QuickBooks Error H101

The accounting and bookkeeping program with the quickest growth, QuickBooks is designed to boost users’ businesses’ productivity. The Multi-User Mode, which enables many users to simultaneously access QuickBooks and the company file, is a vital component of this software. However, there are numerous bugs that can get into your system due to the presence of this feature. H series QuickBooks errors like H101, H202, H303, and H505 might result from even a slight wrong adjustment of the parameters. In this blog post, we will focus on the QuickBooks Error H101 which appears when a user tries to switch between the single-user and QuickBooks multi user mode. Let’s now examine some important information about the QuickBooks error code H101 including causes, symptoms, and troubleshooting. Before moving to the troubleshooting, first let’s understand QuickBooks Error H101.

What do you Understand with QuickBooks Error H101?

When a user attempts to view the company file on another device, a technical problem known as QuickBooks error H101 occurs. In most cases, the right configuration is needed for this process. If the configuration doesn’t fit the bill, it can prevent multi-user connections. As a result, a user is unable to access the QuickBooks company file.

What Causes QuickBooks Error H101?

There are several more possible causes of this problem besides blocked multi-user connections.

Below is a list of the most likely reasons behind the H101 QuickBooks error:-

  • Improper or damaged file configuration.
  • The server does not have access to the right file allocation.
  • Your communication is banned both inbound and outbound
  • You are unable to access the system’s File
  • The server cannot establish a connection with your own computer
  • QuickBooks firewall settings that restrict access to corporate files might also cause the QuickBooks error H101
  • The IP address of your system cannot be obtained by QuickBooks
  • Incorrect configuration of QuickBooks’ host settings
  • When there is a problem with the network data file and the corporate file cannot be opened in another network
  • Your server does not host the QuickBooks Services, such as QUICKBOOKSCFMonitor
  • The DNS settings are incorrect
  • Incorrect installation may also lead to the QuickBooks error H101.

Keep Important Pointers in Mind While you Fix QuickBooks Error H101

Prior to beginning the process of resolving QuickBooks error code H101, keep the following things in mind:-

  1. There is a good probability that you installed it, license or no license. Therefore, you won’t be able to access the multi-user environment if you haven’t installed the QuickBooks application on the server.
  2. Ensure that QuickBooks is installed on the server PC.
  3. You can obtain the QuickBooks software from Inuit’s official website if necessary.

6 Fixation Methods to Fix the QuickBooks Error H101

We will now examine the methods that can be used to completely remove the QuickBooks Desktop problem H101 from your computers.

Implement the instructions precisely:

Method 1: Move your Company File to a Different Location

The path through which QuickBooks accesses your company file automatically changes when you move it to a new location. This completely updates the file.

  • Close all of QuickBooks’ screens if it is currently active
  • Click with the right mouse button on the desktop and choose New Folder
  • Give the folder the name “Test
  • In the search box, press the Windows symbol and type “Windows Explorer
  • In the list of programs, select the Windows Explorer tab
  • Navigate to the folder containing the QuickBooks files in the following dialogue
  • Look for the .QuickBooks extension file because it is your company file
  • Select Copy with a right-click on it
  • Right-click in the Test folder and choose the “Paste” option
  • At last, try to open your QuickBooks software.

Select “Open or Restore Company”, then “Open a Company”, from the File menu by tapping on it. Press Open after selecting the file you pasted into the Test folder. The issue has to be fixed.

Method 2: Verify the Hosting & QuickBooks Services on your Server

You must first enable multi-user hosting if you’re running the full version of QuickBooks on your server PC.

  • The QuickBooks accounting program must first be opened on your computer
  • Then, from the File menu, choose the Utility option
  • Choose the “hosting multi-user access” option from the menu
  • You don’t have to choose it if you get rid of hosting for multiple users.

Following that, confirm that QuickBooks services are active on your system server.

For QuickBooksDBXX, follow the directions below. Then do the same for QUICKBOOKSCFMonitorservice.

  • Press Windows and R at the same time and it will launch the Run dialogue box
  • After entering service.MSC, press the Enter key
  • If you cannot see the QuickBooksDBXX Service
  • Using the Database Server Manager, verify that the QUICKBOOKSDSM is setup on the server
  • Open QuickBooks and make sure hosting is enabled in order to run QuickBooks in its entirety on the server

Note: Use the Windows search box to look for “service.MSC”.

  • Select the drop-down menu and look for the QuickBooksDBXX service
  • Make sure that “Startup Type” is set to “Automatic” and that the service status is “Running” or “Started
  • Next, select the Recovery tab followed by choosing “Save the changes” from the menu
  • Repeat the previous instructions for “QUICKBOOKSCFMonitorService” as well
  • Once done with that, select the “Restart the Service” tab
  • Finally, you need to launch QuickBooks in multi-user mode on each computer.

