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With the problems that users typically have when dealing with the QuickBooks program in mind, Intuit produced a tool known as the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. Intuit has included this tool in QuickBooks 2016 and later versions. It combines a Network diagnostic tool and a Company File Diagnostic tool, and it was created especially for QuickBooks users. This tool automatically locates and corrects problems in company files. Because many users are unaware of this miraculous tool, we have created this article in which we will go into more depth about it. Let’s delve more into the topic of QBFD. Thus, make sure to read this article thoroughly through to the end.

What Do you Understand About the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

It is advised that you first comprehend what the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool is before learning about the different components connected with it. In essence, QBFD is a straightforward file-repairing application that users use to correct problems they occur when working with the QuickBooks program. Only versions of QuickBooks 2016 and beyond have this feature integrated or built-in. Simply go to the QuickBooks file doctor download page on the Intuit website and complete the update to the most recent version of QuickBooks. It should also be mentioned that this tool is only compatible with the UK and US versions of QuickBooks and does not operate with any other QuickBooks Desktop versions for Windows.

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Errors Can be Fixed Using QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

The QuickBooks File Doctor application can help you if you’re experiencing trouble opening the company file.

If you experience any of the following errors, utilise this tool:

Error code -6150Error code -6000 -301Error code -6000 -82
QuickBooks error code -6000 -305Error in updating QuickBooksAnd other 6000 series errors
Damaged Windows registryQuickBooks Database Server Manager related bugsVarious type of H-series error code
Network errorsINstallation errorsFirewall port poorly configured
QuickBooks error 6147 or error -6130Multi-user mode errorsDamaged company files
Data corruption errorsMalware attack hard driveUnable to open QuickBooks company file
Missing or blank vendor, customer, or employee listsQuickBooks error H202QuickBooks error code H505

Important Pointers Related to QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  1. Before downloading the most recent version of QBFD, the older version should be uninstalled.
  2. All QuickBooks versions after 2015 provide a built-in file doctor tool, but using the external File Doctor tool is advised.
  3. All QuickBooks Desktops for Windows versions only have access to the QuickBooks File Doctor.
  4. In the event of some issues, the file doctor tool may launch automatically. Simply click the start tab to activate the tool, and it will start working.

Types of QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor Tool

  • To host files, a server with only the QuickBooks Database Server Manager component installed must be using the QBFD standalone version.
  • The built-in version of the QuickBooks file doctor tool, which is useful with QuickBooks 2016 and subsequent editions, is the other variation.

How Compatible is QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

  • It should be noted that QBFD is included with QuickBooks desktop 2016 and subsequent versions, and it functions with all QuickBooks desktop for Windows versions.
  • Versions of QuickBooks for Mac have not yet been made compatible with it.

Download and Install the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

The below steps helps you to install the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool like a pro by following these simple steps:-

  • Start by hitting CTRL + J keys from your keyboard at the same time, you can access the downloads after downloading QuickBooks Tools Hub (The Tool Hub Program’s most current version is (
  • Next, save the document in a location you can easily access it
  • The file will then open after you click on the QuickBooksToolsHub.exe file
  • Accepting the licensing agreement is the next step followed by clicking on the “Yes” button
  • Afterward, select Install before selecting the “Next” button
Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • You must select the “Finish” option when the installation procedure is complete
Finish Download & Install QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • The QuickBooks Tool Hub will open once you click on the icon
QuickBooks Tool Hub

Important Note: If you can’t find the icon, search QuickBooks Tool Hub using the Windows or Start keys on your computer, then select the software to launch it.

  • Finally, open the Tool Hub program, select Company File Issues, and then follow the instructions to launch the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.

Things to be Noted Before you Start Using the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

There are a few factors to take into account before using the QuickBooks file doctor, including:-

  • You also need to have a reliable internet connection.
  • Admin privileges are required in order to utilise the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
  • You must adhere to a specific file size restriction of 1.5 GB.
  • Make sure that only one copy of QuickBooks is installed on the machine.
  • Before you can access QuickBooks File Doctor Tool, it is advised that you upgrade QuickBooks to the most recent version.
  • Only Windows users of QuickBooks can access the QuickBooks File Doctor function; Mac users cannot.

