QuickBooks Payroll Bank Reconciliation

How To Reconcile Payroll Liabilities In QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an awesome accounting program for small or large scale organizations today. It provides numerous intense accounting, bookkeeping, as well as tax highlights at an extremely reasonable cost. Here, we will talk about reconciling QuickBooks Payroll desktop . To comprehend income of an association, it is important to know the significance of reconciliation while managing company payroll . Also, there is quite chance that user Unable To Reconcile QuickBooks due to the little bit understanding about the process.

QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation

You should reconcile the bank accounts of your business on a month to month premise.
QuickBooks Payroll Bank Reconciliation is the way towards coordinating the transactions on the bank statements in order to know what you have accounted into the QuickBooks. According to QuickBooks Payroll Support team reconciliation also necessary for correct tax calculation & returns filing. With Bank statement Reconciliation consistently will ensure:

  • Any errors between your records as well as the banks are settled in an opportune way.
  • Notification on time of any kind of false transactions.
  • It is greatly recommended that the reconciliation of your bank accounts into the QB on the daily basis in order to ensure that the accuracy of the records of your accounts.

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The advantages of your QuickBooks Payroll Bank Reconciliation are:

  • All the transactions on the statement of a bank get accounted into the QuickBooks
  • All of the transactions that are reconciled are recorded into the QuickBooks as accounted.
  • You can run the reports of bank reconciliation which will give the points of interest of the things that is cleared the bank and those that stay remarkable
  • The financial statement, for example, the statement of profit and loss as well as the advanced balanced sheet.
  • All of the transactions that are reconciled get recorded into the QuickBooks as released.
  • You are able to run the payroll bank reconciliation address which will give the points of interest of the things that have exhausted the bank and those that remain outstanding.
  • All the statement of banking transactions gets recorded into the QuickBooks.
  • Prior to pursuing the procedure of reconciliation, make sure that you have the payroll bank statement accessible for the bank that you want to reconcile.

Arrange the credit card or a bank account into the QB with the exact starting balance.
Back up the QuickBooks company file.

  • A pencil for assigning the chosen things on the statement may likewise be adjacent. Take a duplicate of your credit card or bank statement.
  • Record every single uncleared exchange for the statement period.
  • Reconcile the accounts into the QuickBooks

Why is reconciliation vital to the Bank Accounts of QuickBooks?

  • The payroll Bank Reconciliation is a bookkeeping technique that utilizes two arrangements of records to ensure the figures are genuine.
  • It is a basic procedure used to finish up whether the amount moves a record occasion and the sum spent ensures both values are equalized or leveled toward the finish of the chronicle or recording time frame.
  • The Reconciliation of a credit card or bank account obviously intends to inspect interestingly your bookkeeping records as well as accounts receivable and payable recorded on the statement of a bank.
  • Toward the finish of every fiscal month as well as quarter, it’s a good plan to reconcile the accounting records. While reconciling a record, organizations and solitary individual demonstrate that every transaction amount to the right closure account balance.

Important steps for reconciling payroll liabilities in QuickBooks

The steps given below can be performed to reconcile payroll liabilities in QuickBooks successfully. Let us check this out:

Step 1: Creation of Liability Accounts

  • First, start off by making a list of the liability accounts. 
  • Then below make the list of the payroll liability accounts that are required to reconcile.
  1. Federal income tax withholding payable
  2. Statement income tax withholding payable
  3. FICA tax payable
  4. 401k or retirement benefit premiums payable
  5. Health insurance payable

Step 2: Creation of Transaction Labels

What’s More? Now you need to create transaction labels to separate employee and employer payroll liability transactions. 

To enable tagging, navigate to the settings tab and turn on the QuickBooks labs.

Next, locate the Tags feature and click on the Done tab to confirm activation.

To create a new tag group:

  1. Go to the settings tab and select Tags.
  2. Click on New, then choose Tag Group.
  3. Name the new tag group “Payroll Liabilities” and hit Save.

Step 3: Creating payroll liability sheets

Now you need to set up payroll liability reconciliation sheets. 

Step 4: Printing the reports

Furthermore, QuickBooks payroll software and general ledger enable users to generate reports. These reports can be conveniently printed or emailed based on individual preferences and specific requirements.

Step 5: Review the Transaction

Once done with that, you need to review each payroll liability transaction and also reconcile outstanding items. This step is important as it double-checks any correction or mismatch in the payroll transactions.

Step 6: Fixing Reconciliation Items 

Moreover, you need to fix payroll liability by reconciling items. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are payroll liabilities in QuickBooks?

Within QuickBooks, payroll liabilities encompass a range of obligations, including employee wages, payroll taxes, educational expenses, and the costs associated with providing services.

What is the difference between QuickBooks payroll liabilities and expenses?

Liabilities encompass the financial obligations that employers must cover when hiring employees. Conversely, expenses represent the day-to-day costs incurred in the operation of a business

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