A Complete Guide| AccountEdge To QuickBooks Conversion

AccountEdge to QuickBooks Conversion

AccountEdge To QuickBooks Conversion (Desktop or Online) with effective services of Reconcile Books. Get expert knowledge and make your business thrive with QuickBooks new features.

AccountEdge to QuickBooks Data Migration

With our services, convert from AccountEdge to QuickBooks Data Migration. Convert all your financial data safely. Don’t worry if QuickBooks is incompatible with your present accounting software! Speak with our expert team:

  • Committed experts in QuickBooks data conversion who can comprehend your issue and choose which QuickBooks products you require.
  • Together, experts will develop a gradual conversion plan that protects your privacy and security of data.
  • To oversee the exporting, cleaning, and importing of your historical data, we employ programmers full-time.
  • Your staff will receive adequate training on the new system following the conversion.
  • Get assistance creating efficient processes so you can maximize the benefits of your new system.

Why should you convert AccountEdge to QuickBooks?

AccountEdge is quite an effective accounting software, however there are certain areas where it lacks its benefits. There are certain differences that the users might notice such as financial management, fixed asset, management, and workflow management. QuickBooks is known to be a full fledged accounting and bookkeeping software. With QuickBooks, you can easily manage your accounting information without any hassle.

What to keep in check before starting the conversion process between AccountEdge to QuickBooks?

  • Use the tools of QuickBooks Online to analyze and match your needs. 
  • While the software includes certain advanced features like complex sales ordering, batch transaction processing, advanced inventory, or the average cost for inventory, among others, the QB Online edition has limited features.
  • Observe stringent character restrictions when using QuickBooks Online. Therefore, change your files right away if they don’t follow the QuickBooks Online naming guidelines.
  • Before converting your company file, use QuickBooks Desktop version 2016 or later. Update your data for earlier versions and download the latest version.
  • To find out the version of QuickBooks Desktop you are using right now, open the program and use the F2 or Ctrl + 1 keys on your computer. After that, the Product Information Window will be displayed to you. To upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to the most recent version, choose upgrade Now from the Help menu here.
  • Make sure you run your reports and payroll data ahead of time because the payroll data might not convert automatically.
  • You have 60 days from the date of account creation to use “database conversion services” to convert files from your PC into QB Online accounts. Should you be unable to convert during the initial sixty days, you will need to terminate your QB Online account and open a new one.
  • If there are any mistakes in your QuickBooks Desktop inventory, you must correct them before continuing with the data conversion. It will shield you from losing data.
  • Each of AccountEdge and QBO’s accounts is distinct. You will need to create a new set of accounts from AccountEdge that match your existing ones when switching to QBO.
  • Changing suppliers and consumers is typically straightforward. All you need to do is make sure the contact information is the same in both systems.

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What are the benefits of converting from AccountEdge to QuickBooks?

Even though AccountEdge is known for several benefits, there are certain benefits that only QuickBooks holds. Changing your software from AccountEdge changes a lot of things for you. So here are certain benefits that you will acquire after the conversion process: 

  • Budgetary Moves: Budget is always a big factor when one chooses its accounting software. As a user, you need accounting software that does not require a big budget yet performs well. QuickBooks allows you to bring in that major change. With minimum money requirement, you can have yourself an effective accounting software. 
  • Capable Features: As and when you start, QuickBooks will bring in immediate effective features for your business. With QuickBooks, you can maintain your QuickBooks properly without any big hassle. It helps you in properly managing your financial information with its effective features. 
  • Adaptability: QuickBooks has major adaptability features which allows it to know one’s business easily. Once QuickBooks knows about your business, it can easily initiate effective changes.

What are the system requirements for a successful data migration?

Every conversion process requires certain minimum system requirements that are to be fulfilled. Here are the basic system requirements that you will need it for converting from AccountEdge to QuickBooks:

Operating System​Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Processor​500 MHz Intel Pentium II (Minimum Required)
Memory (RAM)512 MB (Minimum Required)
Microsoft .NET FrameworkVersion 2.0 (Minimum Required)
AccountEdgeVersion 2013 or Above
QuickBooks DesktopPro, Premier or Enterprise 2016 or Higher.
Hard Drive2.5 GB of Free Space (Highly Required)

How does the conversion service from AccountEdge to QuickBooks Conversion Service Works? 

  • It’s a really easy process. To have your AccountEdge data file converted to the appropriate QuickBooks version, simply email us a backup of it. We’ll email you the comparative reports after it’s finished so you may review them.
  • That’s it, dear! Now that all of your data has been converted without a hitch, you can maximize the potential of your QuickBooks account.
  • You can be confident that we stand behind the caliber of our conversion assistance!
  • When you can use our simple and affordable option, why deal with the headache of manual conversion? Our group of qualified accountants is available to help you at every stage.

What more does QuickBooks offer Data Migration?

  • Invoices and other sales documents may be quickly created and customized with AccountEdge to QuickBooks Data Conversion.
  • Provide regulated access to other users by connecting them to the QuickBooks Online account.
  • It is simple to use software that works in both Mac and Windows settings.
  • There is no significant learning curve with QB Data Conversion, so you can get started working straight away.

How to transform your AccountEdge lists and balance, along with categorized invoices and bills, into QuickBooks Format Easily?

All of your crucial lists—which include those of clients, suppliers, staff members, accounts, merchandise, shipping conditions, client communications, payment terms, classifications, and jobs—will be transferred.

