Create A Purchase Order in QuickBooks

How to Create A Purchase Order in QuickBooks?

You can create a QuickBooks purchase order from your UDA estimate directly. The key feature of creating a QuickBooks purchase order is that you can straightaway order goods and services.

Along with placing an order, you can also keep a track of it and create bills too. The purchase order states your intention of acquiring goods and services. If your Purchase Order is accepted, it is considered as an agreement to give the goods and services in the mentioned terms. Even you can go to QuickBooks Chat Support to get details .

To check whether the feature to create a purchase order is available in your system, select the Plus (+) icon at the top and then click on Purchase orders.

Follow Steps For Making Purchase Order QuickBooks

To create a purchase order:

  1. Turn on the preference of Purchase orders.
  • The user has to first see the Edit menu, after that select Preferences.
  • Click on Items & Inventories, then next is Company Preferences
  • Tick near the option Inventory and Purchase orders are active.
  • Choose OK to save the settings.
  1. The user needs to see the Vendors Menu and then purchase orders creation option will be there.
  2. If you wish to change the template, select the template from the list of options.
  3. From the list of Vendor in the upper left corner, choose an existing vendor. There is another option where you can add a new vendor if need be by typing the name of a new vendor.
  4. There is an Email field on the right side of the drop-down where the vendor’s email is available if it was entered by you while creating the record.
  5. Check the status of purchase order. The two available choices are open and close.
  6. You can update or add a new vendor’s address in the mailing address This mailing address is also the billing address of your vendor.
  7. Update the details in the Vendor (address), Date, P.O. No. and Ship to
  8. If the information is not updated in the ship-to fields, the shipping address field will display your company’s address.
  9. Go to the ship-via field to enter a shipping carrier preference.
  10. Click on the left arrow to collapse and expand the Account details
  11. Check item related information to see purchase.
  12. Use the product/service drop-down to choose a product or service that is already there. Ensure that the Description shows correct value.
  13. In the Quantity and Rate field enter the value to see the accurate calculation reflecting in the amount
  14. Fill the info about purchases in the line item section.
  15. You can add one or multiple lines by clicking on the add lines You can also delete the lines very easily.
  16. Click on Memo and/or Vendor message fields to document the details.
  17. You can send a message to the vendor by typing in the “Your message to vendor”
  18. There is an Attachments field for selecting attachment.
  19. Select an option from the drop-down menu to Save & Send, Save & New or Save & Close.
  20. To abandon the purchase, click on Click.
  21. You can also make a purchase order recurring by clicking on the Recurring Purchase Order

If you are using Enterprise Solutions then consult with QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number how you can do batch processing of purchase order.

Get Help For QuickBooks Purchase Order Related Issues Problems

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