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Undoubtedly, Sage accounting software is among the most well-known and popular options for all-sized business owners. It provides a range of financial services that are intended to support business expansion and success. Apart from that, Sage accounting software offers multiple products for all sized businesses. Among may products, Sage Timeslips is the finest option if you’re searching for all-in-one solutions to log your hours, pay bills, and send invoices.

Download Sage Timeslips assists businesses that provide professional services in communicating with their customers and maintaining accurate time and expense records. Sage Timeslips is the ideal solution to fit your demands because it has time tracking capabilities, a modern look, and a mobile app is available.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the features, system requirements and step by step instructions to download Sage Timeslips.

What is Sage Timeslips?

Sage Timeslips is a web-based software that is adaptable to your needs. You can take credit card payments using Sage Payment Solutions, and you can access the system from many devices. The best aspect of this product is its affordable pricing for small and medium-sized service enterprises; it is intended to support billing procedures for law firms. Making more money and speeding up the billing process have never been easier than they are now, thanks to Sage. Because Timeslips is so simple to use, it is feasible to categories all of the documents and bills from the legal industry that are presented, greatly simplifying reporting.

System Specifications for Download Sage Timeslips

The following are the system requirements for Sage Timeslips for all versions from older to latest:

Server’s System Requirements

  • Free storage for software files of 300 MB.
  • The minimum amount of RAM needed is 8 GB (with a maximum of 16 GB).
  • There are three different Windows Server releases: 2002, 2012, and 2016.
  • Windows 7 comes in Ultimate or Professional editions.
  • Downloads of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 are all free.
  • Network storage does not exist.
  • The database files must be at least 100 MB in size.

Terminal Services Requirements

  • Versions of Windows Server are available in 2002, 2012, and 2016.
  • The minimum amount of RAM needed is 8 GB (with a maximum of 16 GB).
  • There are high-speed Internet options.
  • To enjoy unrestricted use of the Sage Timeslips Premium and online services.

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Workstation’s System Requirements

  • System requirements for Windows 10 Pro.
  • Free hard drive space for applications of 300 MB; additional room for other files.
  • Recommendations: A minimum of 4 GB of RAM and a maximum of 8 GB of RAM are needed.
  • The most recent Windows versions are Windows 7 and Windows 8 Ultimate.
  • There is no system of support. Attached storage is available.
  • There must be at least 100 MB available for the local database.

Internet Explorer 11, the most recent version of Microsoft’s browser, is required for system requirements

  • You need edge is Microsoft’s web browser.

If you have any specific query, also get in touch with the experts of Sage 50 Live Chat 24×7.

Sage Timeslips Features

Many characteristics that meet your needs are included in the sage features.

Sage Timeslips Features

These are some of Sage Timeslips’ features:

Using valuable business insights, simple reporting is possible

Through logical reporting, Timeslips makes it easier to comprehend performance. The programmer comes with over 100 pre-programmed reports, and you can also create custom reports using the straightforward report builder.

  • There are about 100 pre-program reports available.
  • The guided report wizard can be used to create customized reports.

Client contacts can be made by related parties

Timeslips features a conflict of interest checker, but it does not permit linked or unfavorable parties to be added as associated contacts. You can now link conflicting parties to client records when adding pertinent contacts, such as competing attorneys, judges, and other parties.

  • You can also look at the relationship between contact and a client.
  • More contacts are easily accessible on a separate tab.

Payments Made Through the Internet

With the addition of a Pay Now link, you can now give clients the option to click and pay the firm’s accounts online. Sage Law Pay’s straightforward online payment platform is readily connected to Timeslips. Specifically designed for legal firms, Law Pay is an industry-leading payment solution that enables businesses to quickly and securely collect client payments online from within Sage.

Intuitive Bill Creation

With a simple drag-and-drop adjustment, you can quickly and easily make bills that appear professional. Sage Timeslips’ link to LEDES 98B and Litigation Advisor 1 enables it to accommodate a variety of payment procedures and standards.

  • Even draught bills can use your watermark.
  • The bill’s appearance and professionalism can be enhanced with a straightforward drag-and-drop modification.

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Smart Time Entry and Expenses

The majority of entries, including pre-filling account entries, automatically capturing time, populating client-based activities, and associated expense lists, are precisely collected in a customized manner and are automated. Even your workflow includes voice-to-text data capturing

  • For account-related information.
  • Tasks and expense lists for each clients have their own custom fields.
  • Data is recorded, including voice and text.
  • Time is automatically kept track of.

Step by Step Instructions to Download Sage Timeslips

Sage Timeslips must first be downloaded from a reliable source link. You must install Sage Timeslips as soon as you have downloaded it to your computer.

Download Sage Timeslips

Click here: Download Sage Timeslip Premium 2022

The steps listed below should be followed to perform a local installation of Sage Timeslips and Older Versions on your workstation:

  • In the search box, start by typing the server’s name
  • Enter it once you’ve typed it in
  • The name of your server must be entered right away
  • On the network share list, the folder should be identified by the name TSSHARE
  • Check to make sure you shared TSSHARE correctly and that the name of your Timeslips folder is accurate if this is the case
  • TSSHARE should then be double-clicked
  • Open the Timeslips folder, then select Localist from the list of folders, then double-click Setup.exe to start the installation
  • Prior to starting the local installation, select the installation type you want to utilize
  • The location where you wanted to save Sage Timeslips should now be available
  • This is located in both C:\Program Files\Timeslips\ and C:\Program Files (x86)\Timeslips\ on 64-bit workstations
  • You should restart Sage Timeslips after the installation is complete
  • In the end, install it locally on any machine you own at this point.


Here is everything you should know about how to download Sage Timeslips. In case you receive any issue during the process or have any other issues, you can contact our Sage Helpdesk Team for quick and precise solutions for your queries or concerns related to Sage Timeslips. If you have any specific query, also get in touch with the experts of LIVE CHAT help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Create a Premium Share in Sage Timeslips?

To create a Timeslips Premium Share, adhere to the instructions listed below:

  • Select Computer from the Windows Start menu on the Sage Timeslips server to get started
  • Next, double-click the drive to be used to create the shared volume
  • The installation location that is most frequently utilized is the C: drive
  • Make a new folder by selecting File >>> New
  • The folder has the name TSSHARE
  • From the context menu, do a right-click the TSSHARE folder and select Share >>> Advanced Sharing, or Share with Specific People.

What are the Steps Involved in Installing Sage Timeslips Premium on a Network?

If the installation process doesn’t begin automatically, double-click the Sage Timeslips download file to initiate it. The download file gives you a menu of options and extracts the required installation file.

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Some of them are as follows:

  • Initially, download and install Sage Timeslips
  • Sage Timeslips can also be installed if you’d like
  • When the dialogue box asks if you want to install the Application Server or Database Server, select Complete Server
  • Choose the network share that you established in the earlier Create Timeslips Share steps
  • Your Application Server will be installed once the installation is finished.

What are the Benefits of Sage Timeslips?

There are various advantages to using Sage Timeslips and earlier versions.

These are Sage Timeslip’s advantages:

  • In order simple-to-understand reports for better outcomes.
  • Never decline a chance to get paid.
  • It integrates Law Pay’s Pay feature.
  • Productivity was improved by automatic timekeeping.
  • The processes are all easy to handle, from billing to accounts receivable.
  • Verify the accuracy of your time and expense reports.
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