QuickBooks Error H404

When updating QuickBooks, using bank feeds, or visiting any service for which you have not paid a subscription, such as Go Payment, QuickBooks Error H404 may appear. It belongs to H-series error code that most often happen when Windows firewall or security software prevents QuickBooks from connecting to the internet. However, there are numerous more situations in which you may run into this error. The reasons behind QuickBooks Error Code H404 will be covered in this post, along with the procedures to fix it.

What Do you Understand with QuickBooks Error H404?

When a file became contaminated, a QuickBooks installation went wrong, or crucial files in the QuickBooks Database were lost or damaged, QuickBooks error H404 service messages show up. Users may encounter a number of difficulties due to this problem, which has the potential to significantly decrease Windows performance or even crash active systems.

The H404 error in QuickBooks can appear when it is unable to connect to the Intuit servers. An error message explaining the operation’s discontinuation and expressing regret to the user may appear along with this runtime issue. It’s crucial to understand the root causes of error H404 and the related fixes because it prevents users from working on QuickBooks.

Reasons Behind the QuickBooks Error H404

As previously mentioned, Windows firewall or antivirus software is one of the most frequent causes of the error code H404.

All the additional factors that contributed to the error are stated below:-

  • Your QuickBooks Desktop has installation issues.
  • Windows has registry mistakes.
  • Error Code H404 can be brought on by general browser problems, such as an overabundance of cookies and cache, as well as interruptions from external plugins.
  • QuickBooks or Windows files are infected with malware.
  • If your internet connection is inadequate.
  • QuickBooks error code H404 is brought on by some necessary files that are either missing or gone altogether.

Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error H404

  • Your active accounting programs are damaged when error code H404 appears.
  • When attempting to run any program, the device crashes with QB error code H404.
  • A screen on your system will show the QuickBooks error code H101.
  • This makes the window sluggish and overly slow to respond to mouse or keyboard input.
  • Your computer will occasionally experience brief freezes during this time.
  • The installation of QuickBooks is not done correctly.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error H404

  • Initially, log in as an admin user on your computer
  • Simply use a machine’s setting option to determine the internet connection
  • Ensures that your default web browser is the most recent version of IE
  • Create a setting for IE using the configurations
  • Reconfigure your internet connection and QuickBooks accounting software
  • The majority of registry entries that cause an error code H404 to appear on your screen need to be fixed
  • Just scan your machine to see if it contains any dangerous software
  • Now, using disk clean up (cleanmgr), clean up all of the temporary files and folders on your computer
  • You can fix it by following these instructions if a user thinks about doing the incorrect step or if you make a mistake
  • To undo all recent system changes, you must then use the system
  • Next, update the drives for the system devices
  • All of your most recent programs with H404 errors should be uninstalled or reinstalled, as per our recommendation
  • Activate the Windows System File Checker by running it as (sfc/scannow)
  • Installs the Windows operating system’s most recent updates
  • Once QuickBooks’ clean installation procedure has finished, your error H404 will be fixed.

Additional Solution to Fix QuickBooks Error Code H404

  • The registry entries linked to error 404 must first be fixed by our clients
  • Allow us to check your PC for viruses
  • With the help of a disk cleanup, you may make your device completely free of unwanted files
  • A system that calls for updating all drivers that have been installed
  • Use the Windows system now, and after making recent system changes, restore to “Undo”
  • After that, uninstall the QuickBooks software product that displays or is associated with an error code H404, then reinstall it
  • Upgrade all recently updated Windows
  • Finally, install windows that are fresh or clean.


Mostly the above-discussed solutions resolve your QuickBooks Error Code H404. however, there are times, when user facing the same error code even after performing the troubleshooting. If you are also stuck with the same error message then connect live chat one of our troubleshooting Experts for help at ReconcileBooks.com.


Q. What are the other Names of QuickBooks Error H404?

Ans. There are many alternative names of QB Error H404 including:

  • QuickBooks Error 404
  • QuickBooks Runtime Errors 404
  • QuickBooks Update Error 404
  • Service Error message #404
  • QuickBooks Error 404 pages not found.

Q. How Do I clear Junk Files and Run Browser in Private Mode?

Ans. When browsing websites, junk files kept in your browser and plugins that have been added to it frequently result in QuickBooks error code H404. With the help of the below methods, we’ll first delete any unnecessary files from your browser and put it in private mode so that no plugins load when you visit any page.

  • Go to the settings by opening the browser you use to access QuickBooks Online and selecting the appropriate link
  • Locate Cache and Cookies by using the settings’ search function
  • Choose the option to clear your browser’s cache and cookies completely
  • Right-click the browser’s desktop icon after quitting the browser
  • To check if the error has been fixed, select Private or Incognito Mode and try to access your QuickBooks account.

Q. Does Verifying Internet Connection Settings Resolve the QuickBooks Error H404?

Ans. Yes, it helps you to fix the error in some circumstances.

Here are the steps, you need to perform:

  • To see if you have a reliable internet connection, use Internet Explorer and go to www.google.com
  • Check your internet connection settings for any issues if the website cannot be accessed
  • Open the QuickBooks application, select the Help menu, and then click Internet Connection Setup if you can access other websites
  • Choose the option to “Use my computer’s Internet Connection Options” under the Internet connection settings
  • Select Next, then Done.
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