Retrieve QuickBooks Payroll Service Key

What is QuickBooks Payroll Service Key?

If you buy QuickBooks Payroll solution online, a 16-digit payroll service key will be generated, Retrieve QuickBooks Payroll Service Key which is unique and detailed to your payroll and Employer Identification Number (EIN) service. In order to activate and proceed with payroll service, a user would need to input this key into their QuickBooks file. There are set of requirements as well as limitations associated with this process, let’s a take a quick view at some of the important requisites.

  • To appropriately process payroll, a user must use QuickBooks from the registered Desktop and work on the machine using a single payroll subscription for all companies.
  • If you are working on multiple files for your company by using the same Employee identification number and/or payroll subscription, it is likely that you may encounter errors as QB Desktop Payroll only supports ONE data file for a company with a unique EIN.
  • It is important to note that the payroll administrator as well as contact information for QB payroll subscription remains same for all the companies added to a specific subscription.
  • A user can create multiple company accounts Direct Deposit on a singular payroll subscription by paying employees with DD (Direct Deposit).
  • It is significant to note that each QB desktop encompasses a limit on the company accounts added to a single subscription. This is completely based on the count of data files added to a company account.

In case user unable to verify their EIN number they have to call QuickBooks Payroll Contact Number for getting help for EIN related issues.

How to Edit or Retrieve Service Key in QuickBooks Payroll?

A user may follow below steps to either Create, Edit, or Retrieve their company’s Payroll Service Key:

Step I: As a very first step, the user would be required to obtain a service key. This is usually sent via an e-mail. However, if you are unable to find or retrieve this key, then you can alternatively contact QuickBooks technical support team to get an auto generated service key. Next, sign in to your Intuit QB Account by using this service key (or get in touch with the ReconcileBooks on QuickBooks Chat support to get an instant support for any problems faced in logging-in to your account). Some of the key reasons that may cause issues, include:

  1. multiple payroll orders being entered into the system for a single company account
  2. QB payroll product purchased from the retail store
  • Phone number doesn’t match with the registered number on Intuit file.

Step II: Click on the “QuickBooks Service Keys” window by following below command.

Go to Employees tab >> select Payroll tab >> select Payroll Service Key

Please note, if you have payroll service in the company’s file then select Employees in the “My Payroll Service” option and check on “Manage Payroll Service”.

Need Expert Help: Are you getting Retrieve QuickBooks Payroll Service Key and don’t know how to solve it? In that case, you must get immediate help from our QuickBooks live chat experts by dialing the ReConcileBooks helpline number at any time.

Step III: In this step, a user needs to go to QB Service Keys window and manually add the listed payroll service for the company account. Next, choose “Edit” option from the drop down and select or remove the service key.

You can now go to the “Next” option and select “Payroll Update” option popping-up at your screen. Select “OK” and validate the “Service Status” appearing on the screen. As a final step, you would need to review and validate the “Payroll Service Status”, i.e., whether it visible as “ACTIVE” or not.

If you want to add another company to your existing subscription, simply go to Employees tab ->> select Payroll tab ->> choose “Existing Payroll Service” option from the menu bar ->> Add a file from “Account Maintenance” window ->> go to “Add to Subscription Number” button and enter the required zip code ->> click “Next” and press “Ok” to finish adding another EIN to the current subscription.

Get Help for Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Service Key Issues

If you are unable to follow any of the above steps Retrieve QuickBooks Payroll Service Key or encounter errors that need expert guidance QuickBooks Help Desk at +1347-967-4079.


I Have Lost My QuickBooks Payroll Service Key. How Can I Retrieve It?

You can retrieve your QuickBooks Payroll Service Key by logging in to your Intuit account, selecting the Payroll Subscription option from the Products & Services menu, clicking on the Details link next to your payroll subscription, and locating the Service Key in the Service Information section.

How Long Does it Take to Retrieve My QuickBooks Payroll Service Key?

Retrieving your QuickBooks Payroll Service Key should only take a few minutes. You should receive an email with your service key shortly after subscribing to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll or purchasing it from a retail store.

Can I Use the Same QuickBooks Payroll Service Key on Multiple Computers?

No, you cannot use the same QuickBooks Payroll Service Key on multiple computers. Each computer requires its own unique service key to activate QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

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