Employee Not Showing In QuickBooks Payroll

Why Few Employee Missing In My QuickBooks Payroll ?

Once you haveQuickBooks Desktop installed on your system, you can activate QuickBooks Payroll service easily. You can choose between different subscriptions such as Basic, Enhanced or Assisted Payroll.

Subscribing to QuickBooks Payroll makes your payroll transactions easier. In order to use this feature, you need to add your employees to QuickBooks Payroll. There are instances where one or more employees are missing QB Payroll even after you add them. In this article, let’s look at the causes and solutions to resolve this error.

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Why Some EMP Information Not Available Intuit QB Payroll ?


  • Employee is inactive in your payroll
  • Employee is not under correct payroll
  • Employee has left the organisation or has been terminated from the services.
  • Employee not found in Employee Center

If the employee is marked as Inactive, follow the below mentioned steps to resolve the error:

  • Choose “Employees” and then select “Employee Center”.
  • Ensure to select the Employees tab on the left side.
  • Go to the drop-down near the list of employees, and select All Employees.
  • Verify the name of the missing employee, and take off the “X” mark on the left side. The “X” mark on the left is to show that the employee is inactive for various reasons. Once you remove the “X”, the employee will be active in your payroll list and will be visible.

Employee missing when performing a Scheduled Payroll and/or an Unscheduled Payroll

There are two instances where an employee can be missing when running payroll.

Cause 1

Employee missing in scheduled payroll, however visible in unscheduled payroll.

This is because the employee is not tagged under the correct payroll schedule. Follow the steps to resolve this.

  • Select “Employees> “Employee Center”.
  • Choose the employees name and double click on it. This will open an on-screen window for you to edit the Employee info.
  • Choose Payroll Info tab.
  • Choose the correct Payroll Schedule from the Payroll Schedule drop-down option.
  • Tab OK and save the changes.
  • Verify if the employee is showing in list by running your scheduled payroll.

Cause 2

Employee name doesn’t show in both Scheduled Payroll and Unscheduled Payroll.

How To Fix One Of Employee Detail Not Comes In Payroll QB ?

This is because the employee has left the organization or has been terminated from the services. Follow the below mentioned steps to solve this.

  • Select “Employees” and then choose “Employee Center”.
  • Choose the employees name and double click on it. This will open an on-screen window for you to edit the Employee info.
  • Select the Employment Info tab.
  • If there is a pop up, remove the Release Date field. Now run the payroll to verify if the employee shows up.

It’s very important to fix these issues as paying your employee on time is very important. When an employee is missing from the payroll, it will cause unnecessary delays in processing payments and salaries, and it is never fair for your employees even when the salary is delayed by just a few hours, leave alone days.

Fix the errors as quickly as possible to keep your employees happy and satisfied. This will ensure that your organization’s productivity rate remains high as well. After all, who could have imagined a simple accounting tool could enhance employee satisfaction and happiness?

Help Employee Missing In Scheduled Payroll QuickBooks

These steps might be simple for someone who has hands on experience in performing trouble shooting steps. However, if you find any difficulties, ReConcileBooks experts is open round the clock on QuickBooks Support Number . You may call us any time to resolve your issues related to your QuickBooks or its related products. Feel free to reach us on +1(844).640.1481

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