How to Export/Import Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks

You can enter information about your expense accounts, clients, workers, etc. in a chart of accounts (COA). It organizes the data, which helps you save time. Users can import or export the same data for quick access when it is needed for use in applications other than QuickBooks. A CSV file or an Excel spreadsheet can be used to support the method of Export/Import Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks, especially when using the Online version. Speaking of export, you can use the spreadsheet and its file template in addition to other ways with the accounting software.

How to Import a Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online as CSV/Excel?

The Chart of Accounts can be imported into QuickBooks Online using a spreadsheet that has been saved as an Excel or CSV file. It requires to be prepared by formatting. Columns such as Account Name, Number, and Detail Type should be included for this. After that, upload this sheet using Settings. You can start its mapping after this is done. This process might help to make sure that there are no format or column issues when importing the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online using this sheet. You can now tap the Import button.

  • You have to find the spreadsheet on your system or you can freshly prepare one.
  • Then you have to add Detail Type, Type, Account Name, and Number as columns for its formatting. If needed you may include Account Number. 
  • To save the sheet you may consider one of these:
    • CSV Format
    • Excel
Note: Lack of memory on their systems is faced by certain company owners. Then CSV format should be selected. It will consume less memory than the Excel file consumes.
  • In QuickBooks Online let’s upload the saved sheet. Then you have to tap on Settings. 
  • Now you have to hop to Import Data and then you have to click on the Chart of Accounts tab.
  • You can find and upload the spreadsheet using Browse.
  • Then you have to click on Open as well as click on Next.
  • To start the process of mapping, you have to view Your Field.
  • There is No Match that has been clicked on.
  • Now fields like Account Number, Detail type, Type, and Account Name have to be matched with that of QuickBooks Online.
  • Please then click on No Match on locating any field with no column to match.
  • To begin click on Next.
  • Finally, check the columns and the information in them.
  • If there are any highlights in red then it need to be fixed.
  • You have to deselect the account that doesn’t need to be saved.
  • Make sure that everything is correct and then you have to click on the Import button.

You can now enter all the opening balances into the import data.

How to Export a Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks?

When you need to prepare a company file on your system or program, COA can usually be exported. Making it from scratch can take some time. When you don’t have the time, exporting it may be an option. Therefore, knowledge of the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts export process is required. The utility menu can be used to move the data to Excel or a new company. You must first save it using Print List before transferring the data in order to export it as an Excel file template. Users of QBO can start the method right away by choosing the Run Report option.

To get the best assistance regarding the Export/Import Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks, you can contact our QB live chat.

Method 1: Exporting to Excel in QuickBooks

Excel is a popular spreadsheet that can be used to work with or manage information in an easy way. For this reason, business owners may take it into consideration and export their data to it. There is a simple way that can be applied when moving this data through COA in QuickBooks. 

Run your company file first to learn how to export a Chart of Accounts from QuickBooks to Excel. The chart must be chosen based on the file run. After that, you can use Utilities’ Export option. 

  • You have to open your QuickBooks company file first.
  • Search for Chart of Accounts in the file you want to export.
  • In the software, select Utilities from the File menu.
  • Search in this menu for the Export option.
  • The IIF file lists should be chosen.
  • Select Save as in the new window that appears, then enter a location to save the files.
  • Access the system’s Excel file.
  • Then you have to select From Text from the menu.
  • You have to wait for a pop-up to run. You must select Import Text File there.
Tip: The Text Import Wizard needs to be used by Microsoft Office 2010 users who are using the old edition. It allows for the selection of files and afterward export.
  • First, you have to tap on Delimited
  • Then select Next from the menu.
  • There must be a format defined for the column data.
  • You may now select General.
  • After that, the import location will be requested so that you can save your files. Then you have to mention the last Excel sheet.
  • Click Ok after that.
  • Finally, use the Save as tab. Wait for the file to save in Excel format after that.

Method 2: Export as Excel File Template in QuickBooks

Excel file templates are considered to be special files. A typical file or sheet is created as soon as you open it using this spreadsheet. Through it, COA data may be exported using the Lists menu. Using QuickBooks’ Print option, you must save the template file to your computer. Once the data has been saved, export can be started to transfer it.

