Setting up QuickBooks Merchant Account

How To Setup Merchant Account In QuickBooks

Accepting credit or debit cards for payments from clients or customers will certainly fetch a lot of interesting business benefits. You can give this convenience to your customers via QuickBooks. Activating QuickBooks merchant service will help you to incorporate this facility with your business. This gives a lot of convenience to the small scale businesses to be more specifically. Also exclusive guidance available to QuickBooks Enterprise Help Phone Number for QB enterprise user for the merchant service issue. Now, users have to know the setup process of merchant services with QuickBooks. Before getting on to the setup process, it is important to know a few important terms that are related with this process.

Knowing Key Terms

Merchant Bank: Merchant bank is nothing but the financial institution which provides you the merchant account. The merchant bank shall handle credit card transactions on your bank account.
Processors: Processors are basically third party partners with the merchant banks. They can route your credit card transactions and manage discount rates.
Card Payment Brands: Different card payment or issuer brands are there. For example, you have brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.

Credit Card Processing

The first thing is choosing the payment processing service provider. There are many processors present and you need to select one carefully. You can use QuickBooks Payments as processor which is a robust and effective payment processing solutions.
Now, go to the merchant settings of QuickBooks.
Add merchant bank and other details to setup merchant account.
When merchant account is created, you shall be able to avail payment processing through QuickBooks

Technical Help & Support for QuickBooks Merchant Account

Credit card or debit card payment processing through QuickBooks is beneficial from different aspects. It enables hassling free cashless payments for your business. Customers or clients prefer card payment or digital payment these days. It gives more convenience and payment protection. However, when setting up merchant accounts with QuickBooks, you should know a few things. You may potentially face some errors. Avoiding these errors should be your priority. If you cannot avoid the errors, then you need to find troubleshooting solutions for those errors. User can either go for for QuickBooks Chat Support or can Dial toll free customer support center number for QuickBooks Emoji +1347-967-4079 to talk with veteran executives on various errors and their potential solutions.

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