QuickBooks Desktop 2020 Edition

What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop 2020 Version ?

The QuickBooks Desktop 2020 embraces the optimistic features to tackle major account-related tasks. We know every business considers certain factors before adding tools to their accounting kit. Happily, the positive reviews proved the productive outcomes of this release. It contains numerous options which let you breeze complex finance workflow. The below article will discuss what’s new in QuickBooks Desktop 2020.

What Will You Get in QuickBooks Desktop 2020 ?

There are welcome changes available in the QB 2020 version. Let’s discuss the major enhancements so that you can take the business-oriented decision and discover there require any upgrade or continue using the same version you have been using.  There are three major features in QuickBooks Desktop 2020. Here are below:

Automate Payment Reminders : Invoice and bill Automation is not new for the QuickBooks users, however there introduced customer payment reminder features. In the 2020 version, there is no need of sending manual payment reminders. This when users log in to their QuickBooks accounts, the notification popup regarding due payments appears. Moreover, you can send email reminders instantly or check and use a single click for sending the same. Check what you have to do when QuickBooks Not Sending Email Invoices issue comes.

Automation In Adding Customer PO Numbers: Traditionally, adding client purchase order numbers to the invoices acts as an essential task for the business. Now the Intuit introduced every year new enhancements and delivers an updated accounting system to reduce the heavy lifting account-related workload. In QuickBooks 2020, a template named PO number to the customer invoice email has been introduced. It saves time and effort. Also, it let QuickBooks automatically fetch the PO numbers from the template and auto-fill them to the invoice mail subject line. This results in making ease for customers and it helps in enhancing business relationships.

Combine Multiple Emails: Previously you need to send each invoice as one email whether you are sending it to the same client. This could be the time-consuming task of sending multiple individual orders to the same user at the month-end. This might make it fail in reconsidering the order. Fortunately, the QuickBooks 2020 comes with great modifications. With a single click, you can send multiple attachments in one email. When you go to Email QuickBooks File you need to check first file permission and email settings.

If you are getting QuickBooks Freezing issue while opening or working on a QB 2020 edition, you can check ReconCileBooks complete details How To UnFreeze QuickBook Desktop in easy steps.

New Additional Features Added In QB 2020

Some additional new options in QuickBooks Desktop 2020:

We already discussed the significant additions in the 2020 release to boost the user experience. However, there are some other features that are below:

Increased accessibility : The invoice bills and write check interfaces are improved. The users can easily access it

Smart help: Give a click on the f1 button at any time to get the advanced help system or use a live chat. Now, this option is available in all the compatible versions of QB 2017 to 2020. You need a stable internet connection and a suitable plan to use the live chat.

Company file search: Once you install company files, relocate your QuickBooks desktop to a new system, or upgrade you can use the QuickBooks 2020 to discover all the connected devices like external hard drive . Even you can search easily when QuickBooks File Size Too Large.

Reports column collapsing: This feature helps improve the user experience! There might be several complex reports are there you can easily collapse the columns and make it simple to view.

QuickBooks Mac 2020 Launched

After the discontinuation of Mac QuickBooks 2017, QuickBooks Desktop for 2020 is a great alternative. Intuit has introduced the mac-specific demanding features in it. It contains impressive options including Mojave OS dark mode, advanced reporting, iPhone camera scanner support, and a centralized dashboard.

Hopefully, the write-up helped you to know the features available in QuickBooks Desktop 2020. So if wondering about the QuickBooks Desktop upgrade or having any doubts regarding the same or need to explore new releases then explore the same platform. If still you are confused or need to get advice on deciding a business-specific option give a call to QuickBooks Support professional or you can go to QuickBooks Live Chat option to talk with exerts.

FAQs: QuickBooks 2020 Edition Pro, Premier, Enterprise

How Do I Access Inventory Cycle Count In QuickBooks Desktop 2020 ?

  • Go to the menu bar
  • Choose Inventory
  • Hit Cycle Count

Can I View The Payroll Status Using QuickBooks Desktop 2020 With A Payroll Subscription ?

  • Yes, locate the menu bar
  • Give a click on Employee
  • Hit View Payroll run status

How Do I Use The Improved Pick-pack Option To Save Time In QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 20.0 ?

  • Click on the menu bar
  • Choose Edit button
  • Click Preferences
  • Hit Items and inventory button
  • Select Company preferences
  • Choose advanced inventory settings
  • Hit Site Operations
  • Give a click on the option labeled Enable Sales order fulfillment worksheet

How Do I Set Up Automated Payment Reminders In QuickBooks 2020?

This is one of the most recognized features in QuickBooks Desktop 2020 to tackle the problems with overdue customer payments.
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