QuickBooks Setup for Church

How to Setup & Use QuickBooks For Churches

To understand the accounting requirements for Non-Profit organizations, specially Church Intuit brings QuickBooks Enterprise for Non Profit solutions. User can connect QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 Support to explore how to manage donations, Record tithes and offering and calculate and file taxes for the Church.

QuickBooks helps you to calculate all the funds and manages easily by performing given steps.

Easy Steps to Setup QuickBooks fourth Church

  1. When you are dealing first with your company information or entering your company’s information then you need to choose outside non-profit for your business type and for your industry.
  2. Then turn on classes by click on the gear icon, click on company settings. After this, go to categories setting by a scroll down the company settings tab. Then click to select track classes and ‘Warn’ me, in case of un-assigned transaction by a class. After completing, enter save and then. For input / add a new class for each program and fund you need to use gear icon and click on ‘all lists’. Then enter on classes and new. After that input a name for the class, i.e. administration of fundraising and general, then click save.
  3. For creating a pledge to track donation by Donor, you need to press + tab then ‘plus’ option. Then mention the detail of Donor and their pledge. Always use the class list for assigning the pledge to a fund / program. Then enter to save and send.
  4. Now add an Email address of donor in next to the donor’s name, press enter to save it and send.
  5. In case, any donation by Donor is made right away, then you need to go to receipt option, using + sign, then input all the details of the donor / donation and assign a class. In order to send statements for donations, then press the gear tab and proceed to company setting, then enter sales and go to messages. Choose statement for sales form, then add a customized email message, then Click to done.
  6. For creating a transaction statement with received and pleasures, go to statement using + option and select transaction statement. Add a date range for the time period that you want on the statement and enter save and send.
  7. For spends money tracking, go to expensive option from Plus sign and add a multi line to and expenditure and assign a class for each expenditure.
  8. Now click on reports to get the picture of your finances.
  9. Use ‘customize’ option from report tab, select list. Then enter journal and admin from ‘classes’ option. Then click on Run report to finish.

Get Help for QuickBooks Church Accounting

Having an issue while making enterprise or calculating deductions call QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number to get help and discuss any issue freely with the experts. One more option QuickBooks Chat available for getting help. Dial Our Toll Free Number +1347-967-4079

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