QuickBooks Payroll W-2 Processing

How to Generate and Process QuickBooks Payroll W-2 forms?

Are you browsing through different web pages to figure out how you can generate and process the W-2 forms in QuickBooks Payroll software application? If so, then you have come across the right page. You will be able to generate and process the QuickBooks Payroll W-2 forms by performing simple steps.

In this article, we shall be highlighting about QuickBooks Payroll W-2 form processing and how you can prepare and file the same on your fingertips.

How to File W-2 Form in QuickBooks Payroll

Two main ways that you can choose to file the W-2 forms:

The subscribed users of QuickBooks Payroll software can file W-2 forms:

  • You can file the form manually
  • The second way of filing the form is by electronic means

Important note: For this, they have to first print and then hand out the forms to their members of staff. If you feel bemused with the different steps taken for the processing of QuickBooks Payroll W-2 processing then you can seek the assistance of experts by calling at ReConcileBooks team on QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number anytime ..

Also ReConcileBooks posted earlier How to Print W2 In QuickBooks, which help you both printing on plain paper or formatted template.

Important Filing Dates That You Need To Bear In Mind Are:

January 31st, 2018

  • Offer Forms W-2 to any active and inactive member of staff with salaries for the previous year
  • Both manual and electronic filers, you can file W-2 forms in tandem with the Social Security Administration (SSA).
    • Manually filed forms: The postmarked dates are considered as due dates
    • Electronically filed forms: The last date for submission of the form is by 5:00pm PST on January 29, 2018.

Although most of users don’t know that QuickBooks Payroll Support also helps the customer for Tax preparation and filing through QB.

To electronically file Forms W-2 with the SSA:

For QuickBooks Payroll Online Subscribers:

  • Firstly, you need to look for your Dashboard.
  • Below Tasks, click on the Show more drop-down to see all forms outstanding.
  • Choose File now following W-2 Copies A& D.
  • Choose Yearly Forms > W-2 Copies A & D.
  • If requested, authenticate your tax codes. The pre-filled the tax code field will appear, just ignore that. You only have to do this on one occasion.
  • Click on the Continue bottom to move further.
  • If requested, you need to disclose whether or not one or more workers were active members in a superannuation plan for the duration of the tax year.
  • On the Owner Copies: Form W-2 page, pick View to open Acrobat Reader. Evaluate and print Copy D (Owner’s copy) for your future proceedings.
  • When you’re prepared, click on the Submit button in order to approve file Copy
  • On the status page, please make sure you pen down the present status: Submitted.

Your form has been submitted with the company. Once the processing your filing is completed, you will be informed by means of an email.

Copies you need to hand out to employees when you do electronically filing:

Even when you are electronically filing the federal Forms W-2 with the SSA, you will have to print and hand out copies to your workforce. Besides this, you even need to take out the print of copies to be maintained in your records. Here are some facts about the copies that you need to send to the agency, employee, and keep it for yourself:

Copy A – To be generated for Social Security Administration (SSA)

Copy B – To be generated for Worker (filed with worker’s federal tax return)

Copy C – To be created for Worker (copy for worker’s records)

Copy D – To be created for Employer (copy for your records)

Copy 1 – To be generated for State, City, or Native tax division

Copy 2 – To be created for Worker (filed with the worker’s state, city, or native tax return)

How to Check Status of W2 Form

Status of Filing W-2 Forms

Once you are done with the preparation of your W-2 Forms and have sent the info to the QuickBooks, you may see that the filing status in your Online Payroll account presents as “Submitted” or “In Progress.” Given that you press on the Submit within the two working days afore the January 31st cut-off dates, the SSA will contemplate your submission on the dot.

  • Submitted: It means your W-2 for processing has been received
  • While in Progress: W-2 information is sent by the QB to the agency around mid-January. Once your W-2 has been directed, it will appear in the status
  • Finished: The SSA has been acknowledged the W-2 form you will get an email notification.

Get Help W-2 Form e-Filling From Payroll Experts

We hope you find the info about QuickBooks Payroll W-2 processing useful. If you still have some queries in your mind related to the filing of W2 forms, either you can get help from ReConcileBooks on QuickBooks Chat or call support team and talk to our certified experts now at +1347-967-4079.

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