • Simply right-click on the pop-up menu
  • Next step is to choose the “Properties” tab
  • Navigate to the Compatible section
  • Put a check in the “Run this program as an administrator” box

Important Note: Select Change Setting for All Users if this workstation is used by many users.

  • Then select “Run this software as an administrator” from the drop-down menu
  • To make the changes effective, click the Ok button.

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Solution 3: Set the Permissions for Certain Keys in the Registry

Please only carry out these actions at the workstation level:-

  • First, press the Windows Start button
  • Next, select the Run button
  • Type Regedit in the textbox
  • Access the “HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software
  • Click the Permissions button after selecting Software with the right mouse click
  • Select Full Control for the Users mentioned in this box
  • Finally, click on the “Apply” button.


The solutions discussed in this post are some of the most preferred solutions to resolve Sage 100 Unable to Process the Lock File. If troubleshooting a technical issue is a burdensome task for you, give us a call on Sage Helpdesk Team. Our experts will connect you shortly and help you troubleshoot Sage 100 Unable to Process the Lock File. If you have any specific query, also get in touch with the experts of Sage 100 Live Chat 24×7 Help.


Is it Safe for me to Change the Windows Security Settings?

Your system will only be vulnerable to threats if you put it in a vulnerable position, hence there is no simple answer to this. It shouldn’t be an issue for you to leave your system in vulnerable locations as long as Windows Security is correctly activated. However, be extra cautious when using the internet and opening unidentified files if you’re going to change these settings.

Will Upgrading Windows help to Fix this Sage 100 Unable to Process the Lock File Issue?

The simple solution is Yes. However, while upgrading your Windows might be able to help you get rid of this issue, it will also necessitate that you go through a laborious process of creating backups of all your files and other items. If you don’t know what you’re doing when upgrading windows, things could go wrong. Because of this, it is best for you to simply follow this lesson carefully.

Can I Damage my System with the Registry Editor? 

Yes, using the registry editor gives you the opportunity to completely break your system. It is software that should only be used by computer experts. The operation of your gadget can be drastically changed if you misstated even one value. Use the registry editor only if you are certain that you are knowledgeable enough about computers to do so.

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