Sage 50 Bank Reconciliation Crashes

Sage 50 is one of the trending accounting software for managing logs of business accountancy. While operating it users may experience a sudden freeze down of active windows. When they attempt to perform the account reconciliation process, the Sage 50 Bank reconciliation window appears to blank i.e. no information displaying on the screen, or sometimes the page opens too slowly. This issue usually encounters due to the corruption of the Sage.ini file or several other reasons. This article will help you to get to know how to troubleshoot Sage 50 Bank Reconciliation crashes or system may freezes. Also connect Sage 50 Support Number anytime if you don’t have time to fix bugs.

Sage 50 Bank Account Reconciliation Crashing often occurs while Opening reports, checking records. When it is found during monitoring reports demonstrates that you have to fix the company data file. In several situations you failed to fix this issue, you can try restoring back up data because sometimes the missing file or corrupted data might be the core of the slowdown of the software.  However, you can install the latest updates to resolve the corrupted data problems to correct them.

Why Sage 50 Bank Reconciliation Crashes

Major causes of Sage 50 retain Crashing:

  • The software crashes take place due to many mishandling & misusage with the windows registry or corrupted files of the operating system.
  • Inaccurate Windows installation
  • dat file
  • Update missing
  • Corrupted data
  • dat file
  • Window registry errors

How To Fix Sage 50 Crashing Freezes On Reconcile Window

How to resolve Sage 50 Bank Reconciliation Crashes?

Below highlighting are solutions to rectify the error:

Step 1- Rename Userpref.dat file in Account Reconciliation:

  • Select Maintain, Company Information
  • Enter the Directory
  • Close Sage50 software
  • Verify all windows are closed from all workstations
  • Perform a right-click on Start and then Select Explore
  • Search the directory path that you selected in the previous step
  • Hit on Userpref.dat and then choose Rename (When you rename USERPREF.DAF permits reset customization to lists and on the dashboard. This implies, in the wake of renaming the document, you may see alternate shortcuts have been evacuated or columns on records have been returned to defaults)
  • Now modify the .dat file extension to .old and then hit on enter button of the keyboard
  • Reopen the company.

Step 2- Corrupted Bankrec.dat:

Initially, you need to re-index the file named bankrec.dat. Re-indexing this file helps to recover the corrupted file. This process is for a one-time attempt sometimes it works. Data integrity plays a major role in maintaining finance values.  Here is the list of instructions to re-index Bankrec.dat:

  • Navigate File, choose Maintenance and then hit on Re-index
  • Discover the list; click the indexes that you need to recreate
  • To re-index the complete data files you have to Select All
  • Hit on OK and then choose yes
  • In case you need to compress the data then click on Compress Now
  • Select Ok and Hit on Close
  • If there displays an error then re-index it or you can use a restore backup

Step 3- Rename Sage.ini file:

  • Search for the preferred directory from the location C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts
  • Navigate Tools, choose Folder options, click View and then choose Show hidden files, drives or folder
  • Blank Hide extensions for the familiar file types
  • Hide all protected system folders
  • Click Apply and then Hit Ok
  • In case you want to display the Tools option then click Alt
  • Perform a right-click on the file named Sage.ini file and then choose Rename
  • Rename it as Sage.old

Step 4- Check compatibility issue:

For setting the accounting software in the compatible mode you need to follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Locate Sage 50 software and then choose properties
  • Discover the Compatibility option
  • Hit on the field located in Compatibility mode section
  • Select preferred Windows listed in the drop-down
  • Hit on Ok
  • Now open Sage 50 through an administrator mode
  • Verify whether the High DPI scales override if found then you have to perform adjustment in the system connected with server
  • The above steps help you to modify the desktop icon, now re-pin it through locating and dragging from the Quick Launch toolbar.

Troubleshooting Help Sage 50 Not Responding, Freezes When Reconciling

Hopefully, ReConcileBooks tips becomes a helping hand to understand the basic troubleshooting steps to fix Sage 50 Bank Reconciliation Crashes. Meanwhile, if you face any difficulty while operating the Sage 50 software or need any assistance to resolve problems specific to reconciliation then reach Toll Free Number +1347-967-4079 of ReConcileBooks. You can chat with the professional through a Sage 50 live chat feature or send an email with questions. You will get better assistance in time.

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