Step by Step Instructions to Run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

You can use the tool hub program’s Quick Fix my File function before starting the QuickBooks File Doctor.

  • The very first, close your QuickBooks and then launch the tool hub application
  • Now, select Company File Issues opt from the tool hub
  • Next, select the “Quick Fix my File” option
  • Once the procedure is finished, press the “Ok” button
  • Finally, open your QuickBooks once again on your PC.

Note: We advise using the QuickBooks File Doctor tool if you’re still getting error messages or can’t open your company file.

  • You must choose the company file issues tab from the tool hub in order to launch the QuickBooks File Doctor tool
  • Next, select the option to run QBFD
  • Now, you might have to wait until this process is completed, which could take some time
  • Select the company file from the drop-down option in the QuickBooks File Doctor
  • It will explore and for the file if you are unable to view it
  • Additionally, you must select the check the file option and press the “Continue” tab
  • At last, enter the password for QuickBooks admin and then click on the “Next” button.

It is important to remember that the scan time is dependent on the size of the files. It could take up to five minutes in most circumstances. After the scan is complete, you must launch QuickBooks and the company file. Even though the scan failed, the problem may have been fixed.

Limitations of the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

After reading about numerous advantages of the tool, you should be aware of its restrictions.

These are listed as follows:-

  • The first limitation of the QuickBooks File Doctor tool is that the QuickBooks company file size is smaller than 2GB.
  • Admin privileges are required.
  • To upload the company file, an internet connection is required.
  • If database server management is installed on the system, the network connectivity diagnosis and repair option will also not function properly.
  • If you have numerous QuickBooks versions installed, the network connectivity diagnosis and repair option does not function properly.

How to Use the QuickBooks File Doctor Stand Alone Version?

The steps to use the standalone version of the QBFD tool are as follows:-

  • You must have the most recent version of the File Doctor tool in order to utilise QuickBooks standalone
  • The File Doctor tool is also available for download from the official Intuit website
  • If the tool is already there, just click “Run” to launch it
  • You will now need to double-click the QuickBooks File Doctor tool icon and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation procedure
  • You must open the tool using the Windows Task-bar if it is installed but does not appear on the screen
  • You must now select the explore option and locate the corrupt company file
  • The QuickBooks file diagnostics must then be launched in order to correct any issues
  • The file doctor tool window will then present you with two options
  • Then decide which is most appropriate for the problem
  • Additionally, both choices are obvious, which makes it simple for you to choose the right one:
    • It is advised to use option one if you have encountered a 6000 series problem or if the company file becomes corrupt.
    • Otherwise, be careful to select option two if there are any kind of network problems
  • When prompted, you must enter the Company file Admin password before selecting “Next
  • The next step is to choose one of the two options listed below to continue identifying and correcting the issue
    • Workstation option: If you are operating, diagnosing, and troubleshooting a client’s machine, choose the workstation option. The QuickBooks company file isn’t kept or hosted on that system, which is basically what this statement indicates.
    • Server option: If you’re diagnosing and resolving problems with a QuickBooks client system, use the second option. The QuickBooks company file is not kept or hosted on the client system, by which it is understood.
  • Once you’ve finished, pick “Yes” if you’re working on the QuickBooks server or host, or “No” if you’re using the QuickBooks workstation
  • The company files will now be automatically repaired by the QBFD tool
  • Given that the process could take some time, it should have some patience
  • You will need to wait until the File Doctor tool has finished identifying and correcting the bug
  • The length of the processing time is influenced by the size of the company file, the speed of the network, and the severity of the bug
  • It is advised to avoid interfering with the process
  • You need to shut down the QuickBooks File Doctor tool once the process is finished
  • It is advised that you access the company file regardless of whether the procedure outcome was positive or negative.

How to Use QuickBooks File Doctor Built-in Version (For 2016 & Later)?

Important pointers to be aware of

Keep in mind the following details regarding the QuickBooks File Doctor:-

  1. It can be used to fix Network and company file issues.
  2. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Microsoft Server 2003–2012 are all supported by the built-in File Doctor.
  3. This utility is compatible with QuickBooks desktop versions that are supported in the US, UK, and Canada.
  4. It can correct files from the company that have been corrupted and damaged
  5. It is employed for file and data repair
  6. Additionally, there is no requirement for system installation of QuickBooks.
  7. The QuickBooks File Doctor tool will install the .NET framework 2.0 through the Diagnostic tool if it isn’t already installed on the desktop.