Following this step, follow the instructions below to export the Chart of Accounts from QuickBooks to an Excel file template:-

  • Select Lists from the accounting software menu.
  • Then you have to select the COA or Chart of Accounts option.
  • Please go to the File menu now.
  • Select Print List from the menu.
  • There should be a pop-up window and then select OK

Note: You can view Settings and select Print to: even if a pop-up is not there. After that, you can select File to move on to the next step.

  • Find a dropdown menu option. It requires clicking on Comma Delimited File within it.
  • To proceed, select Print from the menu.
  • Mention where the file should be saved.
  • The file template can then be exported or transferred.

Method 3: Export to New QuickBooks Company

In this software, there is the flexibility to add several companies. Data can be added through the Chart of Accounts, in every company. This data may have to be moved from one company to a new one, considering an owner’s requirements.

You can begin by going to Utilities in QuickBooks to export a Chart of Accounts to a new company. Here, select Export, and then select IIF Files from the menu that appears. Find the list of COA in the firm that will be transferred to the new one. Next, save the list to the computer. To import the list to your new firm later, open the QuickBooks File menu.

  • Begin by moving to File, in QuickBooks.
  • There, you have to select Utilities.
  • Then you have to click Export and choose IIF Files. In a dropdown, the option should be found.
  • Then you have to choose the list that needs to be exported and then click the OK option.
  • For keeping the files that have been found you have to click the Save tab once.
  • You will have to get access to your company file, to bring the Chart of Accounts to the new company. As the admin, the access should be availed.
  • Show your preference for either:
    • Single-user mode
    • Multi-user mode
  • Enter Utilities in the File menu once it has been opened.
  • In this case, the Import button must be selected.
  • Then you have to select IIF Files from the dropdown menu that is present.
  • After that, you have to wait for COA’s import to be over. Then, it will have been transferred from one company or its file to another.

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Method 4: Using Run Report in QuickBooks Online

As you use QuickBooks Online over time, important account related information may get collected in it. Businesses want to move this information from the software to another location. By exporting the Chart of Accounts, it can be transferred. Run Report should appear as soon as you visit the chart. The Export icon will appear. The file’s format must be specified when it is exported. 

The following explanation will help you export your QuickBooks Online chart of accounts:-

  • You have to find and then tap on Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online.
  • Find the Run Report option next to COA.
  • It should display a list of accounts. You should see the Export icon towards its right. Press it, then you have to select Excel or PDF if you want to upload the chart as a file.

The export of the Chart of Accounts should start after choosing a file format with finality. The export location might be mentioned. After that, you can run the exported file to ensure that all of the data has been properly transferred from the software.

Advice for Importing/Exporting the Chart of Accounts into QuickBooks

Whether you export a chart of accounts from QuickBooks or import, the processes might be time taking. To carry them out, a number of actions and procedures may be necessary. Certain users might interrupt or cancel any action that takes a while. The methods may become stuck as a result, and your COA data may be lost or destroyed. Therefore, one recommendation is to avoid any interference that could result in the methods becoming stuck.

You can also:-

  • The QuickBooks files you are exporting for COA should be backed up.
  • If necessary, offer the permissions while logged in as the administrator to the Intuit program.
  • When several users have access to the files, select the Single-user option to manage the methods.


When business owners or other professionals need to carry out tasks while efficiently using their time, they might choose QuickBooks. With services like export and import available, this purpose is strengthened. Thus, knowing how to export/import chart of accounts in QuickBooks can be useful. This understanding may have already been developed using the methods discussed above. If you still face any issues then you can contact the help desk team.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can you Import a Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks?

By using a spreadsheet in Excel, Google Sheets or a CSV file you can import your chart of accounts.

How to Export My Chart of Accounts?

a. You have to go to QuickBooks
b. Then you have to go to Reports
c. Now you have to select the Account List report.
d. Then you have to click the Download/Export Icon.
e. Then you have to click on Export to Excel. Now you can easily import the file to your Excel spreadsheet and can manage your Chart of Accounts.

How to Import into QuickBooks from Excel?

a. First, you have to go to the Lists menu.
b. Then you have to choose Chart of Accounts.
c. Then you have to select the Account dropdown that is at the bottom, then you have to choose Import from Excel. 
d. To select the Excel file that you want to import you have to select Browse.
e. Then you have to select the file, then you have to select Open.