QuickBooks Socket Error

QuickBooks Socket Error – 10060 & 11004

QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060 occurs due to internet connectivity failure. The majority of users aspect this issue whenever they try to process payment via credit card and debit card. It is mandatory to have a strong internet connection while doing such transactions otherwise such socket error code 10060 messages will appear on your screen. This is the guidance blog for you to get accurate information regarding cause and resolution of QuickBooks POS Socket error of you can direct contact QuickBooks POS Support team of ReConcileBooks.

Causes Behind QuickBooks POS Socket Errors

Reason Influence: 10060 Error QuickBooks POS Software

The highlights of the parameters that may lead to QuickBooks Socket Error message:

  • Slow internet connection
  • Socket connection concern
  • Network connection blockage due to security software
  • EFT Server issue can be a reason of 10060 Error QuickBooks
  • Damaged update installation

How To Fix QuickBooks Socket Error Message Code

List of Measures to resolve the Socket and IP response error message on QuickBooks:

Troubleshooting 1: Solution-steps of Socket error due to Socket connectivity failure:

  • Firstly, Open the window and discover the socket connectivity configuration to confirm the socket connection is working properly or not
  • If not then discover the wire connection sometime it may be loose. Tighten the wire accordingly
  • After dedicatedly performing the above-mentioned steps, Restart the system in which QuickBooks is present
  • Checks it functions smoothly If not then contact any external help desk.

Troubleshooting 2: Fixing-steps if you face the QuickBooks socket error due to Security Software blockage:

Sometimes you have installed security software on your system. They may block the internet connection which in turn results in QuickBooks POS socket error message on your screen. To fix this error, follow the guidance given below:

  • Firstly, disable entire security software installed on your computer
  • After turning off the software start processing transaction again
  • Check whether the issue is resolved.

Troubleshooting 3: If the issue occurs due to multiple workstations in use then choose the system on which credit card is being processed.

Follow the below steps to get rid of EFT server issue:

  • Open windows, visit the menu button named EDIT then select and discover the list from drop-down option and then click on preferences
  • Select the Company option and click on the Communication setup tab
  • After selecting, select the option “Use this computer for all credit and debit transactions” which appears on the screen
  • Now click on save now (This event will save this on the system)
  • Close the window and restart your Point of Sale
  • Discover the Tools menu and then select the User information tab
  • Locate the status of the WS-EFT server. If found then begin processing the card.

Troubleshooting 4: To fix the error sometimes there is a need to embed the document file in it.

Follow the steps to create a new data file:

  • Locate the file menu and then click on the Company Data option and select New
  • Now space will display on your screen to write text. Write anything as per your requirement and give an identity to the new document file you have created
  • Visit the Edit menu and select the preferences and then proceed with the company file
  • Fill the mandatory details which appear under Merchant Service
  • Save the information via save button
  • After this click on Tools menu and then click on User information
  • Now open your POS and start processing the card.

Technical Support QB POS Socket Error Codes

Above, you get the step-by-step guidance to fix Socket Error QuickBooks. If still, you are unable to handle the damaged installation errors, understanding technical error messages or faces any query regarding QuickBooks; then reach QuickBooks support team. You can connect the team anytime by calling on a toll-free ReConcileBooks number +1347-967-4079. The team carries the technical experience of solving technical glitches. They assist you better, as they have many years of experience in understand the cause of the issue. Moreover, you can contact them through an email address ReConcileBooks and get an instant solution through a QuickBooks live chat Support as well.

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