QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding

Microsoft Office includes Outlook, which is used as an email client. It can be coupled with a variety of online and Windows third-party apps to offer email capabilities, so it is not just restricted to sending emails. After Outlook is connected with QuickBooks Desktop, a user can rapidly send emails from the desktop application using Outlook as their preferred email client. When a Windows settings error or an interoperability problem is discovered, users begin to experience problems. Outlook begins to freeze while sending emails in such circumstances. The purpose of this article is to assist anyone who encounters the “QuickBooks Outlook is not responding” problem when sending emails from the QuickBooks Desktop client.

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Reasons Behind the QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding

Outlook not responding to Windows 7 or QuickBooks issues might be brought on by incorrect settings in your email or Internet Explorer options.

The “Outlook 2016 not responding Windows 10” error can be brought on by a number of the causes listed below:-

  • The problem may potentially result from a flawed installation of Outlook on Windows.
  • Incorrect email settings in Internet Explorer can cause QuickBooks Email Outlook to stop responding.
  • When you attempt to send an email from QuickBooks while the Outlook application is running in the background, the error can appear.

Send an email from QuickBooks

  • The MAPI32.dll file that configures Outlook for email can get damaged, which can also cause the QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding issue.
  • The problem can potentially be caused by a flawed QuickBooks installation.
  • The problem may potentially result from improper email settings in the QuickBooks application.
  • The main cause of QuickBooks being unable to communicate with any third-party applications may possibly be firewall configurations.
  • When the login credentials required for Outlook and QuickBooks to interact could have changed, Outlook 2016 keeps freezing.

Knowing every potential cause of the error message “QuickBooks Outlook is not Responding” will make it much easier for you to select the most effective troubleshooting methods to resolve the problem.

Prerequisites Steps Must be Taken into Action Before Moving to Troubleshooting

You must change the system settings and update MS Office 365 to the most recent version before you can fix QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding.

Step 1: Update to the Latest Release of MS Office 365

  • First, launch Outlook
  • Choose Office account from the File tab, then click the About Outlook button
  • Verify that your system screen is showing the most recent build, which is 12527.20242
  • Choose Update Options to update the most recent release
  • Next, choose the Update Now option
  • Open QuickBooks and attempt to mail your report or transactions using QuickBooks.

Step 2: Modify the System Settings to Repair the Error

  • Start by launching QuickBooks Desktop Online
  • The Help Window will then appear if you press the F2 key on your keyboard followed by the F3 key
  • Choose the Open File tab next, and from the list of options, choose the QBW.INI file to open
  • The file will then be opened in Notepad, where you need to insert a new line at the bottom of the content
  • After that, click that specific file and make sure to save it
  • Be sure to shut down Notepad after you have saved the file
  • Open QuickBooks once again to end this process.

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix the QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding

Here are some helpful instructions for fixing the QuickBooks errorOutlook is not responding.” Users may experience this problem in a number of different ways, such as “Outlook not responding”, “Outlook Freezes while Sending Emails from QuickBooks”, “Outlook is not Responding QuickBooks 2019”, “Outlook 365 not responding”, etc. Hence, carefully examine each alternate approach listed below to find a quick fix.

Solution 1: Check and Configure the QuickBooks Email Preferences in Internet Explorer

  • Log out of the Company File first, then shut down QuickBooks
  • To open the Run box, hit the Windows key and the R key on your keyboard simultaneously
  • Next, open Internet Explorer by typing explorer in the run box and selecting the Ok button
  • After that, pick Internet Options from the Program Tab on the Tools menu
  • Make sure Microsoft Outlook is set as the default email program
  • If the default programme is different, you must make the required adjustments
  • Click the Apply button
  • Now, close Internet Explorer and launch QuickBooks once again.

If the error still persists, try sending the email again and move on to the next remedy.

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Solution 2: Close all the Outlook Related Processes via Task Manager

Task Manager

  • First, click right on the Taskbar at the bottom of your computer screen and choose Task Management from the list
  • Then select the Processes tab
  • Next, look for the Outlook in the list of active programs
  • Choose the End Process button from the Task Manager’s bottom right corner after making one more click on the first task
  • (Repeat this procedure until you have terminated every Outlook process listed on the processes tab)
  • Open QuickBooks once more and try sending an email from QuickBooks to see whether the problem has been fixed.