Your inventory values and quantities will also be transferred in QuickBooks format, so we won’t forget them.

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You won’t overlook a bill or fail to receive a payment because unpaid invoices, bills, and unused credits won’t be overlooked either.

In addition, we handle non-posting transactions like purchase orders, sales orders, and estimates.

Additionally, we generate journal entries at the conclusion of each fiscal year to ensure consistency, so your balance sheet and profit and loss statement in QuickBooks remain identical to those in your AccountEdge file. 

Upon requesting our lists and balances conversion service, we will instantly create an account for you to upload files. After that, you can safely upload your file to our server using this account. We recommend using WinZip or WinRar to compress your file for a faster upload time because smaller files upload more quickly.

Depending on the size of your file, the conversion procedure can take anywhere from one to two days on average. We will use the same upload account to convert your data and transmit it back to you.

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Convert your data easily: Migrate AccountEdge to QuickBooks Conversion

We also provide the ability to transfer your complete transaction history, going all the way back to the last purge date, in addition to the lists and balances conversion already mentioned:

All of your lists will be migrated as detailed below.

The values and quantities of inventory will be transferred.

Along with as much transaction data as feasible from prior to the last purge date, your whole transaction history will be transferred across.

Account balances in AccountEdge will be corrected before the final purge date to guarantee correctness.

We can also include additional data, such as custom lists and custom fields, if necessary.

Please use our free evaluation form to submit your file for examination and receive a price without obligation for a full history or bespoke conversion.

List and Transactions we can transfer

Chart of AccountsVendor Credits
Customer listVendor Payments
Vendor ListChecks
Jobs ListJournal Entries
Employee ListItem Receipts
Service ItemsInventory Adjustments
Inventory ItemsLiability Adjustments
Non-Inventory ItemsPaychecks (as Journal Entries)
Assembly Builds ItemsPayroll Liability Checks
TransactionsSales Tax Payments
Customer PaymentsEstimates
Credit MemoSales Orders
Sales ReceiptsPurchase Orders
Transfer AccountEdge data to QuickBooks Online and Desktop using various software versions.
Software Version Can be Converted to => QuickBooks Versions
AccountEdge & AccountEdge Plus 2019 -2021 >Complete to QuickBooks Online/Desktop
AccountEdge & AccountEdge Plus 2018 >>Complete to QuickBooks Online/Desktop
AccountEdge & AccountEdge Plus 2017 >>Complete to QuickBooks
AccountEdge & AccountEdge Plus 2016 >>Complete to QuickBooks Online/Desktop
AccountEdge & AccountEdge Plus 2015 >>Complete to QuickBooks
AccountEdge & AccountEdge Plus 2014 >>to QuickBooks
AccountEdge & AccountEdge Plus 2013 >>to QuickBooks
AccountEdge & AccountEdge Plus 2012 >>to QuickBooks
AccountEdge & AccountEdge Plus 2011 >>to QuickBooks
AccountEdge & AccountEdge Plus 2010 >>to QuickBooks

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What is the Data Conversion process in QuickBooks?

Step 1: Finding your products needs

It is extremely important  for you to know what your business needs. Our QuickBooks Conversion team will automatically connect with you and learn your business and current accounting needs.

Step 2: Successfully Transfer Data

It is our QuickBooks Conversion Team’s responsibility to import from your old accounting system to the latest QuickBooks System.

Step 3: Training for your employees

If you wish for a successful transition, the QuickBooks Conversion Team will conduct a compulsory training for your team. This way they will be able to understand the software better.

Step 4:  Additional Support

Now, for instance, you need some extra support or monthly reports or any extra files, then our team will import them for your previous system. 

Step 5: Follow up & Maintenance

The QuickBooks team will then initiate a follow up process to resolve any further issues to ensure that you get the best out of your QuickBooks accounting software.


In this article, we have covered both AccountEdge and QuickBooks Conversion for you. In today’s world of business, QuickBooks is quite a beneficial accounting software that helps in managing everything. So, if you are confused about changing from AccountEdge to QuickBooks, go ahead and do it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the anticipated time of turnaround?

The processing period usually takes two to three business days, depending on the size and complexity of the conversion of your data file. We also provide conversion services for the weekend.

Is my data safe?

We at Reconcile Books are passionate about security and privacy. To ensure safety and security throughout the migration, we communicate all data files via secure servers that are SSL encrypted. We securely preserve our clients’ information on our servers for a period of 14 days after we’ve finished serving them. Following that time, all client information is erased. If you want the information removed right now, you can contact us at any moment.

Which QuickBooks versions are compatible with AccountEdge conversions?

AccountEdge can be converted to Quickbooks Online, Mac, Pro, Premier, or Enterprise.

Can both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop be converted?

Indeed, according to your preferences, you can move AccountEdge data to QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.

Will there be any problems with compatibility?

Compatibility problems could occur when using specific AccountEdge customizations or data types. Prior to switching from AccountEdge to QuickBooks, these issues must be resolved.

Would it be feasible to go back to my earlier AccountEdge Data?

It’s difficult to go back to earlier AccountEdge data once you’ve migrated to QuickBooks. Thus, before converting, it is best to always make a backup of your data.

Which QuickBooks versions are compatible with AccountEdge conversions?

AccountEdge can be converted to Quickbooks Online, Mac, Pro, Premier, or Enterprise.