Method 3: Disable the Multi-user Access on your Workstations and Enable it on your Server

If the multi-user access option is enabled on your workstations, QuickBooks may experience these issues. The only machine that has to have the option turned on is the server or hosting computer.

  • On one of your workstations, launch QuickBooks, but avoid launching your company file
  • Select the Utilities option under the File tab
  • In this case, there are two possible outcomes:
    • The menu will show the “Host Multi-User Access” option. Avoid selecting it if you see it and instead move on to the next workstation.
    • The menu item “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access” is visible. Pick it up right now.
  • On all the workstations that are experiencing this problem, repeat the steps.
  • You must log into your server PC and examine the hosting configurations there.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop, select File, and then select Utilities.
  • Once again, two scenarios are possible:
    • If yes, skip the “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access” option that appears in the menu
  • The “Host Multi-User Access” option appears; choose it.

Method 4: Run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

The utilization of company files across various devices is encouraged by the server manager.To fix this problem, follow these steps to run it on your device:-

  • Visit Inuit’s website to get the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • To finish the installation process, double-click the downloaded file after saving it to your desktop
  • Double-clicking the icon will launch the Tool Hub on your desktop
  • Select the QuickBooks Database Server Manager option after tapping the Network Issues tab
  • If your company file is visible, click the Start Scan button
  • Browse for it and then select Start Scan if the file does not appear
  • To identify and resolve the problems in QuickBooks, let the server manager do so followed by clicking on the “Close” button
  • Finally, access your QuickBooks and switch to Multi-User Mode can be selected by clicking the File menu.

Method 5: Adjust the Firewall Settings

The Windows Defender Firewall frequently prevents some program and apps from operating. You might not be able to access the company files because of this. As a result, we will authorize the app using Windows Defender in this method:

  • To display the Run dialogue box, press the “Windows + R” keys
  • The text area should read “Control Panel
  • Press “OK” to confirm
  • The “System and Security” link should be clicked
  • Then select “Windows Defender Firewall” from the menu
  • You can choose this option by clicking “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall” on the left
  • Allow “QuickBooks app” from the list of applications at this point
  • Press “OK” to confirm
  • You can view the company files once you have authorized QuickBooks service.
  • If you still experiencing the same issue then move to the next method.

Method 6: Change the Company File Location

You can resolve QuickBooks issue H101 by relocating the company file in QuickBooks.How to do it is as follows:

  • In the beginning, create a new folder
  • Your company file should be copied and pasted into the newly formed folder
  • Open the QuickBooks app at this point
  • Choose the File from the menu
  • Choose the “Open a Company File” from the menu
  • Press the Next button
  • Browse the newly created folder where your company file is located now
  • Press the “Open” key
  • You can then access the company file from the new location in this manner
  • But keep in mind that you should carry out these actions on the computer that is hosting your company file.

If you have any specific query, also get in touch with the experts of QuickBooks Live Chat


This article on the blog gives you all the hassle-free solutions to QuickBooks Error H101. If the problem still exists even after trying all the suggested troubleshooting steps, you can call our experts at the QuickBooks Customer Helpdesk to speak with them. Our professionals are ready around-the-clock to provide the most practical answers to your questions.


Q. Is there another ways to get rid of QuickBooks Error H101?

Ans. Yes, you can try another approach to remove the QuickBooks error code H101 by stopping the multi-user access on all workstations, creating a new folder for your company file, or you can make use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.

Q. How does the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool help you to remove the QuickBooks Error H101?

Ans. The QuickBooks File Doctor assists in actually finding the problem. It also resolves QuickBooks issues successfully. You can install QuickBooks File Doctor on your computer and then launch the application. The tool will successfully resolve QuickBooks error number H101 in this manner.

Additionally, this comprehensive and powerful built-in detects flaws and starts automatically repairing them. When a QUICKBOOKSFD window appears, click “Start” to allow the tool begin repairing the problems. The remaining options will be comparable to QuickBooks File Doctor standalone instructions

  • Launch QuickBooks (without opening the damaged company file)
  • Select the Utilities which is located under the File menu
  • To start QUICKBOOKSFD, click Repair File, followed by Network Problems
  • To find the company file that needs a diagnosis, click Browse right now
  • Select Open after clicking Repair
  • From the Show Advanced Settings drop-down, choose the type of remedy you want applied to your file
  • Select the Next option
  • Select Next after entering the Admin ID and password for the company file
  • Open the QuickBooks company file after the diagnosis and repair procedure is finished.

Following repair and diagnosis by the tool, take the following actions:

  • You must shut down the File Doctor Utility after the tool has finished diagnosing
  • Try opening your QuickBooks File once more after following the instructions on the screen to be sure the problem has been fixed.

Q. What are the steps involved in creating a new folder for your company file?

Ans. On the hosting machine, you must first create a new folder and share it. Windows can be made to retrieve the entry for sharing company files. To create a new folder, you must copy the “.QuickBooks file”.  Finally, launch a multi-user mode of your company file.

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