Use the next method if you experience issues such as “Outlook keeps freezing,” “Outlook Express Not Responding,” or “QuickBooks Outlook Freezes while Sending Email.”

Solution 3: Check and Repair MAPI32.dll File

Repair MAPI32.dll File

MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) file repair might assist in fixing issues with QuickBooks Outlook. Microsoft Windows component MAPI facilitates communication between QuickBooks Desktop and Microsoft Office.

  • Start by closing every program and application that is currently operating in the background
  • Go to the C:\windows\System32 folder in the Windows File Manager after it has opened
  • Double-click Fixmapi.exe by navigating to the file and doing so
  • The MAPI32.dll file must automatically be repaired by the program
  • Afterwards, check to see if the issue has been resolved by restarting your computer, opening QuickBooks, and sending an email QuickBooks file.

Solution 4: Update your QuickBooks Software as Well as Update your Windows

  • In QuickBooks, change the administrative mode to non-administrative
  • The first step is to click on the QuickBooks icon on your computer’s Desktop Screen
  • Choose Properties, then Compatibility, all from the menu
  • Execute this Application as an Administrator is checked; remove the check mark
  • Moving forward, launch your QuickBooks and then update it
  • Start your system again after updating Windows
  • Then, try sending the email while QuickBooks is open.

The next remedy should be used if the error cannot be fixed.

Solution 5: Select Outlook as An Email Option

Outlook as An Email Option

  • Open the company file in QuickBooks first by launching the program
  • Choose the Send Forms option under Preferences from the Edit menu’s drop-down menu on the menu bar
  • Next, pick Outlook as an email option under the My Options Page
  • Close the company file and QuickBooks after clicking the Ok button
  • Check to see if the issue persists by reopening the QuickBooks application and attempting to email the item via QuickBooks Outlook email.

Solution 6: Run a Clean Install Tool

Run a Clean Install Tool

  • Before closing any open applications, save any unfinished work
  • Next, close all open applications
  • Open Task Manager at this time, and terminate all QuickBooks processes
  • Then, using a clean install tool, you must rename each and every file associated with QuickBooks
  • After done with that, restart your system
  • The folder, which was left unnamed, needs to be renamed manually.

Uninstall your QuickBooks Application and Try Reboot your System

  • Make sure you write down your licence number and product number
  • Now, insert the installation disc or download the installation source copy from the internet
  • Run the installation wizard as directed
  • Also, launch the QuickBooks utility application and reactivate your product
  • Update your QuickBooks program via the Help menu
  • Try sending the email while opening your company’s file.


We made every attempt to compile a list of the best fixes for the QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding problem. But, if you are still looking for another solution or are having trouble using one of the aforementioned solutions, we advise you to contact our specialists by calling the QuickBooks Helpdesk Team. The issue will be quickly fixed with the live chat help of our experts’ solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions✍️

👉 Why Can’t My QuickBooks Send Emails?

QuickBooks can disable all of your email sending options if you have any emailing issues with invoices or statements. You must follow an efficient troubleshooting procedure to resolve this error. Verify that QuickBooks is not being executed as an administrator.

Check and double-check that your email preference setting is set correctly, too. Also, having functional email preferences in Internet Explorer is crucial.

👉 How Do I Send Emails Using Webmail from QuickBooks?

Three email sending options are provided by QuickBooks. You can utilise Webmail, Outlook, or Outlook email. You can use your webmail to send emails from QuickBooks if Outlook and Outlook emails are not functioning for some reason.

  • Go to the Preferences tab by selecting the Edit tab
  • Choose the My Preferences tab by clicking Send Forms in the left pane
  • Choose WebMail Providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) from the Send Email Using section
  • To add your email account, click Add and complete all the fields
  • To update the email preferences, click “Ok” after saving the email information with Ok button
  • Try sending an email once again while entering your Outlook Email password when requested.

👉 How Can I Fix My QuickBooks Email? 

You must first close QuickBooks and any other open apps before you can fix QuickBooks. The window should then be restarted. Following that, select Preferences by clicking Edit. Once finished, select Send Forms from the My Preferences tab and QuickBooks Email before clicking the Ok button. After done with that, open the Preferences tab by selecting the Edit menu. Finally, select Outlook and then hit the Ok button.

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