Accountant’s Copy File Error in QuickBooks

Although QuickBooks software has tools and functions for monitoring cash flow, issuing invoices, filing taxes, managing inventory, and more, this does not imply that it is error-prone. “Accountants Copy File Error in QuickBooks” is a frequent issue that many users experience when creating an accountant’s copy. The company file folder may be the cause of the problem, or it may be something else. You can be bothered by this issue and risk missing the due date for a certain activity. Simply scroll through this article to see a list of fixes for the QuickBooks failed to produce an Accountant’s copy problem.

Reasons Behind the Occurrence of Accountants Copy File Error in QuickBooks Issue

The version of the company file that may be utilized in QuickBooks to make adjustments Journal Entries to the data as you continue to work is known as the accountant’s copy. When you’re ready to make adjustments to the QuickBooks Accountant Transfer file, you can easily import the data into the company file by rolling back any changes that have previously been made. The error message “QuickBooks was unable to create an accountant’s copy” is not unusual. It’s crucial to comprehend the root causes of the issue before attempting to repair it.

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The most frequent problems that cause it are the following:

  • An update is needed for QuickBooks Desktop.
  • There is damage to the Company Data file.
  • Your computer’s internet connection could be sluggish, or the firewall could be hindering the upload.
  • This problem might arise when a long dash is typed in Microsoft Word and then copied into the notes.
  • The QBW file is at least 200MB in size.
  • Data transmission issues with the Intuit server.

You can get this QuickBooks problem if you attempt to send the Accountant’s copy along with the file transfer. The following message may appear if you transfer the Accountant’s copy using the Accountant Copy’s File Transfer Service (ACTF).

Error: Problem in sending the file to the Intuit Server

Warning: There was a problem sending the changes to the accountant’s copy file transfer server. Try again later or save the file and send via email.

Different Methods to Resolve the Accountants Copy File Error in QuickBooks

For this issue, Intuit suggests several different methods. Accountant’s Copy File Error in QuickBooks you may find your issue is resolved by the first option, or you may need to try them all.

Accountant’s Copy File Error in QuickBooks

To easily get rid of the error, you can apply the methods as given sequences:

Method 1: Verify the Company Filename for Special Characters

Make sure that no commas should be used in:

  • File name (QuickBooks Desktop 2017)
  • Company Name (QuickBooks Desktop 2017)

Method 2: Update your QuickBooks Desktop to the Latest Released Version

It should be noted that the accountant file transfer service is only compatible with QuickBooks Desktop 2017 (R14), 2018 (R12), or 2019 (R9), as well as QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 17 (R14), 8 (R12), or 19. (R9). Therefore, if you are using an older version, you won’t be able to produce an accountant copy when it states fail without providing a reason owing to incompatibility with ACFT.

Update your QuickBooks Desktop
  • To update QuickBooks desktop, select Use QuickBooks Desktop from the help menu
  • To reset updates, tick the box after finding the update now tab
  • As soon as you click “Get Updates,” the download procedure will begin
  • Restart the QuickBooks program when the download is finished
  • As you install the updated release, pay attention to the on-screen instructions.

Important: Restart your computer and try again if you are having issues sending or receiving Accountant Copy files after updating.

Method 3: Reduce the Company File Size

You can experience difficulties sending the QuickBooks company file to the Intuit server if its size exceeds 200 MB.

There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. By producing a portable version of the firm file that is simple to transport, you can reduce the file size. It is essentially an easily spendable, condensed form of the company file. To do this, go to the company file and open it. Then, hit the F2 key on your computer to bring up the window that displays the product information. You can try to restore the QuickBooks portable business file if the file size is more than 200 MB.
  2. Additionally, you have the option of manually saving and sending QBX/QBY files without using the Accountant file transfer service.

Method 4: (If Sending Accountant’s Modifications) If your Notes Contain a Lengthy Dash

  • Without lengthy dashes, type the text immediately into the client’s notes
  • Copy and paste the text after it has been created in a text editor
  • Send your client a copy of the MS Word document together with your modifications file (QBY)
  • In Microsoft Word, avoid using the long dash. It’s acceptable to use one dash.

