How to Resolve Sage Error in Table Validation?

The managing of a company’s financials is the primary function of Sage accounting software. Tax comparisons between employees, payroll services, and other features are included. The enterprise’s data that it manages is far more extensive. Despite all of these qualities, Sage users have had several technical difficulties. While attempting to validate a table in Sage, the user keeps receiving the error message “Sage Error in Table Validation” because the user’s name they are looking for is not in the database. Its appearance is primarily caused by ‘FOLDERNAME_ADX’ having the wrong folder permissions. Explore more information on How to Resolve Sage Error in Table Validation in this blog post.

Why Does Sage Error Occur in Table Validation?

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There are couple of reasons which could lead to Sage Error in Table Validation:

  • The user’s folder permissions in the “FOLDERNAME_ADX” folder are insufficient.
  • The Sage table validation procedure is currently being interfered with by an antivirus program.

How to Resolve Sage Error in Table Validation?  

There are multiple remedies to fix the Sage Error in Table Validation. Let’s proceed one by one methods:

Method 1: Configure the Purchase Order on the Order Pre-Receipt Window

  • One should verify the Purchase Order (PO) number while the user is ordering a pre-receipt transaction
  • The PO number is always on the left side of the list
  • Here, you must fill in the information using the lines that relate to the Order Number
  • There is also additional detail here
  • Find the “Order Quantity” option on the “Purchase Order All: Full Entry” window
  • Check any purchase orders with a “Supplier Code“, for example- SCED0196
  • You will see a specific order pre-received quantity that corresponds to the Supplier Code
  • Change the order pre-received quantity to a number larger than 20
  • Finally, try validating the table once again.

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Method 2: Configure Appropriate Permissions for FOLDERNAME_ADX Folder

  • Navigate to and launch SQL Server Management Studio
  • Choose the “Database, Security, Roles” node option
  • Watch for a variety of roles where you can spot the one with your name on it.
  • For instance, the folder is called PROD1 and the role is called PROD1 ADX
  • To access the properties of an option, right-click the role’s name and choose it
  • After that, click on the “Securable Page
  • Look for the category “Schema” in the records
  • To open, simply click on it
  • At last, checkmark “Alter” and “Control” at the panel’s bottom.

Method 3: Add a Description to the Panel on the Left

  • Initially, launch “Work Order
  • Next, navigate to the “Object”
  • Click “Environment” under “Object
  • Selecting the required field will open the table for viewing
  • Once done with that, add a table abbreviation
  • Note the joining condition that applies based on the table index
  • Enter the abbreviation and a title for the column under “Object Grid Expression
  • Finally, retry validation after confirming saving it.

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Hopefully, this blog covered the major information regarding how to Resolve Sage Error in Table Validation. You can easily contact the team of specialists to obtain better support with less delay if you want to learn more about accounting software and the best way to resolve Sage issues or any other functional glitches. The team is committed to answering all of your questions all round the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Control Tables in Sage?

Ans. In Sage X3, the control table tool enables you to apply additional validation rules to any existing standard validation controls on screens, report parameters, accounting, and system transactions.

Q. How to Setting up the Control Table Entry in Sage X3?

Ans. To start with, set up a control table entry using the function GESACL by navigating to (Parameters, General parameters, Control tables) GESACL.

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Q. How to Use Control Tables for Email Validation in Sage?

Ans. Here is the steps help you to use the control tables for your email validation in Sage:

  • Go to the Parameters, General Parameters, and Control Tables sections (GESACL)
  • Next, a new expression-type control table entry should be created
  • Fill in the value 1 for the expression pat(VALEUR,”*@*”)
  • Fill in with the appropriate error message that will appear if the expression requirements are not met, then save
  • To use the expression, go to the Development, Script Dictionary, Screens, and then apply it to the field XWEB4 on screen BPABPC
  • Save the screen, then validate it.
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