How to Reprint Checks and Paychecks in QuickBooks?

If you frequently use QuickBooks, you are probably well aware of the unique capabilities it provides for each type of taxpayer. It can be used to monitor payments, payrolls, cash flow, and many other things. But occasionally, you might need to print or reprint the checks in QuickBooks to make the payment. However, not everyone is aware of these crucial aspects. Consequently, this article is based on “How to Reprint Checks and Paychecks in QuickBooks?” where we’ll discuss all possible ways for printing checks and paychecks. Just make sure to double-check that your printer is connected to the QuickBooks software before beginning the process of reprinting checks.

Why Do We Require to Reprint Checks and Paychecks in QuickBooks?

It’s important to understand the main reasons behind the process of reprinting checks in QuickBooks before moving further with the procedure. There could be a number of causes for the checks to be reprinted.

But the most significant ones are described below:

  • Your check might have vanished accidentally.
  • Your earlier check became jammed and damaged in the printer.
  • Due to personal use, pay stubs must be reprinted.
  • Your check might have gone missing.

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Different Ways to Reprint Checks and Paychecks in QuickBooks

It’s simple to reprint the checks using QuickBooks. Reprinting checks and paychecks in QuickBooks is as simple as following the steps below:

Before start the reprinting process, find out the checks in QuickBooks

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Prior to learning how to reprint checks and paychecks in QuickBooks, you must first understand where to look for checks:

  • First, log in to QuickBooks
  • Then, you must find the checks and open the reprint option.
  • Once you’ve located the checks, choose the reprint option to choose the print preview option
  • Select Add Checks from the drop-down option at this point
  • Next, choose Printers from the menu
  • Finally, the checks you chose will be printed.

There are three different ways to reprint checks and paychecks in QuickBooks, which are described below:

Way 01:

  • Visit your QuickBooks Desktop and log in to get started
  • Then pick the employee’s choice (you can get this option at the top navigation panel)
  • This will display a drop-down menu
  • The next action is to select the option to edit paychecks from the available fields
  • You will then be asked to choose a date range
  • Dates for the start and end must be entered here
  • Pressing enter after entering the aforementioned information is necessary
  • Select the worker whose payroll check you want to print again at this point
  • After that, click twice on the payroll check
  • Once done with that, you must select the print tab
  • After clicking it, all you have to do is wait for your check to print
  • To close the window, simply select the Exit option.

Way 02:

  • Initially, log into your QuickBooks Desktop to get started
  • Next, you must choose Lists from the menu
  • The next step is to choose the Chart of Accounts option
  • Go to the Check Accounts right now and double-click it
  • After that, select the check you wish to print
  • Moving forward, select the Print option from the menu
  • The next step is to select the Save option
  • Finally, select the Exit option to shut the window.

Way 03:

  • Firstly, sign in to your QuickBooks Desktop
  • The next step is to choose Edit or Void Checks in QuickBooks to start the process
  • This will display paychecks from and via boxes in a message box
  • The date of your Paychecks must be entered here
  • To view the Paychecks, you now need to double-click on the employee’s name
  • The next action is to choose the print option
  • After done with that, enter the verification number
  • Once you’ve finished with this process, you need to hit the “Ok” button.

Step by Step Instructions to Reprint Multiple Checks in QuickBooks

Follow the instructions listed below to reprint multiple checks in QuickBooks:

  • First, enter your QuickBooks login information
  • Next, move to the transactions tab
  • Click the Payroll section link on the tab
  • Once you’ve selected it with a double-click, you can print the Paychecks again
  • Then pick the option to print later
  • After done with that, you must select the “Save” button
  • Later you just have to close it
  • For every check that is not marked to be printed, you must then follow the same procedures
  • After printing the paychecks, it’s time to print the paperwork
  • Check the box next to a Paychecks you want to print in the following step
  • Finally, hit the Ok button.

Steps Need to Follow to Track the Original Check Number in QuickBooks

The actions listed below should be followed if you want to monitor the original check number in QuickBooks:

  • First, sign in to QuickBooks
  • Next, go to the Banking menu
  • After that, select the Write Checks option
  • Now, enter a date that matches the date of the initial check in the Date field
  • The Employee’s name should be entered in the Order field next to Pay
  • Then type 0.01 into the Amount box
  • If necessary, put a note in the memo field
  • Moving forward, go to the Expenses tab
  • Once done with that, choose the Payroll Expenses
  • The save option needs to be selected as your next step
  • You must then close it
  • Moving to the Banking menu in the next step
  • Click the Use Register button when finished
  • Next, locate this newly created check and click it once to highlight it
  • Select Edit from the top menu
  • Finally, the Void Check option needs to be selected.

How to Reprint Check in QuickBooks Online 2022?

You can search for the Print Check option in QuickBooks Online. When printing a check for the first time or reprinting it if necessary, using this option is advantageous. To find this option, open QuickBooks Online. You can choose which check to reprint after selecting it, and then select Print Preview. To print many checks at once, select Add more checks. After that, you may select the printer. The document will begin printing shortly.