If you have any specific query, also get in touch with the experts of QuickBooks Chat 24×7 Helpdesk.

Method 5: Fix the Damaged Company Data File

Damaged Company Data File
  • Checking in a different file will reveal whether the issue is file-specific:
    • To choose a new company, first choose File menu
    • Next, “Start Setup or Express Start” should be chosen
    • Send an accountants copy of the newly created file
    • Continually move on to step 2 below if it succeeds and you are back at the problem file
  • Utilize the common troubleshooting for data damage
  • Restoring a backup might be a good idea if you can’t fix the problem:
    • If you have a recent backup of the company file that is being affected, restore that backup to a different location from where the file that has the problem is
    • Enter QuickBooks and launch the recovered file
    • Replace the damaged QuickBooks company file with the restored backup file and enter any transactions that have happened after the backup was run, assuming the previous mistake did not occur again.

Points to be Noted When Creating the Accountants Copy File Error in QuickBooks

As soon as the Accountant’s copy is saved, QuickBooks shows “Accountant’s Modifications Pending” in the title bar on the computer screen. This display will remain the same until you add the changes from the Accountant’s copy or remove the restrictions. You won’t be able to make any adjustments made by the accountant automatically in the application if you remove the limits before the accountant sends back the changes.

Limitations of QuickBooks Desktop

The things that can be changed using an accountant’s copy file may be subject to some restrictions. The QuickBooks payroll, estimations, sales orders, transfers of money between accounts, and inventory build assemblies, for instance, cannot be added, edited, voided, or deleted by users.

Begin with Creating the QuickBooks Accountant’s copy

Although the accountant can instruct the users to upload a backup file or an accountant’s copy, the accountant’s copy will typically be the best choice.


We hope the information in this page will be useful to you in resolving the Accountants Copy File Error in QuickBooks. However, you can get in touch with our staff by utilizing our QuickBooks Customer Helpdesk if you run into any issues when implementing the troubleshooting procedures described here or if you have any questions. Anytime you need assistance with QuickBooks error fixes, our experienced experts are here to help live chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the Common Issues Found When Producing or Editing an Accountant’s Copy File Error in QuickBooks?

Ans. In QuickBooks Desktop, you could experience one of the following issues and unexpected outcomes when working with an accountant’s copy (.QBX) or a company file (.QBW):

  • Error: Not able to create Accountant’s Copy…
  • Error: Failed or a big red “X” when working on Accountant’s Copy
  • Error: Accountant’s Copy Exist
  • Warning: You are backing up an Accountant’s Copy…
  • Your reconciliation will roll back
  • Error: “Specified database is invalid” or “Invalid database server command line” when opening an Accountant’s Copy or Portable file
  • Warning: This is an Accountant’s copy of the company’s data, when opening a QBA file
  • Error: 6xxx, xx when converting an Accountant’s Transfer file.

Q. Can We Fix Damaged Company Data File using QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

Ans. The QuickBooks file doctor tool frequently saves the day for most users. This tool  is built to fix a variety of issues, particularly those that relate to company files and the network. This tool is available through the QuickBooks Tool hub or for download from the Intuit website. This tool will take care of the problem related company file damage to a great extent.

Q. How Do I Remove the Accountant’s Copy File Error in QuickBooks Restrictions?

Ans. When you remove an accountant’s copy limitation in QuickBooks Desktop, the original accountant’s copy becomes invalid. This occurs when your accountant requests a copy from another accountant or when data damage requires the repair of your company’s files. A backup of your company file should be taken before removing the limits.

The steps to unblock the accountant’s copy are listed below:-

  • Navigate to the file menu, then choose Send Company File
  • Click on the copy for the accountant
  • Navigate to the Client Activities and then select Remove Restrictions
  • Select “Yes, I want to lift Accountant’s copy limitations” before clicking the “Ok” button.
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