QuickBooks Error 6073?

QuickBooks is online accounting software which is used by a number of entrepreneurs to manage their business easily. Mostly software has bugs and error issue same like that QuickBooks has an error issues which creates bad effect on your business accountancy. While working with QuickBooks, you may face many errors. When QuickBooks error 6073 is displayed on your screen which occurs due to many issues like single mode user trying to open the company file on another system or accessed by operating system. Here you get all information regarding this error. If you still want any assistance, you can call us on 1347-967-4079.

Causes of QuickBooks error 6073

There are certain reasons of causing this error which creates issues for your business, all are given below:

  • When single user modes try to open the company data file on another system.
  • When you find the company file in read-only network folder, this error may occur.
  • When the company file is accessed by remote operating system which identifies user is logged in the system.
  • Backup on a Linux server which is using multiple login credentials to sign in on shared folder.

To resolve this error issue, we have all possible solutions:

Solution 1: To resolve the QuickBooks error code 6073 manually, you need to go through with these steps:

When other user tries to open your company files on another system in single user mode:

  • First of all, you need to close all running programs and QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Then open the company data file by using the Host PC system.
  • After that, click on the File Menu and switch to Multi-user mode.
  • If you still facing the same issue again then reboot all workstations.

When your company data file is open in Single user mode on the Host PC:

  • Click on the File menu and choose your company.
  • Then again open your company data file.
  • Then select Restore Company from the drop-down options of File Menu.
  • To open the company file, go with NEXT click.
  • After that, select your company file and open multi-user mode.

When company data file is in read-only network folder may cause this error:

  • Click on the computer hosting file and open the company folder which is stored.
  • From the drop-down options of folder, choose properties.
  • Click on the security tab and choose the user which has login issues and click on EDIT.
  • At the end, agree with applied conditions and click on OK.

When your system is being accessed remotely by LogMeIn or Go to my PC

  • Go with Taskbar click and choose Task Manager.
  • Then, go with Processes click and must check if you are facing any running processes which is under user name.
  • Then, restart your PC, if you find any issue regarding all processes which is under the user.

Solution 2: To resolve this error, QuickBooks users also use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool which helps to resolve QuickBooks Error 6073?.

How to contact us?

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