The QBFD tool is a built-in function of all versions of QuickBooks accounting software that Intuit releases after 2015. This internal feature automatically finds and resolves the problems. You can easily access the tool by tapping the start button without any additional human intervention.

To use this powerful tool, follow these additional steps:-

  • To begin with, you must open QuickBooks and make sure the company file is not open
  • Next, move on to the file menu and then pick the Utilities option
  • To launch the QuickBooks File Doctor, choose the repair file as well
  • The next step in the procedure is to choose the Browse option, select the company file that needs to be repaired, and then click the Open option
  • Select the type of fix you desire from the Show advanced settings window before tapping the Next button
  • The administrator ID and password must be entered before choosing the following step
  • Finally, attempt to launch the company file once the diagnostic process is finished.

Most Likely Outcomes When Using QuickBooks File Doctor

  1. No Issues Were Discovered by QBFD

The first scenario is when the QuickBooks File Doctor tool is unable to detect any kind of issue. In this situation, you would need to log back into the company file, and if the issue happens to persist, you might need to set up the Auto data recovery before entering the transactions since the last backup.

  1. QBFD Recognises and Fixes Problems

The second likely scenario is that the QBFD finds a problem, at which point you are instructed to hit the “Open new company” option when the process is complete. This is regarded as one of the procedure’s best outcomes.

  1. No Resolution is Possible for the Detected Issue

This is the final scenario that could arise after using the File Doctor tool. In this case, setting up the auto data recovery tool and manually entering the transactions since the last backup or uploading the file on your own are both advised.

What Should you Do After Repairing your QuickBooks Company File?

The only thing left to do after the diagnosis and repair process is to create a backup of the data in the QuickBooks company file and store it on an external hard drive. At the end of each month, you are advised to perform a data backup.

Open a Company File

In this case the QuickBooks File Doctor is not functioning:-

You may occasionally be unable to use QBFD because a message saying that “File doctor is not working” came on your screen when the company file was being diagnosed.

The following reasons may contribute to the QBFD error:-

  • Initially, attempt to update the company file
  • If you failed to install any company files during installation
  • if it’s not possible for you to restore the files
  • Additionally, in case the files have any damage or corruption.


  • Restoring the QuickBooks file backup is the only solution.
  • Use auto data recovery to fix the QuickBooks file doctor not working error.
  • Additionally, you can customise your antivirus program and disable hosting mode.


Undoubtedly, QuickBooks File Doctor tool is the best released by Intuit. This tool is available in QuickBooks 2016 and later versions. It combines a Network diagnostic tool and a Company File diagnostic tool, and it was created exclusively for QuickBooks users. After reading this information, you’ll be able to utilise the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. However, there is a potential that the users may become perplexed due to the technical aspects of the application. Therefore, if you need professional assistance, you can feel free to contact QuickBooks Helpdesk Team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What May be Accomplished Using the QuickBooks Doctor File Tool?

The QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool for troubleshooting network issues, connection faults, windows-related problems, data corruption, diagnostic errors, update errors, etc. It first finds all the hiccups and problems and then quickly fixes them.

What Should be Done Once the Complete File Repair Using the QuickBooks File Doctor?

As soon as you have fixed your company file, now it’s time to take a secure backup of it in case this happens again and you have to repeat the entire manual process. We advise you to perform monthly backups on external memory drives, such as external hard drives or USB drives. Check for the application’s update on a frequent basis to prevent these kinds of issues.

Which problems can the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool resolve?

QuickBooks network and various firm file-related problems can be resolved with the all-inclusive File Doctor program.

What benefit does QuickBooks File Doctor offer?

Numerous error codes related to corporate files in QuickBooks can be resolved with the file Doctor program.

How can I install the QuickBooks file doctor tool after downloading it?

The File Doctor tool can be downloaded and set up as follows:
1: Open the Intuit website.
2. Look for QuickBooks Tool Hub, then download and set it up.
3: Launch the application and select the Company File problems tab.
4: Select “Run QuickBooks File Doctor” now.