Void Existing Invoice Window Not Opening in Sage 50

The Sage 50 Accounting software’s invoicing features are quite effective. With the help of these useful features, businesses may effortlessly produce invoices for both services and products. Additionally, they are able to keep an eye on what their customers are purchasing, how much they should be paying them, when payments are due, and other relevant data. Sage 50 invoicing can also track the money coming into and leaving your business each year.

However, a lot of Sage 50 users have reported to us that a recent problem with billing in the Sage 50 program is troubling them. They said that when they attempted to click the “Void” button, the Void Existing Invoice window not opening in Sage 50. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve recently encountered this problem as well. We will talk about how to resolve this problem in this article and everything related to this error. If you have any specific query, also get in touch with the experts of Sage 50 Live Chat 24×7 Helpdesk.

What Information is Contained in the “Void Invoicing Window”?

The “void” button on the toolbar must be clicked in order to cancel an invoice. Your screen will display the “void invoicing window.” The information below will be included.

  • Number: The original invoice number.
  • Date: The date of the invoice.
  • Source: This indicates the place of creation of the invoice. It will always be AR Accounts Receivable
  • Customer Name: The name of the customer to whom the invoice was issued.
  • Amount: The total invoice amount.

Sage 50 gives the system date as the default void date in the “following invoice will be voided as of” column. You can agree to this date or input a new one. Finally, press the OK button to cancel the invoice. Visit here: Sage 50 Not Open after Windows 11 Update.

What Does the Sage 50 Application Do When you Void an Invoice?

Sage 50 accounting performs the following actions when you invalidate an existing invoice:

  • Based on the original entry, it generates a new voided invoice. Your General ledger is then updated with a reversal entry. In this way, it eliminates the initial invoice by debiting the sales account and crediting the accounts receivable.
  • To pay the original invoice as well as the cancelled invoice, it generates a receipt for zero dollars. In order to prevent these invoices from being classified as an aged receivable, this is being done.

Steps to Void an Existing Sales Invoice?

Please follow the instructions below:-

  • Initially, choose Tasks from the menu
  • Next, click on the “Sales/Invoicing
  • Press the List button
  • The invoice you want to void can be selected from the list
  • Click the Delete button in the toolbar to proceed
  • Choosing Void from the drop-down menu
  • Your screen will display the Void Existing Invoice window
  • Sage 50 will list the system date as the default void date in the “following invoice will be voided as of” column
  • You can agree to this date or input a new one
  • To finish, click on the Ok button.

How to Resolve the Sage 50 Issue with the Void Existing Invoice Window not Opening?

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You can easily solve this problem by entering a negative invoice to reduce the value.

  • As usual, create an invoice
  • For a service invoice, choose the next item line, fill out the form, and press F3
  • Click the arrow, then double-click a unique product to open a product invoice
  • Select “Make negative” from the checkbox
  • Enter the sum as a positive value for the Unit Price field
  • Fill up the item line information, then select Ok
  • Add any more things if necessary
  • After clicking Save, click Close.


Hopefully, this post covered the key details about the Sage 50 Void Existing Invoice window not opening issue. You can easily contact the team of specialists to receive better assistance with less delay if you want to learn more about accounting software and the best way to resolve Sage live chat or any other functional hiccups. The team is available all round the clock to address your queries or issues.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I Void an Invoice in Sage 50?

The below steps help you to void an invoice in Sage 50:

  • Click Sales Invoices under Sales
  • Find the necessary invoice
  • To cancel an invoice, tick the box next to it, then click Delete
  • Enter a justification for nullifying the invoice, then select Yes.

What are the Steps Involved in Emailing a Single Invoice from Within the Sage 50 Software?

You can follow the steps listed below:-

  • Initially, launch your Sage 50
  • Navigate to the Tasks menu
  • Moving forward, select the “Sales/Billing” option
  • You can then type or choose your customer ID
  • Your default data will be displayed on your screen
  • Once done with that, create an invoice

Make a Note: Go to the Lists >> Customers & Sales if the invoice has already been created Next, select Sales Invoices. The Sales Invoice List Window should now be opened.

  • Mention the specific invoice you need to email
  • Select Email.
  • Move to the Email Forms dialogue box
  • Finally, select the “Send” button.

How to Reverse an Invoice Paid with a Credit Note (Not Included in a Tax Return) in Sage 50?

Once an invoice is included on a tax return, you cannot change or remove it. The original invoice must be cancelled by issuing a credit note with the identical information if you need to make adjustments to or revoke an invoice that was included on a tax return.

  • Select Sales Invoices from the menu
  • Tap the pertinent invoice
  • Enter the same date as the original invoice by selecting Create Credit Note from More
  • Before clicking Save, make sure the information on the credit note matches what was on the original invoice.

You can now update the information on an existing invoice, if necessary. On your subsequent tax return, the credit will be omitted, which will fix your tax liability.

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