QuickBooks Payroll Item List Does Not Appear

No Payroll Item List in QuickBooks There are times in QuickBooks when certain issues arise that cause hindrance for the user or the bookkeeper. One such issue is when there is No Payroll Item List In QuickBooks. In such a case, it becomes difficult for the bookkeeper or the user to maintain the payroll of … Continue reading “QuickBooks Payroll Item List Does Not Appear”

QuickBooks Year-End Center

A GUIDE TO PAYROLL YEAR END CENTER: WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO DO? The payroll year end center wants you to be well prepared in 2018 as well as in the year 2019 and upcoming years . In this upcoming year, you can use an all-inclusive Desktop Year-End Center guide, which has been … Continue reading “QuickBooks Year-End Center”

QuickBooks Non Payroll Transactions

How To Enter Or Record NonPayroll Entries in QB QuickBooks has both online and desktop versions, and most businesses often use the two versions depending on their convenience. However, when payroll checks are processed online and then downloaded to the desktop, you may sometimes see an error message describing them as non-payroll transactions. In this … Continue reading “QuickBooks Non Payroll Transactions”

Payroll Not Working In QuickBooks

Payroll Can’t Work Due to QuickBooks Service Server Error There are instances when you come across on-screen errors like “Connection Error” or “Payroll service error” or even “QuickBooks Desktop has encountered a problem while sending usage data”. It is frustrating to see these errors on screen when you are trying to process payroll data or … Continue reading “Payroll Not Working In QuickBooks”

QuickBooks Payroll W-2 Processing

How to Generate and Process QuickBooks Payroll W-2 forms? Are you browsing through different web pages to figure out how you can generate and process the W-2 forms in QuickBooks Payroll software application? If so, then you have come across the right page. You will be able to generate and process the QuickBooks Payroll W-2 … Continue reading “QuickBooks Payroll W-2 Processing”

QuickBooks Payroll Quarterly Reports

How to Prepare and Print QuickBooks Quarterly Reports? Towards the end of every calendar quarter, the business owners have to file a quarterly payroll tax return. This can be done very efficiently provided you are using QuickBooks Payroll software. However, if you feel a bit confused while processing the QuickBooks quarterly reports, then you can … Continue reading “QuickBooks Payroll Quarterly Reports”

QuickBooks Payroll Liabilities Report Balance

Items Appears In QuickBooks Payroll Liabilities Report Balances? The QuickBooks Payroll liabilities report balance originates from the accretion of aggregates documented by payroll items on a number of transactions. These payroll items primarily encompass taxes, employee deductions, and enterprise contributions that have been apportioned to liability financial records. In this article, we shall be putting … Continue reading “QuickBooks Payroll Liabilities Report Balance”

Retrieve QuickBooks Payroll Service Key

What is QuickBooks Payroll Service Key ? If you buy QuickBooks Payroll solution online, a 16-digit payroll service key will be generated, which is unique and detailed to your payroll and Employer Identification Number (EIN) service . In order to activate and proceed with payroll service, a user would need to input this key into … Continue reading “Retrieve QuickBooks Payroll Service Key”