Additionally, by reading the following guidelines, you may discover how to reprint checks in QuickBooks Online:

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  • Open the “QuickBooks Online
  • Look for the “Print Check” option
  • Pick which check you want to reprint
  • Press the “Print Preview” button
  • Verify that the preview of the check you chose is accurate
  • If not, you can make changes
  • To reprint several checks at once, select the “Add more checks” as an optional step
  • Finally, go to the “Printers” tab.

Await the reprint of the chosen check or checks. The procedure could take a short while. Verify the print is clear and error-free after reprinting the check(s).

If you have QuickBooks 2022 and want to reprint the check

Any check may be reprinted whenever you want.

Find the check

To locate a check using Search, follow these instructions:-

  • Select the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page.
  • Enter the transaction number, date, or amount and hit Enter to find the transaction.
  • Reprint the check.

Steps to reprint a check:-

  • Select Reports under Business Overview (Take me there)
  • Look for the Check Detail report
  • Select the check you want to print from the report
  • Choose Print check if you only want to print one check
  • Print each check separately if you’re printing more than one, or add them to the print queue to print them all at once:
  • One at a time, open the checks you want to print
  • Select Print Later
  • Select “Save” and then click “Done”
  • Select the + New button
  • Select the Print Checks
  • From the drop-down menu, select the bank account
  • Choose the checks in this batch that you want to print
  • Finally, select Preview & Print followed by clicking on the “Print” button.

Tools For Reprinting Checks In QuickBooks 2022

You can use these tools to reprint checks if you’re having trouble with how to do it in QuickBooks.

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  1. Use the Print & PDF tool from QuickBooks Tool Hub to fix printing-related issues. Run the application and select the Program Problems tab if it is already installed on your computer. then choose the Print & PDF tool.
  2. Enable Adobe Reader for Your Browser: In order to print checks effectively for QBO users, your system must have Adobe or an Adobe-compatible PDF reader.
  3. Checks not printing properly in QuickBooks may be caused by a broken XPS document writer. To correct the issue, reinstall it on your computer.

How to Reprint Checks and Sales Forms in QuickBooks 2022?

Use Search to Find the Check

  • Click the magnifying glass icon in QuickBooks, which is located in the top right corner
  • Next, use the date, transaction number, amount, etc. to search for the transaction
  • Then click the Enter key
  • You currently have the transaction.

Steps to Reprint the Check

  • Select the Reports menu item
  • Select the Check Detail report option
  • From the report that appears, you must choose the check you want to print
  • Select Print Check if you only want to print one check
  • If you want to print many checks, you may either add them all at once or print them one at a time
  • Follow these procedures to print them in batches:-
  • Open checks to print one at a time
  • Select Print Later by clicking on it
  • Select the Save and Close button
  • To add a new one, click the “New” button
  • To print checks, you must select that option
  • Now, select the Bank Account from the drop-down menu
  • Then decide which checks you wish to print in this batch
  • Select the “Preview and Print” tab
  • Click Print at the end.

Steps to Reprint the Sales Form in QuickBooks

  • In QuickBooks, click the magnifying glass icon
  • The Sales form can then be found by searching with a number, dollar amount, or date
  • The sales form can be found and chosen
  • The recent transactions section contains a display of it
  • as soon as you have the sales form you need
  • Once you have finished, click on the “Print or Preview” tab.


Hopefully, this post will assist you with how to print checks and paychecks in QuickBooks. You must adhere to the instructions according to the QuickBooks version. To get quick and precise assistance, you can feel free to contact our QuickBooks Helpdesk Team, if you are still having problems or any queries regarding reprinting checks and paychecks. If you have any specific query, also get in touch with the experts of QuickBooks Live Chat.


Q. Can We Reprint the Sales Form Along with Checks and Paychecks within QuickBooks?

Ans. Yes, of course you can do the same, just by implementing the below suggested steps:

  • First, click on the magnifying glass button in QuickBooks
  • The Sales form can then be found by using a number, an amount, or a date
  • The sales form can then be found and selected
  • It is now visible in the Recent Transactions section
  • As soon as you’ve located the sales form you’re looking for
  • Finally, click on the “Preview or Print” and then select the “Done” button.

Q. How Can I Track the Original Check Number in QuickBooks 2022 Before Reprinting Checks? 

Ans. The steps involved in tracking the original check number in QuickBooks 2022 before reprinting checks:

  • Visit the QuickBooks Checks section
  • The check number, which must be unique, must be added
  • The date is then added
  • Then mention the name of the employee to add
  • In the amount box, enter the amount which may be 0.01
  • The Payroll Express option can be selected
  • Afterward, select the Save and close button located in the bottom right corner
  • After that, select Use Register from the menu
  • Look for the previous check that you created
  • After done with that, click that checkbox
  • At last, you’re finished when you click the Void checkbox.

Q. Does QuickBooks Allow you to Print Cleared Checks While also Reprinting Checks and Paychecks?

Ans. Yes, you may print a cleared check using QuickBooks.

Here’s how:

  • Go to the Reports section to get started
  • Next, enter the check detail
  • After done with that, choose Customization from the drop-down menu
  • Now, go on to the Filter section
  • After that, choose Check Printed from the drop-down menu
  • Choose Printed from the drop-down menu
  • Finally, choose Run Report from the menu.
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