Cash Reconciliation

Cash Reconciliation

The verification process of cash register cash just closing timings of business or shop also during taking charge of cash registers by new clerks or executive.

What is Reconciliation?

What is Reconciliation

The meaning & uses of reconciliation in real accounting & Book’s management. Basis strategy & terminology with detailed study why it’s essential for small business.

How to Reconcile Books

How to Reconcile Books

Step by step process how to reconcile accounts books with bank and credit card statements also processes for cross checking

Reconciliation Errors

Bank Reconciliation Problems & Errors

Mismatch , discrepancies , out of balance are most common issue & error comes during Bank Statement Reconciliation which need to fixed.

Reconciliation Statement

Prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement

A good accountant always tries to adjust balances in both company books, records as well as bank statement to avoid any errors.

Journal Entries

Bank Reconciliation Journal Entries

Types of bank statement item need to be included in journal entry which included outstanding check, debit Bank Service Charges and other expenses.

Credit Card Reconciliation

Reconciliation Credit Card

To establish integrity between credit card statement, merchant reports & company financial reports, you have to reconcile credit card statements.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation

The process of matching all bank statement entries with company records which included deposit, withdrawal, charges and other miscellaneous entries.