How to Fix Lowes Synchrony Bank Card Login Issue

We are here to talk about problems with Lowes synchrony bank card login in to QuickBooks. Banking services such debit cards, credit card services, loans, certified deposits, online and mobile banking, and savings accounts are all offered by Synchrony Bank. One significant benefit offered by Synchrony Bank is the issuance of the Lowes credit card, which is regarded as extremely advantageous. Lowes credit cards can provide significant savings on home savings and business profit improvement. To take advantage of the benefits offered by the credit card, you must use it promptly and avoid any penalties.

What is The Lowes Synchrony Bank Card?

The Lowes Synchrony Bank Card is a store credit card that offers rewards and financing options to users. For people who often buy tools for home improvements from Lowes and need financing options to complete their purchases, this card is a great option.

Why Do You Encounter Lowe’s Synchrony Bank Card Login Issue?

The problem with Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card login occurs because QuickBooks does not currently support it for online banking connections. Because this card is not supported, users are unable to perform some tasks like tracking records or online banking.

Lowes Credit Card Options

The Lowes credit cards are created in a way that satisfies the daily requirements of various customers.

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The few cards that Synchrony Bank has issued are listed below:-

  • Lowes Visa Rewards
  • Lowes commercial account
  • Accounts Receivable in Lowe’s
  • Lowes Business Account
  • Lowes preload discover card
  • Advantage Card in Lowes
  • lease to own in Lowes

The consumer can control managing the lowe’s credit card online using the lowest credit card account.

Lowes Synchrony

The Lowes retail brand and Synchrony have a partnership known as Lowes Synchrony. The bank Synchrony offers numerous services, including savings (high return savings, money markets, CDs, IRA CDs, IRA money markets, etc.). It offers all different kinds of credit card services, including Synchrony Master cards, Synchrony Premier Mastercards, Synchrony Preferred Mastercards, and Synchrony World MasterCards.

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Synchrony Bank Card

All of Synchrony’s premium customers receive a bank card that allows them to conduct banking transactions whenever and wherever they choose, as well as to maintain accurate records of their finances and outgoings. Additionally, it gives all of its esteemed clients who have accounts with Synchrony Bank their login information. Also possible from anywhere are balance checks, money transfers, and check deposits. Banking always keeps up with customer needs.

Lowes Bank Card

How to Fix Lowe’s Synchrony Bank Card Login Issue?

As soon as you sync a bank account with QuickBooks, double check that the login information is accurate and functioning properly. If the problem still persists and you can’t log in, try the following fixes.

Lowes Synchrony Bank Card Login

Let’s execute the methods one after one:-

Method 1: Send Request to Add the Bank

You need to send the request to add this bank whenever the bank card login problem arises.

Add the Bank Account

To achieve this, adhere to the instructions:-

  • Navigate to the dashboard in QuickBooks after opening it
  • Next, tap the Banking tab
  • After that, pick “Add account” from the menu
  • Once done with that, a field appear that says “Enter your bank name or URL
  • Moving forward, press the Enter key
  • Simply click the Request assistance for the URL bank button
  • Type the bank’s website address in (URL)
  • In the end, hit the “Request” button.

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Method 2: Try Manually Importing the Transactions

The Transactions can be manually imported via WebConnect. You must first log into your bank’s website and obtain a WebConnect file before continuing (CSV, QFX, QBO, and OFX).

  • Head over to the Banking menu
  • In the Update drop-down menu, select File Upload if a bank is connected to QuickBooks Online; otherwise, select Upload Transactions Manually
  • Select the downloaded file by clicking on the Browse option
  • Choose the Lowe’s Advantage and then click on the “Next” button
  • Map the fields by following the on-screen instructions
  • After that, select the “import transaction” in order to import the transaction
  • Once done with that, choose the “Yes” button
  • Finally, click on the “Let’s go” option.

What are the Main Features of the Lowes Synchrony Login Platform?

For those who use it, the Lowes Synchrony login platform is a useful resource.

The platform has some features like:-

  • Online account information access is a both convenient and secure way.
  • View the account balance, past transactions, credit limits, and payment due dates.
  • It has a user-friendly interface with clear and concise menus
  • Ability to set up auto-pay and make payments
  • Review awards and update personal data
  • To protect consumers’ private information and financial data, employ industry-standard encryption and security mechanisms.
  • Enables users to easily manage their Lowes Card login and remain on top of their finances.

How to Fix Lowes Credit Card Login Issue Relating to DNS Error?

Through the Synchrony Bank website, you can make a one-time payment online. Below are the steps mentioned that you can follow to make a single one-time online payment in Synchrony Bank Lowe’s:-

  • You can login into Lowe’s Synchrony bank login account.
  • Then, after logging in, you have to find your Lowe’s credit card account and then click on it.
  • To begin the payment procedure, click the Make a Payment button. Choose a payment date and enter the payment amount.
  • Select your preferred payment method, which can be a debit card, a bank or savings account, or both. At this time, you have the option to set up automatic payments.
  • After checking your payment information, press the Submit Payment button.
  • Once your payment has been processed, you will be sent a confirmation message once it’s complete.


This article is entirely focused on Lowes Synchrony Bank Card Login in to QuickBooks. So, if you want to settle this issue and know about it in depth. Thereafter, you can move effortlessly to the troubleshooting part. Tackling issues are not easy as it seems but we hope the above-discussed methods to fix Lowes Synchrony Bank Card Login Issue. However, there can be circumstances when you might not be able to rectify such an error, in that case we would suggest you to connect with our Professionals using our dedicated Customer Helpdesk, and they will come up with the most effective methods for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can You Apply for a Lowes Synchrony Bank Card?

To apply for the Lowe’s Synchrony Bank Card, go to the Lowe store website. Select the best bank card for your needs, do some internet research on the cards that are offered, and then submit your application. One can quickly acquire the card by completing the online application form.

Can I Make Online Purchases with My Lowes Synchrony Bank Card?

The Synchrony Bank Card can have money added to it online. One can add money online by logging into their bank account. To legally credit the amount, one might go to the Lowes bank location.

What Caused My Lowes Synchrony Bank Card to be Declined?

If the Lowes Synchrony Bank card used is not functioning properly or because the internet connection has been deactivated, the transaction will be denied. If the payment is rejected, the order or purchase made at the retail store would be revoked.

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