How to Change QuickBooks password

Changing Password in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks is the accounting software developed by Intuit by taking care of all the basic necessities of medium sized financial businesses. QuickBooks gives its user a more secure medium of accounting without any fraud. Users can handily maintain their files which contain sensitive data such as credit card numbers, employee identification number or social security numbers. However, Changing of your QuickBooks password at regular intervals of time protect all your data from being hacked. It is highly recommended by QuickBooks to keep changing the password over each 90 days this will secure your account and avoid hacker / malware to reach your account.Even user can get help from QuickBooks Enterprise Support for finding more ways to secure QuickBooks Software While changing your password you need to take care of proper guidelines provides by Intuit and also avoids any other apps running in the background. Users need to setup Complex password that contains seven letters in which one is capital alphabet and one is character.

Steps to Change QuickBooks Password

In case you remember your password and you still want to change, than follow the steps given below:

  1. First, you need to click on your ‘company file’ and choose to open it.
  2. Then proceed to ‘setup user and password’ option and after this click on the option ‘change your password’.
  3. After that it will ask you for entering your current password, fill up the entry with correct present password in the given field.
  4. Then input the new password in the prompted space for a new password with at least 7 digits and then confirm the new password in the prompted space by clicking confirm.
  5. After this hit the OK button to process your new password change.
  6. Now you can access QuickBooks using the new QuickBooks password.
  7. For any problem of support you can contact QuickBooks Support through toll free number +1347-967-4079 or by online chats with experts / professionals.

Most of user now switched to QuickBooks Cloud Hosting which provide many ways to generate , save and reset password option .

Why Password Important For QuickBooks

⦾ It secures your account and data.
⦾ Changing or password will protect your records from any fraud or Malware.

Help Support for QuickBooks Login Password Recovery

Hence changing QuickBooks password helps in providing your business more secure and strong accounting without any loss of data or any other information. A good and complex password set-up as per guidelines make your data protected and all your transactions safe. However, in case of any problem error while performing the above steps than QuickBooks Chat Support that will usually resolve your issue while performing the above steps.

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    1. password issue using qb acct 2021,i have 2017 acct file opens fine but when i try an open with 2021, says wrong password, all set. i created a backup file from qb2017 and then imported backup into new version and it worked


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