Create a Single Paycheck in QuickBooks

How To Create Single Paycheck In QuickBooks ?

In some cases or situations, you might have to add some special payment or deduct something specific from an employee’s paycheck. For such a situation you would have to create a single paycheck in QuickBooks.

With this accounting software, you have the ability to create paychecks in batches as well as individual one. While creating forms in batches helps you to save time, but when required if you can do the similar forms individually it can be quite beneficial for your accounting.

This article will give you the steps on how to make a single paycheck in QuickBooks, if you want to know How To Calculate Single Employee Salary QuickBooks Payroll check the guide here.

Creating a Single Paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Open the QuickBooks company page.
  • Ensure that you have taken care of the items that might impact the employees whose paychecks you would like to create individually. To check the items go to the Activities list.
  • Select the Employees tab; it is on the navigation bar on the left side.
  • Next, click on the Run payroll.
  • Next, go to the employee’s regular pay schedule and select it.
  • Click on the Continue tab.
  • To include the employees that you want in the payroll check the box beside the employee’s name.
  • Now enter the detail information for this check, it will include information like:
  • pay period
  • pay date
  • number of hours (regular, overtime and double)

Note: An employee’s hours may already been entered, mainly if the regular hours of entry has been already been done in the timesheet. Consult with QuickBooks Payroll Support Number for more details.

  • sick leave or vacation leave
  • bonus
  • commission
  • In the Memo field, you can enter a message, it will appear in the check or pay stub.
  • Next, to check how the paycheck looks you have to click on the Preview payroll. Ensure that everything is correct.
  • Next, click on Submit payroll.
  • Next, you can either click on Print checks or Print pay stubs. This will open in a separate page.
  • Lastly, click on Finish payroll tab.

Note: When you pay the employee the next time, do check the number of hours entered. QuickBooks by default will enter the previous paycheck’s number of hours. If any mismatch in steps or payroll option found get in touch with QuickBooks Support Number to get help.

Creating A Single Paycheck in QuickBooks Online

  • Go to QuickBooks Online and then click on the Create icon ‘the plus icon’.
  • Next, select and click on Payroll.
  • Or you can go to the Navigation bar and click on the Employees.
  • Next, click on the Run Payroll tab.
  • For the employee choose the payroll schedule. If you have more than one employee then click on Continue.
  • From the drop-down list select the correct Bank Account.
  • Check the Pay period and Pay date for the employee and if required correct the dates.
  • Locate the checkbox beside the employee and put a checkmark in it for the employee that you want to create the paycheck for.
  • Columns on items like hours, bonus, leaves and etc. will appear. Enter the correct information in each of these columns.
  • Next, click on the Preview payroll tab.
  • This will allow you to check the details that you have entered for the employee’s paycheck on the Preview payroll page.
  • After ensuring everything is correct, click on Submit payroll icon.
  • Next, you can click on the appropriate tab and select Print checks or Print pay stubs.
  • Finally to complete the process of creating a single paycheck click on Finish payroll.

In QuickBooks there are two kinds of payroll options that one can select for creating paychecks:

  • Scheduled payroll: Payment to the employees being done on a regular interval, i.e. weekly, fortnightly or monthly and etc.
  • Unscheduled payroll: Payment that is not done on a regular basis or creating a paycheck which is on off-cycle and is not integrated into their normal paycheck.

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