Sage Error 57

Many Sage users who have encountered Sage Error 57 and are looking for quick fixes to fix the error. Then this blog will be very helpful for them. We are aware that while you are working on something crucial, running across issues like this can be really unpleasant. We can be a tremendous assistance if this error is troubling you as well. In this blog post, we’ll talk about what this problem is, why it happens, and how to fix it.

What Exactly is Sage Error 57?

Sage Error 57 is only one of numerous “decline errors” that pertain to transactions and payments. A user should infer that a decline error is one that has to do with financial institutions if they encounter one. When you use a credit card or debit card to make a payment using the Sage platform, you can experience this problem. Your bank will not be willing to process the erroneous transaction when this error happens, and you will receive an error message stating as much.

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Possible Reasons that Could Lead to Sage Error 57

The Sage Error 57 could be caused by a variety of technical problems.

Here are a few of them are jotted down:

  • The card may have expired or been cancelled.
  • It’s possible that the card wasn’t activated by the user.
  • The card is not up to date with payments.
  • the credit/debit card’s spending cap might have been exceeded
  • The card has been used in certain fraudulent attempts.
  • The processor might have given incorrect card information.
  • It’s possible that the card was damaged.
  • It’s possible that the card reader wasn’t functioning properly.

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How to Resolve the Sage Error 57?

If you are getting the Sage decline code 57, contact the bank or financial institution that issued your debit or credit card and ask them to approve the transaction. If the bank or financial institution discovers a problem with the institution’s security, they may refuse the transaction. Any flaw in the institution’s security system could result in rejection errors.

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Financial institutions frequently reject transactions because of problems like failing to follow the right protocol, failing to submit validated security information, or if the institution suspects an unlawful transaction. Ask them questions and seek solutions. If they are persuaded or a problem at their end is resolved, they will permit the processing of the card. You can choose another payment method if the problem is still not solved.


Hopefully, the above-prescribed solutions are enough to prevail in immense knowledge about the Sage Error 57. However, if you still have some query or looking for a technical problem for your Sage 50– you can take help from Sage 50 Customer Helpdesk.


Q. What Exactly is Decline Code in Sage 50?

Ans. If a user encounters a decline error, they should presume it has to do with financial institutions. When making a purchase using a credit or debit card, you can experience this sage error support. A decline code explains why a credit card transaction was declined. This error could occur for a number of reasons.

It can possibly have something to do with the institution’s security. Errors in the institution’s security system could result from any flaw. Financial institutions frequently reject transactions because of mistakes made in following procedures, failure to submit validated security information, or when they suspect an unlawful transaction.

Q. How Do We Fix the Sage Decline Error Code 0005?

Ans. The actions to take are listed below:-

  • Initially, program can be accessed by clicking the Windows Start button
  • Next, click on the Accessories option
  • The system restoration drop-down menu will open and then click system >> tool
  • Go to the Restore my system to an earlier time tab by clicking on it
  • Select the “Next” button
  • The Restore my system option should be found in the list that is shown to you on your screen
  • Once again click on the “Next” button
  • Wait until you receive a notification confirming the success of the restore operation
  • Once done with that, restart your computer
  • Download and run the Sage error code 00005 repair utility package
  • Click on the scan option once the installation is complete to locate and get rid of any malware or antivirus software that may be on your computer
  • Launch the system again
  • Reconnect to your bank and complete all required fields
  • Clear all your cookies
  • Finally, try making payment once again.

Q. What are the Different Sage Decline Error Codes that Can Block your Transactions in Sage 50?

Ans. You may encounter several error codes and problems with the Sage Exchange Service.

Here is the list of few Decline Error code:

  • 000057 Decline Code: Service is not permitted.
  • X901000 Error Code: Security Violation in Sage Exchange.
  • 000051 Decline Code: Insufficient Funds.
  • 000005 Decline Code: Do not Honor.
  • 04, 07, 41, or 43 Decline Codes: Hold Call or Hold Card
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