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Delete or Void a Bill In QuickBooks

QuickBooks accounting software is incorporated with advanced features and tools that helps in smooth business management. The user is authorized to carry out many functionalities that automates the business tasks that saves time and money. Even user can get in touch with QBO Support team for detailed information . The user can also void or delete a bill or a payment. Voiding indicates the changes the amount of the bill or payment to zero, but keeps a record of it in QuickBooks whereas deleting means permanently removes the bill or payment. When you delete a bill that is paid already, QuickBooks creates a credit with the vendor. In case you delete a payment, the bills paid will show unpaid balances.

To Perform the Task Follow the below steps:

  • Open the Accounts Payable register
  • Choose Lists -> Chart of Accounts
  • Click twice at the Accounts Payable account
  • Locate the bill or payment in the register window
  • Ensure to register the transactions are in date order by default
  • Click the 1-Line checkbox to see more transactions in the window.
  • Go to the Edit menu -> click Find to have QuickBooks help you find the transaction.
  • Then from QuickBooks menu, Select Edit -> Void Bill or Void Bill Pmt to void the transaction, or Select Delete Bill or Delete Bill Pmt to delete the transaction.
  • Click Record.

In case want to learn about batch delete of all bills, payments already made by check, connect QuickBooks Enterprise Tech Support to know full process.

How to Delete a bill in QuickBooks Online?

  • In QuickBooks Online company -> go to the bill that is to be deleted.
  • This can be done in different ways:
    • Select Expenses from the left menu -> Select Vendors/Suppliers -> Click on the bill.
    • Open the Accounts Payable account -> edit the bill.
    • Click on the bill from within a report.
  • Click More at the bottom of the screen in the bill form.
  • Choose Delete from the drop-down list.
  • Click the Yes button -> when you get to see “Are you sure you want to delete this? Window”.

Get Help Support for QB Bill Add of Delete Related issues

For any further doubt or query you can contact QuickBooks Support number. The support team can be reached through phone, email and live chat option. Alternatively, you can connect with Reconcilebooks, a reliable support agency that employs dedicated QB professionals who assure complete support in minimum wait time. Connect through toll free phone Emoji +1347-967-4079 and garner quick support instantly.

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